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Installing ignition interlocks on remote start or push start vehicles

Installing ignition interlocks on remote start or push start vehicles

On newer model vehicles, many people have remote start options included or added on to their features. Instead of being inside of the vehicle to start your car, you can push a button from inside your home, the office or a store to start your car. If you have a remote start and need to install an ignition interlock device, you might wonder if you will be able to keep your remote start, or if an IID can even be installed on a car that has remote start.

Can I keep the remote start feature if I have an ignition interlock device?

If you are required to install an IID and happen have a remote start in your vehicle, the technician at your local Intoxalock will have to disable your remote start. An ignition interlock device is installed to your vehicle’s ignition and will not enable you to start your car unless you have provided a passing breath sample that is free and clear of any alcohol. Because a remote start allows you to start your car when you’re not in it, an IID would not be effective or in compliance with your state requirements if remote start were enabled on your vehicle.

During your installation appointment, your Intoxalock technician will disable your remote start and install your ignition interlock device. When you’re able to remove your IID, the technician will be able to reconnect your remote start without any issues.

Let your Intoxalock State Specialist know your vehicle's details

When you get a quote with an Intoxalock customer support representative, they will ask you questions about the make and model of your car. To get the most accurate quote, tell the representative that you have remote start enabled on your vehicle. This information will help them give you an accurate quote, let them notify the technician and provide you a more accurate estimate of how long it will take it install your IID.

How does an IID work on a push button start vehicle?

Many newer car models are equipped with a push-button start instead of a key ignition. Intoxalock is able to install our ignition interlock devices on vehicles with either a push-button start or key ignition. When you’re receiving your quote, notify the customer support representative that you have push-button start so they can pass that information along to the technician.

When you have an ignition interlock device installed with a push-button start, operating the IID is similar to if it’s installed with a key ignition. Remember to not deploy the brake pedal or push the start button before providing a breath sample. If you push the brake pedal or the start button before providing a sample, it could be recorded as a violation or may delay starting your vehicle. The technician will walk you how to use your device and start your vehicle. Learn more about ignition interlock devices and how to start your car.

We Can Help!

To talk to an Intoxalock State Specialist, call (833) 623-0200. They can answer any questions about remote or push-button start, help you get a quote to install an IID, and walk you through your state requirements.


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