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About Intoxalock

Intoxalock ignitition interlockIntoxalock, also known as Consumer Safety Technology or CST LLC., has been manufacturing ignition interlock devices (car breathalyzers) for over 20 years and today is an industry leader in reliability, customer service and technology. 

Intoxalock is a Des Moines, Iowa based company that prides itself on a strong Iowa work ethic to provide our customers with professional service and the most reliable alcohol monitoring devices available. Our top rated ignition interlock devices meet state requirements in over 40 states across the nation and our alcohol monitoring products are used in all 50 states. 

Our core values

Operational excellence: We will identify root cause issues and work to resolve these issues to ensure a positive customer and regulatory experience as well as a low cost/high quality system.

Seamless customer experience: We will further differentiate ourselves through excellent customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Compliance: We will adhere to all rules and regulations and be the most compliant interlock company in the industry.

Accountability: We hold ourselves responsible for our actions and results. We are committed to performance and we set, monitor and achieve clear & measurable goals.

Integrity: We maintain the highest moral and professional standards and honor our word in all our relationships.

Work ethic: We value people who are hard working, efficient and consistently willing to do what it takes to achieve our mission.

Our mission

Helping people to live and drive responsibly

Our customer commitment

Intoxalock will be the company that people want to call and to recommend to others when they are faced with a DUI. We will treat every customer with respect and we will patiently assist them in their quest to get back on the road legally with minimal disruption. We will be the easiest company to do business with in the interlock industry and strive to be where our customer is, when they need us, with the products and services that make the process simplest for them.


  • Winner of SEMA Award 2013
  • A+ rating with Better Business Bureau  
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA 2013) compliant

Highest standards

Intoxalock’s ignition interlock devices are manufactured to the highest reliability and industry standards. We go beyond others in the industry by meeting both automotive and medical ISO standards.

  • RoHS compliant
  • EN ISO 13485:2012 certified
  • ISO/TS16949:2009 certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • ISO 14001:2004 certified
  • ISO 13485:2003 certified
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