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Intoxalock ignition interlock device equipment reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerWhen doing a search for ignition interlock device reviews, common pain points include hidden costs, device failure and poor customer service. Intoxalock invites all customers to complete a survey at the end of their lease to gain feedback on their experience with their Intoxalock ignition interlock device. These are some real reviews and responses gathered from the surveys.

Ignition interlock and alcohol monitoring device customer reviews:

"Charlene was my representative. She was fabulous!!! She knew product knowledge, ask me if i was familiar with interlock device and of course i was not. She informed me of the device how it works the pro and cons. This organization should be awfully proud to have such a caring person!" -Tina, 1/17/16

"Best of the options. I had to get a (what I call) a blow machine in my vehicle and looked at the reviews online besides comparing prices. I went to my install place (there is also a big difference in price on installs, so shop around) where they installed 2 kinds. I was going to get the cheaper (by $10 a month) and the tech said to get Intoxalock. I am so glad I listened to him. All you hear is nightmare stories, but with Intoxalock I did not have one problem! This is something not to play around with. I made a good call in picking this product." –Betsy, 3/23/16

"Great company and product! Service was delivered as advertised. Equipment is easy to use. I used a different company for the past 2 years. Intoxalock is lights out a better company and product. I appreciate the quick start up and price." –Mark, 2/18/16

"It was easier than Apple software." –Justin, CT, 1/5/2016

"Very easy to deal with. Understandable. Relatable. Awesome customer service. Even the device itself is easy to use! Highly recommend!" - Taylor, TN, 10/23/15

"All the way from getting information to installation and operation of the unit [ignition interlock device, IID]. Thank you!" -Debra, CO, 8/26/15

“This was phenomenal! The worker who assisted me was all out friendly. I didn't care to compare prices anymore after talking with him. Thanks.” –Benjamin, 8/21/15

“Best experience I've ever had! This is not my first Interlock device. However, this was the most reliable and fast and convenient experience EVER! Thanks to everyone involved for the fast shipment and installation and better equipment.” –Jason, 7/6/2015

“I called intoxalock to set up service and was surprised how fast they set up my [ignition interlock installation] appointment to put device in my car. They were able to get it done the next day!! AWESOME!!! -Randall, 6/24/15

“Never had a interlock system before, hearing from other people all they said in nut shell was that they where a pain, joke, etc., had good luck with mine so far, would tell them to check with your company, thanks.” –Minnesota customer, 1/27/15

“Easy to use [Intoxalock ignition interlock device]. Customer service people are very helpful especially when first trying to get used to the unit itself.” –New York customer, 11/29/14

“She made sure my unit [Intoxalock ignition interlock device, BAIID] went out in the morning so I would get it before the holiday.” 11/26/14

“It [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] works and performed very well. –Louisiana customer, 11/24/14

“If you have to have one this is the one to have.” –Texas customer, 11/15/14

“The units [ignition interlock device, BAIID, IID] worked great and when I had any problems the customer service was prompt and helpful.” –Oregon customer, 11/3/14

“I did recommend a friend to you and he is using your equipment [Intoxalock ignition interlock device].” 11/2/14

“The unit [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] always arrives at my door on time, also very easy to blow into machine.” –Illinois driver, 10/18/2014

“Service was excellent on installation.”–Tennessee driver, 10/17/2014

“Excellent product [Ignition interlock device], easy to use, top notch customer service.” –New York driver, 10/17/2014

“Having a breathalyzer system sure isn't convenient or fun, but Intoxalock definitely made it easier.” –Taylor, PA, 8/2/14

“The Intoxalock representatives are always very helpful and respectful. I have never felt inferior or judged by Intoxalock or at my local service center because I made a stupid decision to drink and drive. The equipment is top notch and I have never had any mechanical failures or lock outs.” –Abby, NE 7/28/14

“Most reliable unit [ignition interlock device] available in New York State.” –Sean, NY, 6/27/14

“When I was first installed, I had trouble using the machine [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] and couldn't do it. I called customer service. The lady I talked to, Diane on June 24,2014, stayed with me while I tried it and gave me suggestions which were extremely helpful. Thank you!” -Mary Lu, MA, 6/27/14

“Whenever I've had an issue or a question about my Intoxalock [ignition interlock] device, the customer service team members have always been knowledgable and courteous.” –Clark, IL, 5/30/14

“I recommend getting an Intoxalock device [ignition interlock] in your vehicle if your court ordered to do so. After a while, you'll be so used to having one, you may even like it.” –Daniel, WI, 5/16/14

“The customer service is excellent and I had a few problems… perfume, alcohol free mouth wash, my son trying to drive after having a drink, and a few more. I usually have at least one too soft blows per drive, sometimes that scares me. But when I call in they talk me through it - very patiently. These people are there for you! Thanks!” –Lisa, IA, 5/3/14

“Courtney was very patient. Courtney took out the time to try and help me to get a better understanding about this device. She has an A+ for her customer service and if there's anyone that I know that may need this service I will strongly have them to ask to speak with Courtney. God Bless You Courtney!” –Angela, WI, 4/26/14

“This device has changed my life forever, it has made me more responsible and aware of driving safe.” – Malik, IL, 4/09/2014

“Dependable and accurate.” –Carole, TN, 4/07/2014

“The Intoxalock [ignition interlock device] works well. Customer Service is great and the unit does work well.” –Shelby, MA, 4/07/2014

“The use [Ignition interlock system] of it was easy, all I had to do was listen.” –Anthony, IL, 4/07/2014

“Easier than you think.” –Ryan, IA, 4/01/2014

“Intoxalock [ignition interlock device] is the easiest way to keep your license and ensures that you cannot drink and drive. I used mine as a 24/7 program, and it is so convenient to not have to drive down to the jail to submit a breath test twice a day. It allowed me to keep my job, and I didn't have to work around school to leave and go submit a breath test. Overall, great product.” –Denise, SD, 3/18/2014

“I’ve noticed if don't have to wait for my unit to warm up as much as other brands in the cold weather! They seem to be durable! thanks!” –Joey, 3/14/2014

“It's better to have the Intoxalock [ignition interlock device], than NOT being able to drive.” –Arlan, MN 3/10/2014

“Very easy to use and very reliable.” –Bill, IL, 3/10/2014

“I recently spoke to a lady name Courtney an she was really polite an helpful she gave me good advice on what to do if I had more issues with my blower [ignition interlock device] an told me things that I didn't know about the Intoxalock that would be good an helpful in the future. Thanks Courtney!” –Nate, 3/03/2014

“Intoxalock [ignition interlock system] safeguards against drunk drivers and makes you think before you drive. Company is easy to deal with and I would highly recommend this company.” –Erik, WY, 10/12/2013

“The ease of use and customer service make Intoxalock the best choice among ignition interlock devices.” –Terry, TX, 10/8/2013

“Highly reliable, I believe this product [ignition interlock device, BAIID, system, IID] is well designed and built solidly. I experienced zero glitches.” –Steve, WI, 9/28/2013

“We are responsible adults but this extra security makes it certain that no one that uses our car can ever drink and drive. We take that seriously and believe all precautions should be taken to keep people off the road when they have had too much to drink.” –Jennifer, CA, 9/17/2013

"A horrible situation made smoother. Very helpful, informative, and understanding of my situation. -Jennifer 12/08/16"

"My conversation was the best it could be. The representative was top notch and made the process easy to understand and very informative. Thanks! -Customer 12/08/16"

"Anna answered all my questions and helped me get rid of anxious thoughts that come with dealing with the issues of DWI. -Timothy 12/07/16"

"I would definitely recommend this company. I spoke with Charlene and she was very polite. She took the time to explain everything, and answer all my questions. Although this is not a product you want to have, this company does make the situation easier. -Customer 12/06/16"

"Jerrae was one of the best customer service representatives I have had the pleasure of speaking to. He was very helpful, patient, and I felt like he truly cared about getting me back on track. -Brittney 12/03/16"

"The guy who helped me made it quick and easy and saved me a lot of money. -Brittney 11/08/16"

“It's good piece of mind knowing you're safe from the harsh punishments of a DUI having Intoxalock in your car.” –Pat, IL, 9/15/2013

“Service for calls in to the Intoxalock before I had the service and after install have been helpful and courteous. Due to a Court order I was required for device ignition interlock system, BAIID). It has been an inconvenience, however with the compliance of the law, using Intoxalock I will never put myself in the position of driving under the influence of an intoxicant.” –Travis, OR, 9/06/2013

“This system [ignition interlock device] is very easy to use and fair. While I am almost done, it hasn't been bad. Customer service is great. But, I pray and feel that I will never be stupid again.” –Lee, CA, 9/01/2013

“Super easy to use, way better experience then expected! Honestly, did help me to quit drinking all together!” –Randy, KS, 8/26/2013

“I was worried about some of the reviews I read on line, but I had the device for over 6 months with out a single problem. When I needed to call Intoxalock, they were always very helpful.” –Dave, MO, 8/26/2013

“It's [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] safety and security combined in one package.” –Paul, TN, 8/23/2013

“I didn't know too much and still don't really know about lockouts but what I really liked was the fact I didn't have to keep bringing it in to get serviced and that I can manage my account on line and receive emails about my device. I have been using for about a week and feel I'm fully used to it.” –Timothy, NY, 7/23/2013

“Is the best device [Intoxalock ignition interlock] ever made. Makes you think & understand the importance of life. Also ensures I am sober & make the right choice. This device saves lives!” –Melanie Ann, TN, 7/02/2013

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