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Find out why attorneys, judges, probation officers, treatment centers and other DUI partners love working with Intoxalock for their ignition interlock clients by reading the reviews they've sent us. We pride ourselves on helping people to live and drive responsibly and our partners are a vital piece of our success. Our secure Log Reporter monitoring tool and knowledgeable representatives in compliance help each partner and client fulfill their state requirements.

Read more on our customer reviews and find out why 85% of them said they would recommend us to a friend or family member. We quickly address and resolve all complaints.

Reviews from our Monitoring Authority partners:

“In the world of a busy Court and a busy Probation Office it is so relieving to know that you have nothing but accessibility to your Intoxalock clients.You can have access when you need to, not just when the office is open. Knowing that I always have access to my clients who have installed an IID [Ignition interlock device, BAIID, car breathalyzer] with Intoxalock is one of the most valuable assets to me as a Probation Officer with a busy docket.”– Sondra, OH

“I approached Consumer Safety Technology [Intoxalock] in 2008 when I was looking for an ignition interlock company that could provide installation services to our customers spread over several counties in Ohio. With install centers throughout the US, I turned my attention to the Consumer Safety Technology and the Intoxalock. The referral process is painless with CST’s staff handling most of the setup and equipment orientation.The staff is quick to respond to our questions and assist with preparation for court when needed. TheIntoxalock has proven to be reliable and accurate with few complaints fromactual clients over the years. The "exception" based reporting option saves countless hours by only notifying us when there is a violation. CST continues to improve their products and stay on the cutting-edge of technology. The new Intoxalock eLERT ignition interlock device released last year provides an additional level of accountability when needed by providing a GPS position fix and photo with every alcohol test. I would recommend CST without hesitation.” –Laura, OH

The Intoxalock has proven to be reliable and accurate with few complaints from actual clients over the years.

- Laura, Ohio


“Intoxalock’s on-line Log Reporter is easy to navigate and provides all the information that is crucial to monitoring client’s compliance. The people I’ve worked with at CST [Intoxalock] over the past 6 years have been knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The Compliance Coordinator I work with is extremely efficient in entering new clients and quick to respond to e-mail requests. My clients who choose the Intoxalock Ignition Interlock experience very few problems and are satisfied with the performance.” –Kimmie, WY

“I love working with my compliance coordinator from Intoxalock as she is so accessible and there when I need her to be. She gets back to me in a timely manner and always knows how to help me with any issues that arise.” –Marianne, WY

“Intoxalock is one of the better if not the best IID [ignition interlock devices] monitoring companies to work with. Our Compliance coordinator does a great job at getting back to us in a timely manner and is always very friendly. Also the IID reports are easy to read and the layout is much better than the other monitoring reports we get from other companies.” –Ryan, CT

“We use five IID [ignition interlock devices] vendors in Connecticut. Intoxalock is by far the best vendor we deal with. Their reports [Log Reporter] are precise and easy to read. If I call or email a question, I always get a response within 24 hours.” –Tom, CT

“I have heard only good things from my Probation clients regarding their Intoxalock system, from installation to use to having their questions answered. As far as myself, I so enjoy corresponding with my Compliance Coordinator. She gets right back to me, is so helpful with any questions that I may have and is so pleasant. I also love the simplicity of the Compliance Reports themselves.” –Michele, CT

My compliance coordinator is easily reachable and always provides an understandable description of the issue at hand.

- Michelle, Connecticut


“Intoxalock has been the most approachable and responsive agency I have worked with. My compliance coordinator is easily reachable and always provides an understandable description of the issue at hand. The reports never have to be sought and always come in a timely manner.” –Bronwyn, CT

“I have numerous clients who use IIDs [ignition interlock devices]. Over the years I have found that working with Intoxalock to be a pleasant experience. Our Compliance Coordinator is always very easy access. She responds to requests very quickly. We have never met face to face, but it feels like she has been my “co-worker” forever. I wish all people could be as easy to deal with. With regards to the reports that we received from Intoxalock, I find them easy to ready and have received them in a timely fashion after calibration is completed. In general, it has been a great working relationship.” –Sarah, CT

Reviews from our DUI Attorney partners:

“I have been recommending you product, the Intoxalock, to my clients for the past 2-1/2 years –ever since I met you at the Las Vegas DUI Defense Seminar and learned about your great product. I recommend your product [Ignition interlock device] for two very basic reasons: First your product is the least expensive on the market. In this economy, cost is everything. Second, your product is the most reliable that I’ve come across throughout the years. Those clients who have used other products have frequently run into problems with inaccurate blows or other mechanical problems. It has been a challenge to explain to a very impatient, unforgiving judge how my client was stone-cold sober yet the machine would not start his car. I want to share with you a bit of magic that I’ve accomplished using your device. Oftentimes I have a new client who asks me, “What can I do? I have three answers: 1) get into treatment, 2) do some community service, and 3) call Intoxalock and get it installed in your vehicle - immediately. These three things are very impressive to a judge when he/she is deciding where or not to let my client out of jail while awaiting a trial or other resolution.” –Martin, Senior Trial Attorney, Oregon

Reviews from our Fleet partners:

“Working with Intoxalock is a professional pleasure. Intoxalock offers a quality, dependable and accurate product [ignition interlock device] in the Intoxalock, which is supported by a knowledgeable, helpful and attentive staff. We work closely with Shelley and she takes the time to clearly answer my questions in a timely, friendly and professional manner. She is responsive to our drivers’ questions as well. Having the ability to review our drivers’ logs online [Log Reporter] makes it possible to access details quickly when questionable events arise. I look forward to seeing whatever future product offerings Intoxalock may have in store for their customers.” –Deb B., Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Missouri

Reviews from our Alcohol Treatment Center partners:

“I refer all of our customers to Intoxalock because they have the best customer service out of all the ignition interlock companies I’ve dealt with, a user-friendly device and the most installation centers in this area.” –Monique Sanchez, Behavioral Health Services, Wilmington, CA

“Dealing with a DUI can be frustrating for not only our customers but our staff as well. Intoxalock has been a huge help in teaching us the ignition interlock requirements in the state which help us better support our customers through this process.” –Peter Ceja, Alcohol Recovery, Long Beach, CA

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