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New Arizona Law Updates Ignition Interlock Requirements

New Arizona Law Updates Ignition Interlock Requirements

The Arizona Legislature has passed a law that took effect on July 1, 2018, requiring all ignition interlock devices (IIDs or car breathalyzers) to be equipped with a digital camera, global positioning capability (GPS), and the ability to transmit ignition data electronically and wirelessly through real time reporting.

This law will change the dynamic of IID installation and tracking and require a higher level of accountability for people who have received DUIs in the state of Arizona.

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Advanced technology car breathalyzer devices

By installing car breathalyzer devices with cameras, GPS, and real time reporting, individuals who are required to use these devices will notice more prompt and accurate feedback as well as a higher sense of responsibility in making sure they meet their driving requirements.

Previously, drunk driving offenders were required to have standard ignition interlock devices on their vehicles that specifically worked as breathalyzers, tracking the breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of whomever blew into the device, without assurance that the person who was providing the breath sample was actually the driver of the vehicle.

The cameras will change this by capturing a photo of the person blowing into the device to start the vehicle, as well as each consecutive breath tests. This will ensure that the person who is blowing into the device is actually the person who is driving the vehicle.

This new step will not affect customers who already have the previously mandated device on their vehicle. They will be able to continue with their original device until their ignition interlock device requirements have been fulfilled.

Intoxalock Ignition Interlock – state-certified devices in Arizona

Intoxalock is proud to be on top of the transition by being able to provide our full advanced technology device, which has all of the capabilities required by this legislative update.

With over 60 installation locations across the state, Intoxalock makes the ignition interlock process easy and convenient for Arizona drivers.

This new law will help the Arizona Department of Transportation keep a better record of individuals who are using the device, as well as monitor how the requirements of the new bill serve the public by keeping the roads safer.

Other states have been using the advanced technology of ignition interlock devices to strengthen their interlock programs and to improve the road conditions in their respective states.

In 2008, New York became the first state to use advanced technology, and over time the use of advanced car breathalyzers has spanned to include 26 states. Intoxalock has been at the forefront of helping states pass legislation concerning drunk driving offenders and ignition interlock devices.

To learn more about Intoxalock’s Arizona ignition interlock devices, call (833) 623-0200 today to speak with an Arizona state specialist.


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