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      As the largest ignition interlock brand in the United States, Intoxalock understands the crucial role our devices play in keeping communities safe by separating drinking from driving. For over 30 years, we have helped prevent over 1 million vehicle starts with a BrAC over the legal limit. In 2022, Intoxalock is furthering our commitment to preventing impaired driving by offering our customers CURB™, CORRECTING UNSAFE AND RISKY BEHVIOR™ program – a first-of-its-kind client rewards and behavior modifying program for interlock clients.

      Correcting Unsafe and Risky Behavior™

      Research has shown that ignition interlock devices can reduce the rate of re-arrest among drivers convicted of DWI by a median of 67%. Additionally, we see success in states that enact Compliance Based Removal (CBR). CBR is an effective way to enforce rehabilitative, good-habit forming practices in IID users so that they exit the IID program better prepared to return to an accountability-free driving reality.

      Intoxalock is introducing CURB, “Correcting Unsafe and Risky Behavior” as an additional accountability tool for our customers. CURB is just another way we are demonstrating our committed to the strengthening of IID programs by encouraging and rewarding positive behavior

      Components of CURB

      With CURB, active clients are given monthly goals to engrain positive decision making and accountability. On a monthly basis, a client will need to complete:

      Monthly Content

      Monthly content will be delivered to each participant in an exciting and interactive format.

      Monthly Assessment

      Along with content, participants will take a short assessment to test what they learned each month.

      Maintain IID Requirements

      Clients will be required to keep their account in good standing each month including on-time calibrations, no violations and balances paid in full.


      • Successful clients receive a monetary reward on a monthly basis to reward their good behavior
      • Successful Clients receive acknowledgment in the form of a certificate each month
      • Pathway to a successful future and living up to Compliance Based Reporting requirements

      Benefits of the CURB Program

      Client Benefits

      • Education to help participants improve their behavior, make responsible choices and steer their way to success
      • Financial savings for those who are successful each month
      • Positive reinforcement emails & certificates

      Monitor Benefits

      • By improving client behavior and increasing overall compliance, CURB will help give monitoring authorities more time to spend on other critical issues and clients in their communities
      • Clients no longer recidivating means smaller caseloads

      Community Benefits

      • Less drunk driving accidents
      • Less accident-related injuries and fatalities
      • Safer communities and roads for everyone, period