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      Ignition Interlock Service and Repairs

      How to Schedule Service and Repairs for Your Interlock Device

      Your ignition interlock device will require service checks occasionally throughout your time with the device. Regular servicing is required for ignition interlock devices so that they may remain accurate and reliable. Find out more about maintaining your ignition interlock device.

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      Service and Repairs FAQs

      Repairs and service on the ignition interlock device need to be done by a professional ignition interlock installer who has been certified by your device’s manufacturer. Federal Law prevents IID customers from performing any tampering or circumventing of the ignition interlock device.

      Customers can visit any official location where the installer has been certified by the manufacturer. They do not need to visit the same ignition interlock installer that performed their initial install, as long as they are at another official location.

      There’s a number of possible steps a customer can take to resolve any problems they may have with their device. The device manual has a list of troubleshooting problems that may occur with the interlock device as well as 24/7 customer service lines for assistance.

      For additional assistance, feel free to contact your local service center or contact us.

      Besides installation and de-installation of the device, an ignition interlock device also needs calibration.

      A calibration is a process of exchanging one device for another in order to download the data logs and make sure each unit is programmed correctly. This is a very common service required for an ignition interlock and the customer’s calibration length is determined by the state or monitoring authority requiring the ignition interlock device.

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