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      COVID-19 Support

      Ignition interlock device updates and FAQs

      Official State Page Updates

      Safety is our top priority. As we work with monitoring authorities and state administrators to prepare for the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak, we want to ensure you have the resources you need to feel confident in your Intoxalock device.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      With the growing health concerns and preventing the spread of viruses, we want to assure you that we always take steps to avoid any contamination, or spread of germs or bacteria in our facility and with our devices.

      • Our team wears gloves when preparing and shipping all devices and materials.
      • Our device is disinfected and sanitized. We wipe down each device with an industry-standard disinfectant, to limit the spread of bacteria or viruses.
      • Prior to shipping, Intoxalock thoroughly sanitizes the interior of each device by using a highly concentrated, medical-grade disinfectant.

      Our technicians at all Intoxalock locations have been instructed to follow the steps below during all device installations. In light of the heightened coronavirus concerns, additional directions have been included for the utmost safety precautions to maintain healthy conditions.

      We have recommended that our Intoxalock technicians take the following precautions:

      • Wear gloves for the duration of the installation.
      • Wipe down the outside of the equipment with disinfectant wipes.

      We have recommended that our Intoxalock technicians take the following precautions during device calibrations:

      • Wipe down their station after each calibration with disinfectant.
      • Following calibration, wipe the device with disinfectant wipes and adhere to a 20 minute delay before having the customer submit a sample to avoid any detection of alcohol in the disinfectant ingredients.
      • Customers may be requested to remain at the service center for the duration of their appointment in order to provide needed samples to their device.

      If you aren’t sick or exhibiting symptoms of the illness and you have not shared your device with another driver, nothing you breathe into the device should cause any harm.

      Please contact your local Intoxalock locations for additional mouth pieces. If you are not able to go to a nearby location, please email to request additional mouth pieces.

      In most states, regulations require ignition interlock customers to go to their certified service center for calibrations. At this time, you will need to continue visiting your Intoxalock service center for device servicing.

      Intoxalock is actively working with state program administrators to understand what, if any, changes may be authorized due to the potential coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. Intoxalock will plan to provide updates in the section below related to IID response, as this information becomes available.

      It is important that you follow state directions. Intoxalock is working with state program administrators and in the event of a quarantine, we will provide updated communications on managing your device, including calibrations and lockouts.

      Our service centers provide a critical function – they allow individuals the ability to drive, whether it is for emergencies or other essential purposes. Based on the guidance that has been released to date by federal, state, and local governments, Intoxalock believes that our service centers are businesses that provide essential functions and, as a result, may continue to operate during this time.

      First and foremost, follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendations and remain in your home to help reduce the spread of the virus. Additionally, do not allow anyone to access your vehicle for the duration of your quarantine period as to avoid spreading the virus.

      In the instance of an individual with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, most states will allow some flexibility with calibrations, but you will need to speak with an Intoxalock representative for details. Please be prepared to provide your doctor’s documentation. Documentation is required by the states allowing flexible calibrations.

      Yes! Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs) are a proven method of reducing drunk driving fatalities, and overall. States have been largely supportive of continuing installation of IIDs to maintain safer roadways. Please contact Intoxalock at 888-283-5899, and we will connect you with one of our qualified state specialists to help you get back on the road safely and legally.

      Yes, we are committed to supporting our customers, monitoring authorities, and state program administrators, and will be available through our regular channels, including chat, email, and phone. Contact us here.

      Cold, flu, and the recent spread of COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) have many customers concerned about their ignition interlock device’s hygiene and continued servicing.

      To keep devices sanitary, ignition interlock customers should use these best practices to avoid spreading a virus or other germs:

      • Keep extra mouthpieces on hand to avoid sharing - extra mouthpieces are available at your local Intoxalock location or by sending a request to
      • Clean your mouthpiece regularly with warm water and soap and dry before use
      • Clean off the outside of your device by using a disinfectant to avoid surface germs
      • If someone else must drive your car, thoroughly clean the exterior of the device before and after, and use an extra mouthpiece or freshly sanitized mouthpiece. We would recommend allowing at least 20 minutes between disinfecting the device and providing a breath sample.
      • Reminder - DO NOT put any liquid down inside of the device. Customers are responsible for any damage to the device.
      • If you are ill or do not feel well, it is advised that you do not go to the service center for your calibration. Please contact Intoxalock (877-777-5020) if you are not well on the date your calibration is due. With certain equipment types (camera device), we are able to extend or add time. In other instances, we will evaluate options related to the calibration. Ultimately, it is strongly recommended that if you are not feeling well – Stay home!

      We understand that with travel being far more limited, it is possible that you will not run your vehicle regularly. This can cause your battery to die. To avoid this, make sure you start your vehicle daily. Once on, pull your car out of the garage and allow it to run for five minutes. Ensure you are providing breath samples as needed. This will keep your car battery charged and avoid power interruption issues with your interlock device.

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