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Washington ignition interlock

Ignition interlock 
device information:

The Intoxalock representative was very helpful, professional and customer focused. Very nice to work with a company who understands their role and the customer. I wish all customer service was as good as yours.

- Chris, Washington Intoxalock driver

Washington ignition interlock device laws

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State of Washington:

Don’t let the thought of installing an ignition interlock device (BAIID, IID or interlock system) overwhelm you. Our Washington State law specialists will answer all of your ignition interlock questions and guide you to help you find a local authorized service center and schedule an installation conveniently nearby, to regain your driver's license the fastest way possible.

Intoxalock ignition interlock device benefits in Washington:

  • Only provider that guarantees installation of devices that meet Washington's new technology requirements
  • FREE installation in the State of Washington*
  • New lower ignition interlock pricing
  • Fastest mandated service checks saves you time
  • 24/7 customer service support 
  • Financial aid for low income drivers
  • Over 1,800 convenient locations nationwide
  • The fastest way to get back on the road legally in WA
Ignition interlocks laws and requirements in the State of Washington

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State of Washington ignition interlock & drunk driving laws:


Ignition Interlock Driver License (ILL)

To obtain your Ignition Interlock Driver License (ILL) you must:

  • Install the Intoxalock ignition interlock (BAIID, IID or interlock system) in every vehicle you drive. Intoxalock will send proof of ignition interlock installation to WA Department of Licensing (DOL)
  • Provide proof of financial responsibility such as a Certificate of Insurance (SR-22)
  • Complete a Restricted Driver License Application
  • Submit an application form including payment of $100 at a driver licensing office or by mail with a check to: Restricted Driver License, Department of Licensing, PO Box 3907, Seattle, WA 98124

The DOL will hold on to your application for 30 days in order for you to submit required documents. Once processed you will receive your Ignition Interlock Driver License (ILL) or a notification of denial.


Ignition Interlock Requirements

All DUI convictions in the State of Washington will require the installation of an Intoxalock ignition interlock device. The length will vary depending on offense:

  • First Offense DUI: At least one year with an ignition interlock device
  • Second Offense DUI: At least five years with an ignition interlock device
  • Third and Subsequent Offenses DUI: at least ten years with an Intoxalock ignition interlock device 

NOTE: In order to have your Intoxalock ignition interlock device removed by the Department of Licensing (DOL), Intoxalock must verify that you have had no violations in the past four months.

Any of the following would be considered a violation if you:

  • Attempted to start vehicle with a breath alcohol content of 0.04 or greater
  • Failed to take or pass any required test
  • Failed to get scheduled maintenance, repairs, calibration, monitoring, inspection or replacement of your Intoxalock ignition interlock device 

Financial aid for ignition interlocks in Washington

The state of Washington provides financial aid for low income drivers who might not be able to afford an ignition interlock device. Find out if you qualify for financial assistance.


*FREE installation offer in the form of a $100 credit to customer's account after installation of ignition interlock device. Minimum of six month lease is required and installation location must be paid at the time of install by customer. Not valid for voluntary leases. Cannot be combined with other offers. Call (888) 283-5899 for new lower pricing.

This information is provided as a guideline only. Each case will vary.

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