Become an Intoxalock installation location

In today’s economy, wouldn’t it be nice to have customers come to your door with no effort or direct investment? Let us send you our new customers! Many states mandate that drivers convicted of DUI offenses must install an ignition interlock device in order to regain their driving privileges.

We are constantly expanding our network of service centers in order to service the steadily growing demand. This demand translates into vehicle and customer traffic for our service centers.

Whether your facility is an accessory installation company or a full automotive repair shop, the vehicle traffic not only provides revenue from the installation, calibration and de-installation, but an opportunity to earn that customer’s patronage for additional product or services.

Intoxalock is a certified vendor in 40 states, and we partner with local businesses experienced in 12v technology to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

Intoxalock is a Sema winner 2013

Being a provider has provided my shop extra money and new clients. Thank you Intoxalock.
Joe's Auto, Iowa