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Intoxalock Devices Prevent Drunk Driving

Intoxalock is focused on ensuring that DUI offenders can continue to drive safely, legally, and responsibly after an offense. Ignition interlock devices are often mandatory for DUI offenders after an offense. The devices require drivers to test their Breath Alcohol Content, or BrAC, and pass before they can start their car. MADD supports the required use of these devices. Intoxalock is an ignition interlock device installer with locations throughout the country and a sponsor of MADD.



Intoxalock has more than 5,000 locations and 95% of customers can visit one within 15 miles of home



Intoxalock offers affordable options, and devices cost as low as $2.50 per day



By requiring a BrAC test, Intoxalock interlocks stop drunk driving incidents


Easy Use

Intoxalock devices feature a one-button operating system that makes testing easy

What’s Next After Interlock Installation?

With an interlock device, the danger of driving drunk is largely epminated. However, DUI offenders may also need to complete other tasks. Use this checklist as a guide:

Attend a Victim Impact Panel: MADD can help

Get an SR-22/FR-44 certificate proving high-risk insurance coverage: Breathe Easy can help

Find an attorney: Intoxalock can help

Undergo DUI assessment: US Court Assessments can help

Organize paperwork

Research penalties and options

Pay fines and complete community service

Attend alcohol or substance abuse education class