CST Again Named Best Place to Work for Working Parents

DES MOINES, IA - CST is thrilled to once again be named a Best Place to Work for Working Parents in 2023. CST and all their brands strive to provide a flexible, supportive environment for all employees. Company policies help parents and non-parents alike have more work-life balance without worrying about falling behind or losing out on opportunities at work.

While CST is primarily based in Des Moines, the pandemic led to a re-evaluation of their remote working policy. Now, CST is a remote-first workplace, with employees throughout the country and Iowa. While some roles require people to be in-person, CST works with those roles to ensure their flexibility with scheduling and time off for family events.

“It’s important for employees to be able to share in things like holidays, school activities, and more that their family members and loved ones may be participating in,” said Amanda Sedars, Chief Human Resources and Compliance Officer. “In addition to allowing flexibility for important events, we allow it for everyday life things too, like illness, health appointments, and more.”

CST offers family-friendly policies that benefit all employees, not just those with children. All employees are empowered to take time off to care for relatives, pets, and for other important life events not involving children or a spouse. The benefits of employees being able to manage their own schedules and take time off when they need to are apparent, as CST has only continued to grow, and the company has been able to attract and retain top talent.

About CST Holdings Co.

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