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Talking to Family and Friends About Installing an Ignition Interlock Device

Talking to Family and Friends About Installing an Ignition Interlock Device

Do you have a loved one or friend who recently had a DUI? Are you concerned about them because they need help maintaining sobriety?

We know installing an ignition interlock device can feel embarrassing. Some drivers are angry, ashamed, and overcome with regret because of their DUI conviction. They may put off the installation process, or refuse to get an IID altogether. This may not be an option, especially if an IID is required by the court.

How do I talk to my child, significant other or friend about getting their IID installed?

Convincing an unwilling driver to install an IID is difficult, but it can be done. We’ve put together some simple tips for anyone having a hard time getting a friend or family member to realize the benefits of an ignition interlock device.

How Can I Overcome Negativity about IIDs?

We’ve put together some common tactics you can use to ease a friend or family member into installing an IID if they’re reluctant. Below are some common objections, and different strategies you can use to handle them.

Objection: I don’t think ignition interlocks actually work.

Response: Ignition interlock devices do prevent drunk driving. Last year, Intoxalock prevented 202,098 people from starting their car while drunk! I trust you, but you know alcohol can impact your judgment. I know it seems overcautious, but it will give us both 100% certainty that you’re safe from trouble on the road of any kind. Some people do think they can “game” the device, and trick it into giving them a false negative result. But it’s proven they work - in 2020, Intoxalock prevented 202,098 people from starting their car while drunk.

You can also share with your friend or relative that IIDs are proven to work, which is why many states have implemented IID programs as a way for convicted drivers to regain driving privileges. Since the devices address the urgent safety issue of drunk driving, they also enable offenders to resume their normal work schedule so they’re not further penalized.

Objection: I don’t think anyone will follow up, I don’t want to bother.

Response: It’s a small price to pay to know you won’t be fined or have your license suspended permanently. Did you know that you could be fined $XXX or even go to jail if you’re caught driving without an interlock device. I would be nervous every day thinking of you getting pulled over. Let’s just get it installed.

Additionally, they are incorrect to think that no one will follow up. If you are ordered by the court, department of public safety, or department of motor vehicles to install an ignition interlock and you continue to drive without doing so, you risk a variety of penalties. You may be fined, and if pulled over while driving on a suspended license you could risk losing your license permanently. There may be other applicable penalties too depending on your state.

Objection: Ignition interlock devices are too hard to use, and unreliable.

Response: Intoxalock devices are really easy to use, and the technicians show you how to use it at your appointment. Let’s go to the appointment, and if it still feels too hard we can discuss it. But I think you should at least check it out. I think it will be a lot easier than you think. Also, I was reading up on it and it looks like all ignition interlock devices have to meet state requirements. Intoxalock has never been suspended in any state, so they’re very reliable!

Ignition interlock devices are designed to be easy to use, especially since they need to be used often. Intoxalock’s device uses a single button and a very simple blow-inhale-blow breath pattern. The good news is, when you visit a certified installation center the technician will make sure you understand how to use your device before you leave.

Additionally, you will need to get your device calibrated periodically (typically every 60-90 days depending on your state) and technicians will check for possible issues at that time. You can also reach out to an Intoxalock state specialist 24/7 with any questions.

Objection: Installing an ignition interlock device will damage my vehicle.

Response: I understand, but the technicians are trained in installation and know how to install the ignition interlock without causing damage to the car. Hundreds of thousands of people have these devices installed, and have no lasting damage.

Many people are concerned that installing an IID will damage their car. This is understandable, as it’s an unfamiliar device being put into your vehicle, controlling whether or not you can start it. However, IIDs don’t damage vehicles when properly installed. All Intoxalock technicians are certified and have been fully trained in installation, and know how to do so safely. When your IID period is up, you will be able to have the device removed. All components will be completely removed, and nothing will remain in your car once it’s taken out.

Objection: An ignition interlock device won’t help, I can just cheat the system.

Response: I understand you want to keep drinking, but this device will prevent you from making an unsafe choice while impaired. It’s not easy to fool, but that’s a good thing. I just want you safe.

It’s a common misconception that IIDs are easy to fool. Not only is that not true, IIDs are designed to safeguard against this. All ignition interlock devices also require random retests. The device will alert and give the driver time to pull over if necessary. Drivers must pass the retest, or a failure will be reported to the authorities. The car won’t stop, but their device will lock them out and require a visit to the technician to resolve.

Objection: You’ve never been through this, you don't know what you’re talking about.

Response: I understand you’re unsure about this. We can call your attorney or talk to a state specialist from Intoxalock. We can get a free quote from Intoxalock, and it only takes a few minutes. I spoke to someone the other day and they were very helpful.

You’ve likely done a lot of research into IIDs on behalf of your friend or family member, but they may not believe you really understand the system. Luckily, you can direct them to Intoxalock state specialists. They work with drivers every day and are fully versed in how everything with IIDs works. Hopefully, this will convince your reluctant driver.

Intoxalock is always here to help, and we want to keep the roads safe for everyone. Contact us at (833) 623-0200 anytime for assistance.

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