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Can I Hack my Ignition Interlock Device?

Can I Hack my Ignition Interlock Device?

Adjusting to life with an interlock device can be a challenge. It’s a major lifestyle change, particularly for those who drive often. Once the IID is installed, you’ll be taking a Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) test every time you use your vehicle.

This extends to others who may share your vehicle. If others in your household are driving the car, they’ll also need to use the device and take a BrAC test before they can start the vehicle. This obviously can create frustration for some device users. Failing a test means you can’t start the vehicle, and this can result in being late, missing plans, or even being stuck in a location you’d rather not be in.

Some may feel inconvenienced by the IID, which can make the thought of an ignition interlock device hack tempting. However, hacking isn’t the simple solution many think it is. While there are many unscrupulous or dubious claims about successfully hacking devices, it’s important for primary interlock users (DUI offenders) to understand that hacking doesn’t work. Even more importantly, any attempts to hack or tamper with the device are reported to the monitoring authority. This can result in an extension of the interlock period and other, more serious penalties.

Common Interlock Device Hacks

There are many tips and tricks you can find that seem to guide you toward a simple device hack. However, none of these will work for you in the long run or even the short term. It’s good to become familiar with these ideas in case you or other household members are ever tempted to tamper with your IID:

  1. Have someone take the test for you: This is one of the most common hacking attempts. While it can work in the short term, it’s not a good idea. Firstly, your device will request random retests during most trips. Unless your proxy is planning on driving with you all night, you will fail your next testing attempt, and the failure will be reported to the monitoring authority. Also, if you are pulled over for any traffic infraction and found to be tampering with your device, this can result in serious consequences.
  2. Disconnecting/removing the device: All state-approved interlock devices need to be installed by an approved provider. This is so the monitoring authority can be informed of the installation, but it’s also because the devices require expertise to install properly. If you attempt to disconnect the device, the monitoring authority will be immediately informed. Additionally, you risk damaging your vehicle as the device is wired directly into the vehicle's ignition. Instead of successfully avoiding testing, you’ll be required to have the device re-installed and risk further penalties and fines. It is important to note that in Minnesota, some users may be able to remove the device from their vehicle when it’s not in use. This is due to the extreme cold temperatures there in the winter, and these removable devices are only approved in that state.
  3. Using compressed air or a similar method to trick the device: Most interlock devices require a specific breath pattern in part to prevent this type of hack. Intoxalock, for example, requires a blow-inhale-blow breath pattern. Compressed air cannot imitate this pattern, and your IID may also have temperature and pressure gauges that are employed during tests to ensure a human, not an air pump, is blowing into the device. Using compressed air puts you at risk of failing your test or permanently damaging your device.
  4. Using mints or attempting to cover up alcohol from your breath: Mints or mouthwash might fool people in your life, or make you feel better about your breath. However, they won’t trick the device. If you have too much alcohol in your system to drive, no amount of minty freshness can help you pass a BrAC. Additionally, even if you’re completely sober, mouthwash contains alcohol. Ingesting it shortly before a test can cause a positive reading. Mints and gum are nice for making a good impression, but not for hacking your interlock.
  5. Using “sober up” remedies: Many people swear by sober up methods like coffee, water, or eating. Some may even fall victim to questionable supplements that promise “miraculous” instant sobriety to the purchaser. Don’t waste your money. While food can certainly help offset the effects of alcohol, it isn’t a cure for being drunk. The only thing that will get alcohol out of your system, aside from medical intervention, is time.

Hacking your device is tempting, but as you’ve likely realized by now, it’s also impossible. The best way to get rid of your interlock is to complete the term mandated by the court successfully.

Intoxalock Can Help You Successfully Conquer Your Interlock Requirement

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