Intoxalock Customer Testimonials

No one loves a state-required ignition interlock. What customers do appreciate is that Intoxalock makes  a top rated accurate, simple to use device, and supports them through their requirement period with the best rated customer service of any provider. See our IID reviews and ratings to learn from customers about what makes Intoxalock stand out.

Customer Testimonials

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Mike - Florida

I never had trouble with my device the entire year, nothing faulty like with other companies. If you have to get one, go with Intoxalock, they are the best.

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John - Connecticut

My experience has been that the device is very simple, easy to use. You just press the button, blow, and start he vehicle.

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Erick - Washington

I've got to take care of my business, so I can't be without a driver's license. If you want to get your life togeher, Intoxalock is a good way to start.

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