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Best IID: Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Devices are Number One

Ignition interlock devices, also known as car breathalyzers, are used to prevent drunk driving. Many people who have been convicted of a DUI are ordered to install an IID in order to regain their driving privileges. Intoxalock is the number one interlock brand on the market because of its reliable technology, 24/7 customer support, and more. Learn more about why Intoxalock is the best choice for your ignition interlock device needs.

Reliable Fuel-Cell Technology Makes Testing Simple

Intoxalock uses fuel-cell technology, which is the most reliable breath alcohol content (BrAC) testing technology available. A reliable test makes it much easier to comply with IID terms and conditions, and Intoxalock has earned 4.5 out 5 stars on TrustPilot from thousands of satisfied customers. Intoxalock interlocks use the blow-inhale-blow pattern for breath samples, which is easy for anyone to master. Our devices meet state requirements. Talk to a state specialist to find out what your state mandates.

Convenience: More Locations than Any IID Provider Makes Installation Easy

Intoxalock has more than 4,200 locations, more than any other provider, making it far easier to find a location near you. Since you will have to return for regular calibration appointments, it is key to find a location close to your work or home. Having a service center nearby helps keep calibration appointments quick and easy and saves you money on transportation costs. You can have the best interlock device and convenience too. More than 91% of our locations are within a few miles of our customers, so you should be able to find a location near you easily! Check locations now.

Self-service App Lets Customers Manage Account On the Go

The Intoxalock app provides an easy way for customers to manage their account from anywhere. The self-service app allows customers to pay their bills, check their account balance, and access helpful support information. Customers can also get notifications for calibration, sign their lease, and more from the app. The app is free to download. If a customer doesn’t have a smartphone, they can access their account via the web and pay bills online there.

Customer Service: 24/7 Support from Experts

Our Intoxalock customer support team is available 24/7 via phone and chat for you. They are familiar with IID regulations and requirements in every state, so they can guide you through even the toughest questions. Intoxalock is here for you no matter what time of day.

See What Customers Say: Intoxalock Has a Top Score

Often, IID users are not thrilled about being required to use a device, which makes their glowing reviews even more meaningful. Intoxalock has an outstanding TrustPilot rating and continuously gets high marks from our customers. To see for yourself, check out reviews from customers on our ratings page.

rating and review
  • Joey was extremely knowledgable and helpful. He took care of everything for me so quickly and easily! He made what i thought would be a massive headache an absolute breeze. - Jon D.
  • This man went over and beyond he made such a stressful time filled with a little more ease he truly lifted a weight off my shoulders. Stay Great Ryan. - Sugei A.
  • Sam was very thorough and patient explaining every step of the process and was sympathetic to the stress of this situation. Even though I may have asked similar questions in order to understand everything, he was always patient and ready to explain. He waited while I got information to him, repeated information to make sure he got it right, He assured me that everything would be fine and the installation would go without a hitch and that the service centers were professional and thorough. - Katherine

Ready to Install: Contact Intoxalock for Help

Intoxalock can help you schedule your installation appointment today. Just call 833-623-0200 for help. If you prefer, you can request a free quote online and schedule a time for us to call you.

If you’re not sure what device your state requires, you can learn that here on our state requirements page. Call us today to start regaining your driving freedom!