Which ignition interlock device (IID) is the cheapest?

Most state certified ignition interlock device providers have consistent pricing across the board. Some interlock companies will offer special discounts, free installations or will advertise an “all inclusive” price but dollar for dollar, the actual cost is similar for all providers.

It’s important to watch out for interlock companies claiming to be the cheapest as they may be consistently out of compliance with state regulations and may not be approved to help you regain your full license.

Some states require advanced technology components (camera, GPS, immediate reporting) in an interlock and smaller car breathalyzer companies may sacrifice quality and features to provide a lower cost.

How to compare ignition interlock device pricing

When comparing ignition interlock costs, it’s important to know which type of device your state is requiring you to install. Intoxalock has state specialists available 24/7 to answer your questions and go over your state’s process and requirements.

When looking at interlock pricing from different companies, you’ll want to choose a top-rated provider like Intoxalock that remains in good standings with the state (no history of decertifications).

If you choose a provider that is consistently suspended or decertified, you may face additional costs if you have to switch interlock companies mid-way through your lease.

In addition, you’ll want to choose an interlock device company with a variety of locations to choose from. You’ll return to this location regularly throughout your lease (state required calibrations) and it’s important to have a convenient location with well-trained installation technicians.

Intoxalock has more locations than any other provider and holds installers to extremely high quality standards.

Call us today to find a location and learn about the requirements in your state. We will provide you a fair price and will get you back on the road.

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