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Ignition Interlock Saves Lives


Call now and find out how you can protect your young driver for just $29.95* per month!

Prevent teen and college drunk driving with an ignition interlock - limited time offer

Ignition interlock devices, or car breathalyzers, can be installed in any vehicle, even if you haven’t been arrested or charged with drunk driving. For less than $1 a day, parents can now install an Intoxalock ignition interlock device in their child’s vehicle to help guarantee sober driving.

Teen alcohol use kills 4,700 people each year, according to MADD. Intoxalock can help provide peace of mind by preventing your child from starting their vehicle after they have consumed alcohol.

Special ignition interlock device pricing

Intoxalock is currently offering their Legacy ignition interlock device at the lowest price ever for young drivers ages 23 and under. This is great for children in high school and college. Parents can choose to voluntarily install this device in their child’s vehicle for only $29.95 a month, or less than $1 a day.* Act now! 

Additional Information: Pricing FAQ

Zero tolerance for minors

Most states have a Zero Tolerance policy for underage drivers and have a set breath alcohol content (BAC) limit of 0.02 or a “detectable amount of alcohol”. This means, when alcohol in any amount is detected, underage drivers can be arrested for drunk driving. Penalties for young drivers can include longer suspension periods, higher fines and more jail time or community service.

If you are worried about your teen or college student drunk driving, Intoxalock can help. With the voluntary installation of one of our top-rated ignition interlock devices, you can be sure that your young driver is sober behind the wheel.

Additional Information: How to pass a breathalyzer

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True story from an Intoxalock representative

1 in 6 teens binge drink

One day, a few years ago, a father called in to have an Intoxalock installed on his 19 year old daughter’s car. He told me that he had finally come to face the truth that his daughter had a drinking problem. As embarrassed as he was by it and no matter how mad his daughter was at him, he had decided to protect her as much as he could so we scheduled the installation.

On the morning of the appointment, the father called me again. This time, it was to cancel the appointment. With tears in his voice he told me that he had been one day too late. His daughter had been driving drunk the night before and had died behind the wheel.

“Thankfully no one else was hurt. But if I had just admitted the truth that I knew for so long one day sooner, my daughter would still be here.”

After 10 years working for Intoxalock, I’ve heard a lot of stories, but I will never forget this phone call or the heart wrenching grief of a father who waited one day too long to protect his child. Even though I never worried about my son getting behind the wheel drunk, I had an Intoxalock installed in his car for my peace of mind when he started driving. I told him that I loved him enough to embarrass him if it meant keeping him safe.

- An Intoxalock representative

*You may not be eligible for a voluntary account or pricing if there is a court order stipulating the need for an ignition interlock as a condition of any other situation including but not limited to any driving privileges or custody. Please contact an Intoxalock representative to verify if you are eligible for a voluntary account. Intoxalock’s Young Driver pricing promotion ends September 1, 2017 and monthly pricing will return to $49.95.

Intoxalock Reviews

I have two teen boys. Intoxalock eases my concerns and provides the peace of mind I need to know they will not drink and drive and hurt themselves or others. It's worth every penny.

- Gordon, Pennsylvania

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