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Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence at Intoxalock Ignition Interlock

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence at Intoxalock Ignition Interlock

The Most Trusted Provider

Did you hear? Intoxalock, a technology company that provides ignition interlock devices nationwide, is celebrating 25 years of excellence. They installed their first ignition interlock device, commonly referred to as the car breathalyzer or blow and go, in 1993. Today, Intoxalock has since expanded to include over 2,600 service center locations across 44 states.

Intoxalock has been an industry leader at the forefront of ignition interlock device technology since its inception. It was the first company to use alcohol-specific fuel cell technology, in conjunction with researchers at Iowa State University, which is now an industry standard.

A Customer-Preferred Device

The Intoxalock IID is a discreet, easy to use device that can be installed at any Intoxalock certified service center. It features one button activation and an easy to read LED display (available in both English and Spanish).

The company also offers a selection of device models designed to meet the varying legal requirements of each state, and is one of only two ignition interlock companies that has never been suspended from operating in any state. Their flawless track record can be attributed to their dedication to customers.

We’ve Got This

The team at Intoxalock takes pride in making the DUI/OWI process as smooth as possible and has played a key role in helping repeat offenders drive responsibly.

Intoxalock is active in the fight against drunk driving, helping its consumers to drive responsibly after receiving an alcohol related driving charge. They have even announced plans to institute a college scholarship to raise awareness around the issue. Prospective and current college students will have the opportunity to apply for the $3,000 scholarship this spring.

With over 100,000 customers, this will be Intoxalock’s largest birthday celebration yet! The company will celebrate by continuing to serve the community and its customers.

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