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Driving with a Pet and an Ignition Interlock Device

Driving with a Pet and an Ignition Interlock Device

When you get an ignition interlock device installed, there are a lot of changes you will have to make to your routine. For example, since you will need to test your breath alcohol content (BrAC) before starting your vehicle, remote start is no longer an option. If you’re used to traveling with a pet on occasion, using an ignition interlock device, while keeping an eye on your fluffy friend may be a challenge.

Here’s the best way to handle ignition interlock device requirements to keep you and your pet safe:

  • Secure your pet safely — if your dog tends to move around a lot while driving, consider a harness. These can be safely affixed to seat belts so your pet can be strapped in comfortably. Smaller dogs, cats, and other pets may be best transported in a carrier so they don’t get nervous or disruptive.
  • Take a friend — if you are concerned that your pet will be too rambunctious or unsettled if you are driving and can’t give them your full attention, see if a friend or family member can come on your errand with you. The second person can handle watching your pet while you focus on the road and any retests that come up during the trip.
  • Use a sleeve — Intoxalock offers a weather-protection sleeve, but this sleeve can also come in handy if you are traveling with a pet. The sleeve can provide an extra layer of protection against pet paws, mouths, and general excitement. If you do not have a sleeve, an oven mitt or tablet sleeve may work as well.
  • Bring toys — if the trip is long, your pet will need frequent breaks. Make sure to bring toys, water, and food so they’re comfortable during the trip. A content pet is less likely to distract you while you’re driving, too.
  • Train ahead of time — you know your pet best, so if you suspect their usual behavior will be a lot to handle on the car ride, prepare in advance. Take short trips to see how they do, bring a friend along at first to reinforce training, and whatever else you need to do to get your pet ready for the road.

We know your pet is important to you, and so is your freedom to drive. Prepare accordingly to enjoy road trips with your furry pal.

Getting Accurate Readings with a Pet in Your Car

If you’ve followed the preparation steps and made sure your pet is comfortably secured, taking your breath alcohol content (BrAC) test should be a breeze. However, there are some instances where your muscle memory or force of habit could cause you to make mistakes. Avoid doing the following to make sure you remain compliant with your IID terms:

  • Don’t leave your car running — it may be tempting especially if your pet is with you, but you will need to limit your stops or bring them with you. Leaving the car running could mean you will miss a retest, which would be reported to the monitoring authority.
  • Don’t take an unplanned route — of course, you may have to. However, if you check ahead of time you can be sure to take routes that allow you time to pull over to take a retest, and time to pull over to give your pet a break.
  • Don’t leave your pet alone in the car — not only could this be dangerous depending on the weather, it’s also best not to leave your pet unsupervised when your ignition interlock device is nearby. The devices are expensive and you don’t want your pet to damage it.

Longer trips may be tough with your pet, but we hope you have a successful road trip with your furry friend in tow!

If you have any questions about your Intoxalock ignition interlock device, you can contact Intoxalock Customer Support 24/7 via phone and email.

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