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Celebrate the Season of Safety with Intoxalock!

Celebrate the Season of Safety with Intoxalock!

December is a particularly dangerous month to be on the road. With holiday parties and increased travel around town or across town, it’s no surprise that accidents and intoxicated driving arrests increase.

A DUI conviction is life-changing for many people. The financial impact is often severe, as is the practical impact of having their driver’s license suspended. Intoxalock is proud to help many drivers who’ve been through this experience get back on the road safely. 

We love hearing from people who have successfully used Intoxalock ignition interlock devices as a tool to prevent them from driving under the influence. If you’re just getting started with the process, or helping someone in your family, it might help to hear some encouraging words from others who have been through the process.

Interlocks: A Big Difference For Loved Ones

Getting an ignition interlock can impact the whole family. The cost of leasing a device may impact the monthly budget, and the aftermath of a DUI conviction is often a difficult time. It’s a highly emotional time, and Intoxalock’s state specialists understand that. 

But we know it might not mean much to hear that from us. Read the words of others who have been in your situation, and see what they have to say. 

“I was beyond stressed and worried when my husband received his dui. We are a single income family of 5. I wasn't sure how we were going to afford and manage the process of having the intoxalock device installed. I spoke with Adam at intoxalock. He was beyond patient, kind, empathetic and helpful. He truly put my mind at ease and made me feel as though this is manageable. Adam is truly an asset to intoxalock. Thank you so much Adam and intoxalock.” - Sarah 

“I will definitely recommend Intoxalock if any of my family or friends happens to be in the same circumstances as I found myself in. I couldn't recommend Alexis enough, she was so patient and knowledgeable. She never once made me feel like I was a criminal or less than anyone else. It was more like I was buying a car rather than getting something installed in it. She was very easy to reach, took the time to make sure I understood everything I needed for installment and how the service and payments would work afterward. I did not expect that kind of warm reception. Thanks again Alexis!” - Nicole 

“Nathan was able to give our family his sincere consideration of an upsetting circumstance in helping us through the process by keeping it light and informative without pressure or feeling ashamed. We appreciate his professionalism and thoughtfulness.” -  Nathan

Making a Stressful Situation Easier

Getting convicted for DUI has impacts on many areas of someone’s life. It requires a lot of planning, scheduling, and financial sacrifice to get back on track in most cases. Dealing with the logistics can make things even more difficult. That’s why Intoxalock is here to help. Representatives can guide you through the process and even help you make your first appointment. 

Read from others in your shoes to see how they feel about Intoxalock’s guidance. 

"Eric was extremely helpful. This is a strange time and it's difficult to stay hopeful while being discouraged. Eric eased my stress and anxiety and was helpful and informative in many ways." - Tracy 

“Cathy is an excellent representative for the company. She was very knowledgeable and personable through the whole process, which eased some of the stress from a difficult situation. She was even able to work with my difficult schedule and secure an appointment during a time that will work perfectly, by reaching out to several locations. A big thank you for making a dark situation a little bit brighter.” - Brian

“Ross was amazing! The situation with a family member that caused me to seek out your company has been so upsetting and although they are voluntarily having this system installed in their car to give me peace of mind it didn’t make the need for it any less upsetting. Ross treated me with the most respect out of anyone else I contacted! He was so kind and knowledgeable! He explained the system and answered ALL my questions. His customer service made all the difference in the world to me! Quite honestly we need more people like Ross! Thank you Ross for not only doing your job but doing it better than anyone else in your industry!” - Kellie

Does Your Family Need Help from Intoxalock?

Intoxalock can help your family if you’re going through a similar situation. Our state specialists are available 24/7 to assist you through the process. They know the requirements in your state, and will help you find a location near you to assist with your ignition interlock device installation. You can even have an IID voluntarily installed if you think it would help your sobriety goals.  Contact us today at (833) 623-0200 to get started.

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