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Advanced technology adds value in more than one way

Ignition interlock device technology is constantly evolving to make interlocks even more effective. As it stands, ignition interlock devices are the only mechanism in place that prevents somebody from starting their vehicle while intoxicated. To make interlocks even more effective, many states utilize advanced technology ignition interlock devices. Currently, about half of all states either require or recommend advanced technology features that might include a camera, GPS tracking and real-time reporting.

By installing a camera unit with the device, there’s verification that the person providing the breath sample is the driver of the vehicle. In Washington, an ignition interlock device with an installed camera actually caught the man who stole a vehicle, according to a news source.

The thief was caught after a stolen vehicle was recovered in Renton, WA. The owner of the stolen vehicle was required to install an ignition interlock device and when police found the vehicle, it was discovered that the ignition interlock device captured photos of the suspect blowing breath samples into the device to start the vehicle. The suspect was instantly identified and has a long list of previous car thefts.

For the most effective ignition interlock program, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) recommends that all states require advanced technology devices that will allow for compliance-based removal. Advanced technology gives additional insight into the activity logged with the device. With real-time reporting, monitoring authorities are able to instantly review the logs of their clients. By requiring a period of compliance as a condition that must be met before the device is removed, the probability of the interlock user re-offending will decrease.

All Intoxalock representatives are trained to help you fulfill your ignition interlock requirements with the best device for your situation. Intoxalock devices are certified to meet even the most rigorous requirements in almost all states. Call us today at (833) 623-0200 to review your state’s requirements and to regain driving privileges with an ignition interlock device.

Carly has been with Intoxalock for two years. Her areas of expertise include content marketing and market research within the DUI and ignition interlock sectors. She also has experience overseeing the affiliate partner program at Intoxalock and managing B2B relationships.

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