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Use Your Tax Refund to Get Back on the Road

Use Your Tax Refund to Get Back on the Road

Tax season is upon us. Hopefully, you will have some refund money coming your way. It can be a great benefit financially to have extra money on hand, especially as many people have dealt with changing or unstable employment during the pandemic.

We hope you will be able to use your newfound funds toward things you want and need. If you’re currently trying to get back on the road after a DUI conviction, there are a few things you might want to put those funds toward.

How Can I Use My Tax Refund to Regain Driving Privileges?

For drivers who’ve recently had their license suspended, there are options. Many states allow drivers to regain their driving privileges during their suspension period if they agree to install an ignition interlock device (IID) from an approved provider.

However, offenders are responsible for the cost of leasing the device, and there are additional related tasks to getting back on the road that will cost money. Here’s how you might be able to use your refund to offset the costs of regaining your driver’s license:

  1. Interlock device installation: Offenders are typically responsible for the cost of installing and leasing their interlock device, resulting in an upfront installation cost and monthly lease payment. If you receive some surplus cash, you could put some of it towards installing your device if you’ve been approved for an interlock license. This is the first step towards getting back on the road.
  2. Pay all or part of your lease upfront: Intoxalock offers flexible payment options when you lease an IID. You can pay monthly, or pay your entire lease upfront if you’d prefer not to worry about remembering a monthly payment. There is also flexibility that allows you to pay off a portion of your lease. Putting some tax refund money towards covering your newfound interlock costs could help you stay on top of the expense.
  3. High-risk insurance costs: Many states require drivers who have committed alcohol-related driving offenses to obtain SR-22 or FR-44 insurance. This high-risk insurance is often mandated by court order and requires the driver to provide a certificate of financial responsibility showing they have coverage. This often comes with an increase in insurance costs, because most companies will charge more to cover a high-risk driver. Your tax refund could help cover the increased cost.
  4. Legal fees and penalties: Many DUI offenses come with a mandatory court appearance and several financial penalties. If you hire a DUI attorney, they can help represent your best interests in court and guide you through the court process. Clearing financial penalties related to the offense may also be a requirement to get back on the road. Investing in an attorney to help guide you, or taking care of penalties, may be an investment you want to put your tax refund into.
  5. Treatment: If alcohol or drugs are creating additional problems in your life, or you suffer from addiction, treatment can help get control of your substance use. It is an investment that may also fulfill court mandates or requirements for regaining your license. There are also free programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous, available to help those without funds to pay for treatment.

There are many costs to a drunk driving offense that extend beyond just the initial incident. Using your tax refund to invest in regaining driving privileges can help you get ahead of any potential financial issues that may arise.

Intoxalock Can Help You Get Back on the Road

The weeks following a DUI offense can be a challenge. Intoxalock is here to help. Our state specialists are familiar with the interlock process in your state and can help you find an installation location. We’re the #1 interlock brand in the country and have more locations than any other interlock provider. Contact us for a free quote today.

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