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MADD Supports Interlock Device Requirement for All Offenders

MADD Supports Interlock Device Requirement for All Offenders

Drunk driving is a pervasive safety issue. Drunk drivers make the road less safe for everyone on the road. Despite the COVID pandemic reducing the amount people have been driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that drunk driving fatalities increased by nine percent during the pandemic. An increase in traffic fatalities of this magnitude is troubling.

Interlock devices have made a marked difference in drunk driving activity since more states require them for all offenders. MADD reports:

  • During the years 2006 to 2020, interlocks prevented attempts to drive drunk with a BAC of .08 or higher 3.78 million times. In 2020, 390,456 attempts were prevented.
  • When MADD started lobbying for interlock requirements in 2006, New Mexico was the only state with a legal IID requirement. Now, 34 states require interlocks for all offenders.
  • The Insurance Institute for Auto and Highway Safety reported in 2018 that mandatory laws for all convicted drunk driving offenders reduce deaths by 16 percent.

These are not small accomplishments. The millions of prevented starts stopped potential drunk driving crashes that could very likely have resulted in injury or death.

MADD Supports Compliance-Based Interlock Laws

Many states require interlocks for first offenders. The offender must install the device in their car, and the device requires them to test their breath alcohol content, and pass the test before they can start their car. Each state’s monitoring authority sets the BrAC limit for offenders. Interlocks are most effective if used in the following ways, according to MADD:

  • Required for all offenders: If all offenders, including all first-time ones, are required to use interlock devices, they are less likely to re-offend.
  • Interlock option should be available immediately: Currently, some states require offenders to wait out a portion of their suspension period before they’re eligible to get an interlock license. Data shows that 70-80 percent of people are likely to drive on a suspended license, or worse, drive drunk on a suspended license. Having the interlock option immediately available would allow offenders to resume driving, safely and legally.
  • Interlock licenses should have a compliance-based removal component: All interlock device data is reported to the state’s monitoring authority (typically the DMV or department of transportation). Some states require that an offender prove they are capable of driving sober before allowing the offender to remove the interlock device. MADD encourages this effective method to ensure offenders get in the habit of sober driving before removing the interlock.
  • Interlocks required for test refusals: Many states penalize suspected drunk drivers if they refuse to submit to a breathalyzer test with stricter penalties, including longer license suspensions. MADD encourages states to ensure that individuals that refuse a test should be able to drive with an interlock requirement to ensure these individuals do not drive on a suspended license without the protection of an interlock. This would apply to all those who refuse the test.

MADD has several other ideas for how interlocks can best be used in their full report.

Intoxalock Can Support You in Regaining Driving Privileges

Intoxalock is available in 46 states and is a state-approved provider in all states where the device is available. This means Intoxalock interlock devices meet state criteria and when installed, will make drivers eligible for an interlock license.

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