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Intoxalock’s CURB Program Rewards Drivers for Making Positive Changes

Intoxalock’s CURB Program Rewards Drivers for Making Positive Changes

A drunk driving offense requires many lifestyle changes, and we know these changes can be incredibly challenging. Not only are there financial penalties involved, but your driving habits must change as well. Some offenders are able to regain their driving privileges by installing an interlock device.

Although interlock users are able to drive legally and responsibly, it is still a significant lifestyle change to have an ignition interlock device. Users must test their Breath Alcohol Content, or BrAC, before each trip and will typically have random retests during most trips as well. It can be stressful for interlock users who may be accustomed to driving with more autonomy to suddenly find themselves beholden to their interlock device.

However, the interlock device is also instilling positive habits and preventing the user from getting another drunk driving offense. In order to help encourage interlock users in making these positive lifestyle changes, Intoxalock has launched the CURB program. CURB (Correcting Unsafe and Risky Behavior) offers cash back to interlock users who complete program incentives.

How Intoxalock’s CURB Program Works

Each participant who completes the CURB program directives will receive a cash back reward in the form of an account credit. The credit will go towards the monthly interlock leasing costs. To earn the credit, CURB participants must:

  1. Review the monthly content: each month, CURB will deliver an email containing a video link for users to watch.
  2. Take the monthly assessment: once they’ve completed the video, users will be quizzed on the contents and must pass to earn credit.
  3. Comply with their state’s interlock policy: users must keep their interlock account in good standing including on-time calibrations, on-time payments, and no violations.

If the participant successfully completes these tasks, their credit will be applied to their Intoxalock account.

What are the Benefits of the CURB Program?

In addition to cashback rewards, the CURB program also offers multiple benefits for interlock users as they move on from their DUI offense. Program participants receive:

  1. Education: the education they receive about how to avoid unsafe and risky behavior helps enable interlock users to make responsible choices that will guide them to future success.
  2. Savings: a DUI is an expensive undertaking, and those who are successful each month will save on overall costs.
  3. Positive reinforcement: It can be hard to see how much progress you’ve made when you’re in the middle of a huge lifestyle shift. CURB sends positive reinforcement via emails and certificates to remind participants of what they have achieved.

CURB is an optional program, but the benefits can make a difference not just for individual interlock users, but for the community as a whole. Drivers who are motivated to comply with their state’s interlock policy are helping keep the roads safer for everyone. CURB also helps by increasing overall compliance, lightening the load for monitoring authorities with fewer violations and less recidivism.

To learn more about CURB, or to sign up, visit https://www.intoxalock.com/curb/.

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