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DUI Conviction and Employment: Do Employers Care?

DUI Conviction and Employment: Do Employers Care?

No one ever plans to get a DUI. A DUI conviction is often a defining incident, marking a difficult period in your life. There are many things to handle immediately, and it’s only after pressing legal matters are taken care of that you might start to wonder how a DUI will affect your career, and your current lifestyle.

Does a DUI Show Up on a Background Check?

Unfortunately, a DUI could have an adverse impact on your employment. For starters, if you drive to work, you will likely be unable to do so for a while. Additionally, there may be employers that will not hire anyone convicted of a DUI or alcohol-related driving offense. Positions that require professional licensing, such as nursing, locksmith services, and more may be out of your reach now. Thus, for some, a DUI conviction may necessitate a career change. For others, the concern may revolve around getting a promotion or seeking new employment.

Unless the conviction has been expunged, it’s likely to show up in a background check, particularly if your motor vehicle record is being checked. Even if the charges are pending, the incident may still show up in your background check.

How to Handle a DUI Conviction When Job Hunting

It can be challenging to job hunt with a DUI on your record, especially in certain fields. Some may be impossible to enter, but there are still many opportunities despite a conviction. Here are some tips for finding work after a DUI conviction:

  1. Use discretion when revealing your DUI conviction:

    Some jobs will require a background check as a condition of hire. If the job does not require a disclosure of DUI conviction, use your best judgment. If you know the offense will be a factor in hiring, you should be aware that a DUI will show up in a background check. In this instance, it might be best to disclose beforehand.
  2. Ensure you have reliable transportation to potential jobs:

    Getting to work is often difficult post-conviction, especially if your license has been suspended or revoked. When applying to jobs, consider how you will be getting to work and what your options are. Some companies may even offer a stipend for public transit or allow you to work remotely depending on the role.
  3. Use resources that are available to you:

    There are many resources available through the government and charitable organizations that could help you through this difficult time. Some may feel nervous asking for help, but these programs are there for you to access if you are in need.

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