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How Can I Keep My Interlock Working in Extreme Heat?

How Can I Keep My Interlock Working in Extreme Heat?

Hot weather is great for summer fun like hitting the beach or a backyard barbecue, but the extreme heat can take a toll on your interlock device. Without preventive measures, your interlock could become damaged by high temperatures. Thanks to years of experience helping customers beat the heat, Intoxalock has put together a list of best practices that can keep your device safe.

How Can I Protect My Interlock and Car from Extreme Heat?

When you enter your car on a scorching summer day, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The air is stifling, and the dashboard, steering wheel, and seatbelts are hot to the touch. If you have leather seats, you know how much heat they can hold. Thus, it’s logical that your interlock device will be impacted as well. Unfortunately, heat damage is a little more serious for your interlock device than it is for your dashboard. Here’s how to take care of your vehicle in hot weather, and make sure your IID keeps functioning:

  • Put a sunshade over your windows — a simple sunshade can lower your car’s interior temperature by 15 degrees, and reduce the dashboard temperature by 40 degrees. This protection will cut down on potential damage to your interlock device as well as making your car more comfortable.
  • Store your interlock device in a protective sleeve— A sleeve case will help protect your device in extreme heat as well as very cold temperatures. Intoxalock offers a sleeve designed to fit our interlock devices, but if you don’t have one, you can use household items. A dry towel, cloth, even an oven mitt can help protect your device in intense weather. Just be sure to select light-colored fabric and keep the device out of direct sunlight.
  • Store or carry your mouthpiece with you — Protect yourself from discomfort by carrying your removable mouthpiece. You can also wrap it in the sleeve or cloth you wrap the device in if you prefer not to keep it with you.
  • Check your car’s battery — extreme weather can cause issues with your battery. You can have your battery charge checked at a local automotive repair shop - many will perform this service for free.
  • Don’t let your car sit idle for days — If you don’t know, regular use keeps your car’s battery charged. Your starter motor charges the battery using an alternating current, and your engine must be running in order for the current to flow. Starting it regularly will charge your battery, and driving at least 15 to 20 minutes per day will help even more.
  • Make use of Intoxalock's unique ‘Sleep Mode’ feature — this feature is available in most states (except MA, NY, and WI). To use, press and hold the device button for three beeps before shutting off the vehicle. To wake it up, just press the activation button.
  • Keep air circulating — Keep your car from getting stifling inside by cracking the windows if it will be sitting for a while. If you’re concerned about rain, window rain guards will prevent rain from getting in while allowing air to circulate. . You can find rain guards that require no special hardware or drilling and won’t scratch your car at your local auto parts store or online.

Some extra precautions can help keep your interlock device in working order despite extreme weather. However, please reach out to support or visit your service center if it is not functioning. If your car itself isn’t functioning properly, visit a trusted mechanic and be sure to inform Intoxalock of any work that is taking place.

Common Myths, Busted: How Not to Protect Your Ignition Interlock Device

Creativity is welcome, but there are many pieces of advice that are not actually effective, and could even damage your device. While these tips may be well-intentioned if a friend has given them to you, do not do any of the below, as they could damage your device.

  • Remove the device — the device cannot be removed, and doing so is considered a violation of the terms of your interlock lease as well as a legal violation. (In some states customers may be allowed to remove the device, if the monitoring authority approves. Check with your monitoring authority to verify).
  • Cool down the device using fans, a cooler, or freezer — a quick fix can be tempting, but attempting to cool down the device in this manner can cause even more damage. Extreme temperatures of any kind are dangerous, and a sudden shift can cause further damage. Also, a freezer will damage most electronic devices. If you wouldn’t put your phone in a freezer, don’t put your IID in one!
  • No water allowed— a cool cloth or ice pack may seem like a great idea, but this is not recommended. Water can damage the device, and cooling in this manner won’t be effective and could cause damage.
  • Don’t leave your car running unattended— keeping your car running will certainly prevent heat damage, but you might also miss a retest. Leaving your car running will also waste gas and could negatively impact your battery. Damaging your device may cost thousands of dollars in replacement or repair fees. Violations or problems with the device due to improper care may cause you to have the device for longer or incur other legal or financial penalties.

How Intoxalock Can Help

If you are concerned about caring for your device during extreme weather, Intoxalock can help. Our customer support is available to answer questions if you need assistance. Contact Intoxalock at 833-623-0200 or 24/7 via the chat feature on www.intoxalock.com.

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