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Buzzed Driving is Just as Scary as Drunk Driving

Buzzed Driving is Just as Scary as Drunk Driving

Halloween is a scary night. The streets are filled with masked people, and the pressure to make the night memorable is immense. While a lot of concern and care is often taken to make sure kids are safe while trick or treating, adults need to take responsibility for some scary situations that can arise. 

Drinking too much can lead to some truly terrifying situations. Just look at the recent data from past Halloween nights, courtesy of Traffic Safety Marketing.

From 2015-2019, 126 people were killed in drunk-driving crashes on Halloween night (6 p.m. October 31 to 5:59 a.m. on November 1). Nearly half, 41%, of those killed were in a crash involving at least one drunk driver. In 2019 alone, 21 passengers and four pedestrians were killed in drunk driving crashes.

While there are rules and regulations for keeping trick or treaters safe, like designated times and crossing guards, there is still danger for pedestrians. It’s not just kids who are in danger of nasty Halloween surprises. Adults ages 21 to 34 had the highest percentage of fatalities in 2019, with 62% of fatalities falling within that age group. Even more frightening, about one-third of all traffic crash fatalities in the United States involve drunk drivers. These fatalities were entirely preventable, which is more chilling than any horror film.

Scariest Things About a DUI Conviction

The period following a DUI conviction is often very stressful. There are immediate changes to your life, such as your license being suspended or revoked. In some cases, your car might be damaged and you might be injured. There are many chilling aspects of a DUI conviction. We hope these frightening facts scare you off getting behind the wheel when drinking:

  • Financial cost: The cost of a DUI can vary, but in many cases you will end up spending close to $10,000 on things like attorney fees, lost time at work, higher insurance rates, and more. There are often associated financial penalties that come with a DUI. Generally, commercial driver’s license holders will no longer be able to work. Regular license holders may find themselves without a vehicle to drive to work. Insurance costs will skyrocket following a DUI incident and may remain that way for years to come. One drunken mistake can affect your life and livelihood for years to come.
  • Jail time: Jail time is a possibility following a DUI conviction. Not only is jail an unpleasant experience, but telling friends, family, and your employer about your trip behind bars won’t be fun either. Jail time can affect your emotional well-being along with your livelihood. It’s not a place anyone wishes to be.
  • Career damage: Depending on your field, a DUI conviction can have a devastating impact on your career. Licensed professions, like nursing and insurance, often do not allow people convicted of DUI to maintain their license. Other companies may not accept employees with a DUI conviction. You could lose your career trajectory along with immediate unemployment.

These outcomes are not rare, either. Many DUI offenders can speak to these same situations happening to them. Avoiding a DUI is the only way to avoid these damaging situations.

How to Avoid Turning Halloween Night into a Horror Night

If you are planning to go out this Halloween, make sure to plan ahead so you don’t end up making a life-altering mistake.

  1. Avoid drinking too much: Alcohol affects your decision-making skills, so if you don’t have a rock-solid safety plan, like spending the night with a friend, don’t overindulge. Be mindful of what you’re drinking, drink plenty of water, and take a break if you are feeling buzzed.
  2. Don’t drive drunk: If you do find yourself intoxicated, don’t get behind the wheel. Not only is this dangerous for you, but it’s also horrifying for others. Part of your responsibility as a licensed driver is to drive safely and help keep others safe on the road. Driving drunk flies in the face of this promise, and avoiding it is paramount.
  3. Don’t get in the car with a drunk driver: It can be difficult, even scary, to confront a friend or family member who’s had too much to drink. It could cause an argument if they’re insistent on driving. However, an argument is a much less terrifying outcome than a fatal accident or DUI conviction. If it helps, talk about this before you start drinking and agree to call for a sober ride if you or your ride overindulges.
  4. Plan for a sober ride: If you are unsure how much you might drink, have a backup plan. If Uber and Lyft are available in your area, make sure your app is up to date so you can easily request a ride. If they are not available where you are going, look into public transit options and program the number for a cab company or two in your phone.
  5. Don’t try to “trick” your IID: Many may be tempted to bypass their IID by having someone else take the test, but this trick will not result in a treat. The device will request random retests during your trip, and those failures will be documented. Also, if you do this and are then stopped for DUI, there will be serious consequences.

Drunk driving is always a problem. In 2019 alone, more than 10,000 people lost their lives in drunk-driving crashes. These are easily preventable accidents that have resulted in enormous grief for the friends and families of the thousands killed. These ripple effects impact their lives, and all this heartache could be avoided with a simple choice. Don’t drive drunk. This Halloween, dress up as a responsible driver and stay sober behind the wheel.

How Intoxalock Can Help Keep the DUI Monster at Bay

Intoxalock ignition interlock devices help prevent hundreds of thousands of starts each year. These failed tests represent attempts to drive under the influence. Many DUI offenders are required to install an interlock as a condition of regaining their license. In some cases, those struggling with sobriety, or parents of teenagers, may install voluntary interlock devices to prevent an incident altogether.

Intoxalock has more than 4,500 installation locations, and our state specialists are knowledgeable about the rules and regulations for IID in every state. Contact us at 833-623-0200 to speak with a specialist, or fill out this form and someone will contact you.

Intoxalock devices are the #1 IID in the market, and we pride ourselves on helping you get back on the road safely.

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