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Can I buy a used ignition interlock device?

Can I buy a used ignition interlock device?

With the various costs associated with a drunk driving conviction, many people who are required to install a car breathalyzer, or ignition interlock device (IID) look to see where they may be able to avoid the cost of leasing an IID by purchasing a pre-owned unit.

Why interlock devices are leased

The main reason utilizing a pre-owned device isn’t recommended is that private sellers are not state-certified providers, and thus any device they are trying to sell likely does not meet the legal requirements in your state.

Ignition interlock providers will lease a device to you. This is much like leasing a vehicle or an apartment – where you have a contract and make rental type payments for a set period of time.

For most IID users, the device is installed for a short period of time, based on your state requirements. Therefore, ignition interlock providers, like Intoxalock, will lease you an IID, or car breathalyzer, rather than sell the device to you since you won’t need to keep it forever unless you voluntarily choose to do so.

You are not only leasing the product, but also choosing a provider with quality service. During the length of your requirement, Intoxalock will provide regular updates to state and local monitoring authorities. You need a partner who:

  • Helps you meet your state requirements
  • Is a state approved and certified provider
  • Offers you a large network of service centers
  • Provides 24/7 customer support
  • Ensures ongoing maintenance and service of your interlock device
  • Who is a trusted partner to state administrators

Additionally, the company may upgrade your device during your lease period if your state laws regarding IID technology happen to change.

Common questions:

I found an Intoxalock device online; why can’t I buy it?

Your state approves ignition interlock providers, so it is critical to work with a service provider that meets your state's requirements for devices and reporting. Purchasing a device through an online auction service or other marketplaces does not meet your state’s requirements, and will not have official documentation or the required reporting.

Intoxalock will provide you with the official documentation required by your state or local monitoring authority. Be sure to work with a trusted leader. Call our Intoxalock state experts at (833) 623-0200 to get started.

How can I save money on my IID?

Flexible Payments
Intoxalock offers flexible payment options for customers to choose for their lease. You can choose once per month, or bi-weekly payments – whichever fits your budget best.

We frequently offer special state pricing on rotating basis. Give us a call today to see if your state has a current promotion available.  

Talk to our team. Call us at (833) 623-0200 to learn about special offers, state requirements and more.


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