Low income pricing assistance for interlock devices in Washington

You may be eligible for financial help in the state of Washington. If you’re approved, the Washington Department of Licensing will reimburse your ignition interlock provider $80* per month for each service:

  • Installation
  • Monthly lease fee
  • Device removal
  • Or transfer the device to another vehicle, should you need to

*You will be responsible for paying all the remaining costs. (This rate is effective from August 1, 2014)

To apply for assistance, submit an Ignition Interlock Device Financial Assistance Application

  • To qualify, you must be indigent (see RCW 10.101.010) and meet the following cut-off level

2016 poverty guidelines for Washington State Chart

If family/houseold has this many people Then monthly income must be below:
1 $1,238
2 $1,669
3 $2,100
4 $2,531
5 $2,963
6 $3,394
7 $3,826
8 $4,259
  • If you’re approved to receive financial assistance, you’ll need to reapply every year
  • If you’re denied, you may reapply in six months