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Ignition Interlock installation in Virginia

How do I get a route restricted driver’s license in Virginia?

Some drivers may be eligible for a restricted license, which allows them to drive to approved locations like work, home, school, treatment, and medical appointments. Virginia courts and/or the Department of Motor Vehicles require the installation of an ignition interlock device, or IID, for DUI offenses. In some cases, installation of an IID from an approved installer, such as Intoxalock Virginia, allows the driver to regain some of their driving privileges. This can be requested at the time of conviction, or drivers can petition the court or the DMV, depending on who officially revoked the privilege.

  • Fill out the application for a restricted license
  • Pay the license fee and any related fines
  • Show proof of SR-22 insurance
  • Complete any necessary jail time, community service, or mandatory treatment
  • Fulfill suspension period
  • Install an ignition interlock device Virginia approves

Intoxalock VA Interlock Devices

Virginia ignition interlock device laws require that IIDs must be installed by an approved provider. Intoxalock is an approved provider in Virginia, and the monitoring authority approves Intoxalock devices.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Ignition interlock devices are small devices that are installed in the car near your ignition. Each device:

  • Prevents you from starting your car if you’ve been drinking
  • Requires you to re-test your Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) during trips to ensure continued sobriety

How long is an VA interlock device required?

  • The court will mandate the length of time the device is required at the time of sentencing.

Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Devices in Virginia

Virginia approves the Intoxalock eLert device. It’s affordable, and meets all state criteria. If you are unsure, our state specialists can help you.

Ignition Interlock Cost in Virginia

Virginia ignition interlock device costs are not covered by the court or the state. Offenders are responsible for the cost of the device, which is typically between $2.50 and $3.50 a day. Virginia does offer financial assistance to qualified individuals. The financial assistance is awarded on a case-by-case basis.

How much does an IID cost?

  • It may vary depending on state requirements and monitoring needs, but the typical cost for an ignition interlock device Virginia approves is between $2.50 and $3.50 a day.
  • Intoxalock also offers a device protection plan in case of damage, for $10 a month.
  • Intoxalock state specialists can help you determine costs and find a location near you.
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DUI Attorneys VA

Attorneys can help ensure your best interests are represented in court. If you are looking for one in your area, Intoxalock partners with several experienced DUI attorneys.

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