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Ignition interlock device provider reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerHow does Intoxalock compare to the competition? That is what we have asked our customers and 85% of them would recommend us to a friend or family member.* At Intoxalock, we do everything to keep our customers satisfied by quickly handling complaints and problems while providing 24/7 customer service. It is our goal to help people to live and drive responsibly and make the process as seamless as possible.

Read reviews for how Intoxalock ignition interlock devices compare to the competition:

"Getting a DUI is extremely stressful. And though I hope none of my family or friends has to go through it, if someone did, I would definitely recommend Intoxalock." -Tara, 1-30-16


“Great, friendly and informative customer service! This is my first experience with the installation of a breathalyzer and I was pretty nervous about what was going to happen and how much it was going to cost me, Intoxalock was the third call I made looking for prices and I wish I had called them first! The gentleman I spoke with was friendly, patient and very informative about the system, payments and how the process works. By the end of the phone call I was 100% pleased with my results. I would recommend Intoxalock to anyone I know who is going through the same situation I am where they need a breathalyzer installed in their vehicle for a reasonable price.” –Cait, 5-20-16

"After calling several ignition interlock companies, Intoxalock reps were friendly, informative and helpful. Some of the companies I talked to, such as Autosafe, and Lifesafer, were just rude. Like they thought they were legal authoritarians. These guys were honestly customer oriented, which helps when you are already in a bad situation. Thanks." –Ryan, 1/25/16

"I have had a interlock before and went thru a different company. Now with this company, from start to finish they let me know what was going on. The person I talked to was Frank and what a great guy. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything to a T. And there is no other company out there that will send you a interlock in the mail and allow you to have it for 6 months. Thank you to everyone." –Jacob, IA, 1/6/2016

"I was having issues with Smart Start the device would not even work the first week and more issues... anyways right away Intoxalock was easier to get a hold of someone and just a lot easier Luke was super helpful and very nice explained the monthly process and price." –Sarah, TX, 12/15/2015

"Just got set up, waiting for my in home unit. So far it has been a much friendlier experience than what I had with Smartstart. It is also less expensive, as well as more hassle free." - Matthew, TX, 10/24/15

"Fast, friendly, informative, and professional. That title says it all." - Justin, NE, 10/15/15

"The folks at Intoxalock made getting my Ignition Interlock installed very quick and simple. If the representative you had originally started your process with wasn't available when you called back, they quickly transferred you to someone else who brought up your information and was able to pick up right where you had left off. They also made you feel very comfortable and confident by choosing them. I recommend them to anyone in need/want of the Ignition Interlock." - Tyler, ND, 10/05/15

"This is the first vendor I called and the rep was so helpful that I didn't need to call any others. Very helpful" - Todd, IL, 10/21/15

"Excellent help in changing back to Intoxalock" - John, IL, 10/28/15

"This company took the time to explain everything to me. The woman I spoke with had a great personality. I would recommend them." - Wendy, CT, 10/16/15

“There were six companies available to me for my ignition interlock device in Missouri. I called all six for information. Lucky for me, I spoke with Frank first. He answered all of my questions directly and honestly, and suggested additional questions I should ask other companies when making my decision that I wouldn't have thought of. He was extremely helpful and thorough, without feeling pushy. No other company offered such service, and a couple seemed inconvenienced by my questions. I called back Intoxalock based primarily on Frank's service. A second reason for my decision is the type of ignition interlock device they use. I heard that the hum/blow devices could be more difficult to use, however Intoxalock uses a blow/inhale method. Thanks for the great overall service!” –Jennifer, 9/8/15

"I inquired online with several interlock device companies. Intoxalock not only got back to me within 24 hours, but was the ONLY company to EVER respond to my inquiry." -Ray, CO, 8/25/15

“Best experience I've ever had! This is not my first Interlock device. However, this was the most reliable and fast and convenient experience EVER! Thanks to everyone involved for the fast shipment and installation and better equipment.” –Jason, 7/6/2015

“I was absolutely shocked on the excellent care and professional extended to me yesterday when I called Intoxalock. I am changing from Smart Start over to your company due to terrible communication with their corporation office. Frank was extremely knowledgeable and made an incredibly positive 1st impression. I will recommend your company and Frank to everyone I know who requires this type of system. Thank you!!!!” –Rachel, 6/24/15

“I was with a different company that made it all but impossible to get my unit [ignition ignition interlock device, BAIID, IID, interlock system] serviced. Their hours were very limited, and when I bought a new car, they expected me to wait more than a week to change out the unit. That's when I called Intoxalock. They were incredibly helpful and easy to work with. They were able to get me next day installation of the unit in my new car, offer MANY more service locations that are open longer hours, and even on Saturdays, AND, they were cheaper! I wish I would have gone through them to begin with!” Christopher, 6/19/15

“Excellent customer service! I must confess the I had called a competitor prior to Intoxalock and I got cold service and voicemail boxes. I felt the service at Intoxalock was warm, friendly and helpful. Courtney (my representative) identified with my issue and fulfilled my requirements in a professional and prompt manner. Thank you so much for easing some of my frustrations during this difficult process! I will highly recommend your company!!” 5/12/15

“The Intoxalock representative that I spoke with was very friendly and helpful! Their  prices are very competitive and I'm glad I chose this company [Intoxalock] over some other options.” -Kristine, 05/13/15

“I had heard horrible stories about IID's [ignition interlock devices or BAIID] and was very worried I would have problems. The stories were untrue and I had no difficulties at all! I have told my probation officer and everyone I know about the wonderful customer service provided. My PO also said that Intoxalock is great to deal with compared to others. I would like to keep the unit and avoid another arrest, it's a superb deterrent to DUI.” – New York driver, 10/26/2014

“I’m glad I chose Intoxalock, and didn't make the mistake of choosing the other less reputable companies that try to sucker you in with low installation costs, but then 5 years of higher monthly payments and constant headaches and stress.” 11/17/14

“I had Lifesafer for 2 months. I could not get their unit to work. I am on oxygen for 2 months. I tried to get Lifesafer to recalibrate their unit and was told they could not. I was told to switch to Intoxalock for just calibration only and was very surprised. Even though on oxygen could make unit work.” –New York Driver, 10/24/2014

“My previous ignition interlock company's device was the cause, in my opinion, of my car not starting on many, many occasions since it’s installation in Oct. 2012. This was driving me insane as nobody seemed to know how to fix the problem. I haven't had any problems with the Intoxalock device [ignition interlock]. My only regret is not switching to this company sooner.” –Erik, CA, 8/8/14

“I talked to Jaime who is a supervisor on the night shift and she knows her stuff. After switching from the horrendous company known as Smart Start, I have found the customer service, empathy, and compassion from agents like Jaime are the reason Intoxalock is winning customers. She explained everything down the the last detail and took the time to make sure I understood what was happening. May she get rewarded for outstanding service, I wish I had someone like her on my team at AT&T! Keep up the great work, kudos!” –Rus, CO, 4/15/14

“Skylar was very friendly and explained everything to me as I understood completely when the phone conversation was over. Since my switch from Smart Start to Intoxalock due to many many problems with Smart Start, I have not had one single problem with the Intoxalock unit so far. Best choice I made to switch companies.” –Delphia, NY, 2/09/2014

“Brandi was the reason I made my decision to go with Intoxalock. Knowledgeable about competition and why you are better.” –IL, 1/10/2014

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