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Wisconsin ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock is the #1 ignition interlock provider in the State of Wisconsin and we pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly. No complaint goes unanswered and we are committed to 24/7 customer service. We are proud to say that 85% of our customers said they would recommend us to their friends or family*. 

Read Intoxalock reviews from Wisconsin customers about their ignition interlock and alcohol monitoring devices:

"At one of the worse times of my life, Richard at Intoxalock was one of the kindest person I have ever had contact with. He kept telling me to take my time with getting the info he needed, and even insisted I go inside to get my coat while I tried to find my vin number. Can't say enough about my initial opinion of this company." –Nancy, WI, 1/6/2015

"Most things can be taken care of online after you set up your account and their customer service is easy to deal with if you ever need to talk to them." –Garrett, WI, 1/5/2016

"I just set up on the installation to have the device put onto my car. The man I talked to was very helpful, answered my questions. Thanks for making the process easy." –Bridgett, WI, 12/31/2015

"Filled out a forum online after a Google search for interlock devices in Appleton Wisconsin. Got a missed call from Luke in the morning followed by a email. Called him back and he set every thing up and explained things perfectly. He answered all my questions and was a very positive person on the phone. I would honestly rate Luke 100/100 for the knowledge and experience he was able to provide. I have absolutely nothing negative to say, just that he deserves a raise for the new year!" –Joseph, WI, 12/30/2015

"Very polite and friendly customer service." –Julie, WI, 12/29/2015

"I was completely lost, being a new customer, your agent walked through all the steps with me to make certain I was fully informed." –Theodore, WI, 12/25/2015

"I was helped by Meg at Intoxalock. She was extremely friendly and helpful. She made what I thought would be a long difficult process turn into a breeze. Very impressed." –Samuel, WI, 12/24/2015

"I appreciated the opportunity to enter some information up front and have a scheduled call-back. That way I'm not waiting all day on hold. Was provided all necessary information and cost, very knowledgeable. She went out of her way to call and schedule an appointment for installation while I was on the phone. Very good experience." –Kevin, WI, 12/21/2015

"The service was fantastic. They are very helpful and informative." –Dennis, WI, 12/17/2015

"The representative was very nice and made an unpleasant purchase as comfortable and easy as possible." –Adam, WI, 12/15/2015

"Frank was helpful and gave me all the information I need" -Michael, WI, 12/14/2015

"Brittney was wonderful and easy to understand" –Tami, WI, 12/14/2015

"When I called I had no idea how any of this worked. Frank walked me through everything and answered every question I had! He was so kind through the entire process and made everything so easy for me. He knew how bad I wanted my license and in the situation I was in he set up my account and waved the over night shipping fee for me so I was able to get my license as quickly as possible. I honestly think this was the best customer service I have received anywhere. Frank is awesome and I am happy that this was the first place I called and he was the first person connected with me. If anyone I know ever gets in this situation I would give them Frank's extension and let them know they have nothing to worry about he will take care of it all and answer any questions they would have. Overall excellent experience!" –Lindsey, WI, 11/18/15

"Just called to get IID installed and it was quick and easy. Richard, whom assisted me, was excellent! Superb Customer Service!" –Diane, WI, 11/14/15

"Thank you for helping me understand the process and what I needed to do to get my device installed. I really appreciate your time and patience with me." –Andrea, WI, 11/12/15

"Would definitely recommend. The Intoxalock person I talked to over the phone (Frank) was very helpful and answered all the questions I had." –Kelly, WI, 11/3/15

"Richard Moore is the best!! He really knows what's he's doing and is extremely helpful!!" - Krystal, WI, 10/26/15

"Excellent customer service help. Answered every question that I asked about the cold Wisconsin weather." - Steven, WI, 10/22/15

"Very helpful, also very knowledgable. Made the process very simple." - Matt, WI, 10/13/15

"I recently got a owi and had to get the iid installed in my vehicle not gunna lie it was a little embarassing and troublesome. I was getting letters from a bunch of iid company's and decided to go with intoxalock and I'm glad I did. I spent little time on the phone they truely work with you and give u the best deal possible. Thanks again intoxalock!" - Nicholas, WI, 10/06/15

"The lady who helped me was knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly." - Benjamin, WI, 10/05/15

"This is the first time that I ever experience this Intoxalock device system [ignition interlock] in a car. Jeff, was great on the phone." -Gregory, WI, 8/26/15

"Brian was very informative with a very friendly and fast painless process." -Noel, WI, 8/24/15

"She was a pleasure to deal with. It made this is experience so much easier to deal with." -Kate, WI, 8/23/15

"The worker who assisted me was all out friendly. I didn't care to compare prices anymore after talking with him. Thanks." -Benjamin, WI, 8/21/15

“The customer service experience I just had with Karen at Intoxalock simply has to be shared. I contacted the company to ask a what I thought would be a simple question. As with most males, I neglected to read any of the manuals provided or even think to look online to see if my question even needed to be answered. I was transferred to a customer service representative named Karen, which turned out to be the absolute best such experience I have ever had in my life. The answer to my question turned out to be quite an involved process due to my not following the guidelines provided in the product documentation I had received. Long story short, Karen spent a very extended time with me on the phone. She went out of her way to rectify the situation I had created for myself (again due to lack of following simple steps clearly outlined in the user guide). While on the phone, she contacted the installation location I had dealt with to make arrangements for a remote visit, contacted the State Department of Transportation to verify they had received the data in question and to top things off provided me with information on obtaining the product rebate which I had not made arrangements to receive. I have spoken with Customer Service personnel many times, in many industries both as a consumer and for professional reasons. My experiences have been from fair to horrible with the exception of my recent one with Karen of Intoxalock. If there is such a thing as providing the Perfect experience to a customer, this would be it. She was way beyond my expectations which is why I felt compelled to write this review. If I had my own company, I would be reaching out to Karen and trying to persuade her to come work for my organization and given an offer that would be impossible to refuse.” Al, WI, 9/30/15

"I had Jeff. He was awesome went over everything very well and explained everything we went over!!!" -Suesanna, WI, 7/17/15

"Rep was great, gave me her direct extension if any future questions, very helpful." -Shad, WI, 7/17/15

"Robert helped me through the process and was very helpful. He even called me periodically to check if my car license had been processed and received after I had mailed the paperwork to state DOT. Little did I know that it would take weeks for the DOT to process!!!!" -Kearney, WI, 7/17/15

"Very polite and helpful." -James, WI, 7/11/15

"My rep was very friendly and was eager to help me with any questions I had. She made it as painless as it could've been. Definitely recommend Intoxalock to anyone interested or required to get a interlock device [ignition interlock, BAIID, car breathalyzer].” -BB, WI, 7/10/15

"Very easy to contact. Answered all questions. Good teamwork within the company. Got everything set up very quick and timely matter." -Melinda, WI, 7/7/15

"Quick, understandable and helpful." -Clint, 7/5/15

"Frank made an expected horrible embarrassing moment quick, painless and exceptionally pleasant. Not only did he process my and expedite my urgent requests, he got my vehicle in the shop the VERY next day! YAAAAAY! Go Frank!! Thank you so much!" -Angela, WI, 6/30/15

"I had Jeff for my phone consultant. He answered all my questions and had patience with me. He took care of this matter promptly and appreciated him for being kind." -Kelli, WI, 6/22/15

""Richard more was very nice and helpful." -Nicole, WI, 6/4/15

"I can say that it was very easy I and was taken care of in a timely manner. I was told everything in a way that I understood and was able to get it all taken care of in one call. My experience was a 5 star, excellent." -Jon, WI, 4/30/15

"I was with a different company that made it all but impossible to get my unit [ignition interlock device] serviced. Their hours were very limited and when I bought a new car, they expected me to wait more than a week to change out the unit. That's when I called Intoxalock. They were incredibly helpful and easy to work with. They were able to get me next day installation of the unit [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] in my new car, offer MANY more service locations that are open longer hours and even on Saturdays, AND they were cheaper! I wish I would have gone through them to begin with!" -Christopher, WI, 6/19/15

"Very helpful, thank you." -Jennifer, WI, 4/30/15

"No one wants an Intoxalock [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] - really. But, the gentleman who helped me was kind understanding and patient as I asked questions to gain a better understanding of what was going to be involved in the process [Wisconsin ignition interlock laws].” -Jim, WI, 4/29/15

"Leslie was a pleasure to talk with. She was very knowledgeable about the interlock device [ignition interlock, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] as I had a ton of questions." -Dawn, WI. 4/9/15

"Great customer service and good experience with Intoxalock." -Raymond, WI, 4/7/15

"I got a fast response and was happy to get back to my day." -Javon, WI, 3/31/15

"The agent I dealt with, Mr. Moore, was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. No one wants to be in this situation but at least this company attempts to make a bad situation less painful." -Trevor, WI, 4/27/15

"Jeff did a superb job helping me regain my driving privilege back." - Gerald, WI, 4/24/15

"I hated having to make the phone call in get an IID [ignition interlock device, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system]. However, the customer service rep was very nice and tried to make best of the situation I was in." - AF, WI, 4/22/15

"Of course this [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] is something I do not want to have, but the customer service has been amazing. My friend recommended this company to me, and I would recommend it to anyone else." -Laura, WI, 4/22/15

"The customer service was great. Helped me with all my questions. Could easily understand as well. My experience was great." -Jessica, WI, 4/20/15

"My agent was very polite and helpful with all of my questions." -Tanya, WI, 4/17/15

"Kayla went above and beyond today! I'd definitely recommend Intoxalock to anyone!" -Mario, WI, 4/16/15

"The process was smooth and easy. Customer service rep was personable and helpful. Thank you!" -Michelle, WI, 4/13/15

"I had a easy time the representative that helped me was great." -Aaron, WI, 4/9/15

"Jeff did an excellent job explaining everything to me. He was very knowledgeable about the product [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system]. He went out of his way to be friendly & make me feel comfortable with the whole process." –Christina, WI, 4/7/15

"Jeff helped me through everything and it was him who got me in to get it [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] installed so fast. Jeff helped me out a lot and explained everything thoroughly and asked me if I had any questions. Thanks Jeff for making this happen so fast. I cant wait to drive again." -Tony, WI, 4/1/15

"If you have to get an IID [BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] I would definitely call them [Intoxalock]. They had great customer service and walked me through every step." -Abigail, WI, 3/29/15

"My experience with Karen was not only extremely efficient, but overall great." -Gina, WI, 3/27/15

"Very helpful and [Intoxalock] knew what they were doing." Joshua, WI, 3/24/15

"Made my experience a lot easier and they were very polite and helpful." -Andrew, WI, 3/23/15

“The customer service representative was super nice, calm and called me "dear." Thank you for being so kind today. Felt like I was being cared about and helped by someone special.” –Kurt, WI 1/7/15

“Lissa was great! Sucks being in this situation but had to be done.” –Adam, WI, 12/20/14

“Awesome! Went as smooth as it can be, friendly staff, got right to point yet gave lots of information on Intoxalock would highly recommend it to anyone! –Samuel, WI, 12/19/14

“Fast efficient and satisfied! I was able to get my interlock [Ignition interlock device, BAIID, IID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] ordered and installed within a moments notice. I was satisfied with all the help they gave me and provided me with all the information that I was looking for. For having such a stressful situation with requiring a IID they made the experience easy.” –Clinton, WI, 12/17/14

“Lissa was was awesome. Lissa was great and very helpful. I had to call back with additional information and had trouble with the extension, so I asked the 1st person to answer to please help me get back to Lissa. It was very easy, quick and painless. I was at work at the time and the whole thing only took a few minutes. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Tim.” –Timothy, WI, 12/17/14

“Very helpful getting everything set up. Quick and easy.” –Ryan, WI, 12/16/14

“Helped me feel comfortable when I was anxious. Very pleasant customer service. Efficient & prompt with getting my installation & payments set up.” –April, WI, 12/15/14

“If I could use 10 stars I would. It has been terrific dealing with my entire situation. Courtney, my representative from Intoxalock made me feel so at ease and so much better about the IID Ignition interlock device, BAIID). She treated me as a person... not as "an offender." She was MORE than helpful because I had several questions. I truly felt like I was talking to someone I knew... not a stranger. I can't thank you enough Courtney. If you are looking to install an IID I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going through Intoxalock.” –Lisa, WI, 12/11/14

“Very helpful. Treated me with respect!” –Scott, WI, 12/8/14

“Customer service, great, helpful.” –Melissa, WI, 12/5/14

“Great. Everything went great. Quick and easy!” Benjamin, WI, 12/2/14


“Great customer service!!! The customer service I received was extraordinary. The service representative I talked to was extremely professional and easy to talk too. He answered the 101 questions I asked without hesitation. Thank you. Hope this service continues.” –Fred, WI, 11/12/14

“Good people doing the world good! And I would recommend them to anyone who requires this type of service. I am in good hands and were all better off with people like them out there.” –Dale, WI, 11/4/14

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