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Washington ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock is a certified ignition interlock provider in the State of Washington and we have the largest ignition interlock installation network in the United States with over 1,800 locations. We pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly and are committed to our 24/7 customer service availability with no complaint going unanswered. Just ask our customer, 85% of them said they would recommend us to their friends or family*. 

Read Intoxalock reviews from Washington customers about their ignition interlock and alcohol monitoring devices:

"Jesse was able to answer all my questions and prepared my appointment for installation so I didn't have to worry about anything." –Jason, WA, 1/6/2016

"Leanne was easy to work with and knew her stuff." –Terry, WA, 12/19/2015

"I am very happy with the device. It is consistent and reliable. I had heard terrible stories so I am very relieved to have something I can use without stress. Thank you" –Margaret, WA, 12/8/2015

"Frank Baxter, our on-the-ball guide at Intoxalock, made the process of securing an interlock as painless as possible. He was informed, responsive, accessible and patient as we navigated our way through choosing a company and then the next steps. In fact, he was by far the most responsive, courteous and professional of all the interlock reps we contacted. A real pro." –Lauren, WA, 11/19/15

"I've only signed up and not even had the unit installed yet. If the rest of my service continues as the sales customer service experience I will be very happy." –G. Marty, WA, 11/18/15

"The customer support i received was amazing walked me threw the whole process was very clear they made me very comfortable. Thank you Intoxalock for your help." –Richard, WA, 11/16/15

"Stevie was empathetic, and patient in explaining in detail what to expect." - Barbara, WA, 10/20/15

"Richard Moore was my sales agent and he was GREAT!!! Made the process easy and he made the process simple as can be. Very informative and did a wonderful job!" - Misty, WA, 10/01/15

"Very helpful and patient." –John, WA, 9/29/15

"The process of ordering [ignition interlock device] is stress free." –Christopher, WA, 9/23/15

"Great customer service. I was impressed. Very helpful and extremely courteous." –Jason, WA, 9/16/15

"Thanks for making me feel like getting on my feet and feeling like a human being while doing so. YOUR GREAT." -Brenda, WA, 7/31/15

"These guys are amazing [Intoxalock customer service team] thank you for all your help." -Jacob, WA, 7/24/15

"This is not my first Interlock device [Ignition interlock, car breathalyzer]. However, this was the most reliable and fast and convenient experience EVER! Thanks to everyone involved for the fast shipment and installation and better equipment." -Jason, WA, 7/6/15

"Lavender was very helpful and great to work with." -Marci, WA, 6/18/15

"Knowledgeable, helpful courteous. Thanks Lavender!" - Jacquelynn, WA, 5/18/15

"Had some [ignition interlock device] installation fee miscommunication issues that I felt were being ignored so I posted a bad review. Shortly after I received a call from Vernon- a supervisor- almost immediately after and all my issues were resolved with no problem. Now that is great customer service, would definitely recommend to anyone!" -Jaclyn, WA, 5/16/15

"My experience was very positive. Jeff kept me very relaxed through the process [Washington ignition interlock laws] and was detailed, clear and thorough in his explanation of what I was going to go through which put me at ease. He made me feel that I was making the right choice. Thanks again Jeff!" -Mitchell, WA, 4/24/15

"My service rep was knowledgeable and articulate. He cheerfully helped me through my ordering process in a way that made me comfortable in what is a stressful situation. I don't want to get gushy but he did an excellent job. Kindest regards" -Dan, WA, 4/16/15

"I contacted Intoxalock on 4/2/15 and was greeted by representative Jeff. He made it a much more pleasant experience than I could of ever imagined. I was expecting a condescending judgmental person on the other end of the phone. My experience with Jeff was amazing. He was kind, gentle, fun to talk to, and expedited everything for me in a very professional manner. He assisted me through the financial assistance process smoothly and methodically. No stones left unturned. He was clear about the contract, financial obligations, and set up my appointment for [ignition interlock device] install. What a great employee you have! Not to mention how well Intoxalock manicures their staff. Thank you for making this less embarrassing than it already is. Again, thank you Jeff :)" -Cheri, WA, 4/3/15

"Thank you for your patience, hard work, and consideration for my needs. You both were very helpful!" -Angela, WA, 4/2/15

"The person helping me, was very friendly and knowledgeable. When I asked her a question she answered it and explained why. Giving me a sense of relief. Because I was asking a lot of questions especially about horror stories I have heard about interlock systems [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer]. In all it was easy and pain free. Except on the wallet Oh well." -Carlos, WA, 3/27/15

"The customer service was outstanding and they made it really easy to get things set up. They also did a great job of explaining the costs and everything involved in the process." -Brain, WA, 3/25/15

“Jeff is the go-2 guy! He was great!” –Derek, WA, 3/20/15

“Very friendly, kind and most of what he said the price was is what it was.”

“Just call and get it done. They walk you right through it.” –Jed, WA, 3/12/15

“Set up and [ignition interlock] installation of Intoxalock has been seamless. Called Intoxalock and spoke with John who set up account easily, shipped device [Intoxalock ignition interlock, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer] to closest Car Toys and once installation was complete the DOL received the notification with 24 hours. Great start of relationship so far.” –Daniel, WA, 2/26/15

“New blow and go. Jeff on the phone was awesome to do business with. Very informative.” Patrick, WA, 2/4/15

“Awesome service. Your rep. Jeff who helped me set up my system was very helpful know legal and provided excellent service. Thank you” –Stephen, WA, 1/30/15

“Through my experience I had dealt with Karen and Jeff. Karen initiated the sale and I was hesitant and wanted to do a little more research on my own elsewhere. I had called another place got a quote from them, and called back to have Jeff answer. He was proper with the process and wanted to make sure that Karen was getting the proper credit where it was due so he had helped me until she was done dealing with another customer. Karen answered all of my questions, no matter how many times I asked them repetitively, she sounded happy on the other line which is pleasant when you are already dealing with a rough enough time on your own. Her product [Intoxalock ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer] knowledge was outstanding with multiple selling points over the competitors devices practicality, timeliness, and simplicity. Karen was very helpful and she knows her stuff!” –Joshua, WA, 1/16/15

Nick assisted me with sign up for my interlock. [Intoxalock ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer] He helped to expedite fast delivery and had all the the answers to all my questions. I don’t know what you are paying him but he deserves a raise. Thank you Nick for your awesome service.” –Kent, WA, 12/30/14

“Very effective and professional service. My court order to install a device [Intoxalock ignition interlock, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer] was to install within 4 days. I was given this order across the country 3000 miles away - on a Friday! I contacted Intoxalock on Sat afternoon and was blessed to have Customer Representative Christine work my issue - which was find a location short notice where my car was while I needed to travel to location and leave again for job. By Monday morning Christine called me back with all on place and process to certified across the USA to another State. Having this huge issue off my list of problems was a major relief. Thank you Intoxalock and Christine for your sincere approach to assist and proffessionalism to make things as simple and effective as possible.” –Ray, WA, 12/22/14

Easy to use. Fast set up time. Great customer service.” Michael, WA, 10/6/14

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*Based on reviews and ratings from Trustpilot.

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