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Pennsylvania ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock is the largest ignition interlock installation provider in the State of Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly and comply with state laws. We are committed to our 24/7 customer service availability and no complaint goes unanswered. We are proud to say that 85% of our customers said they would recommend us to their friends or family*. 

Read Intoxalock reviews from Pennsylvania customers about their ignition interlock and alcohol monitoring devices:

"Excellent customer service. They helped me with a non-standard license issue in my state. I was very happy with my experience." –RCR, PA, 1/5/2016

"They were great to deal with and made things less frustrating and hassle free. Excellent and very fast service!!" –Zach, PA, 12/30/2015

"My rep Justin was awesome to work with! He was always super helpful and responsive throughout and showed compassion and humor when I needed it most. He truly understood the urgency I had to get my license back and I could not be more satisfied with this experience. Everyone that assisted me throughout showed the same high standard of customer service and as a former Manager of a Client Service Department I was truly impressed on the level of care I was given at all times. I would definitely recommend Intoxalock to anyone else in the same predicament I was in! Thanks a million!" –Elizabeth, PA, 12/30/2015

"Impressive, direct to the point and related by Matt in a friendly way impossible to misunderstand… other than that I look forward to a year from now to say… Goodbye Forever!" -Zakatat, PA, 12/25/2015

"My representative was very helpful and answered every question was very prompt to getting back to me with everything!" –Michael, PA, 12/21/2015

"Honest, helpful, made you feel good in a bad situation." –Gail, PA, 12/9/2015

"Lissa was a great help." –Christopher, PA, 12/9/15

"Friendly service and on point." –Matthew, PA, 12/3/2015

"While it was frustrating to be required to install this device in my vehicle, I had a great experience with Intoxalock. They were very professional and helpful during every step of the process. I was grateful that they allowed me to reserve my device but would not install until all other license restoration requirements were fulfilled. This reinforced the idea that they were being upfront and honest with me and would not allow me to be actively billed until I was legally able to operate my vehicle. Overall good experience and the device seems to work great as long as all instructions are followed correctly." –Jeremy, PA, 12/3/2015

"My first experience with Intoxalock I was nervous. It had been going on 8 years as a 1st offense DUI and after years of self esteem being shot down by continuously feeling like a burden to friends and family for depending on everyone for rides or to take time from their schedules for my children and I. I got nowhere dealing on an almost daily basis with DMV, the clerk of courts worked hard for me but as I felt the DMV did not want to see me as many of us "offenders" get back on the road. I understand and fully accept what happened was wrong and incomprehensible. Thankfully, I my got stuck in the snow 12 feet from where I started my vehicle and nobody was injured or worse. I am a firm believer in Everything happens for a reason, and this was a life lesson, a real eye opener. But thanks to over a Intoxalock, within a little over a month after 7.7 months I am on the road, safely equipped and well informed. Incredible Help, available night and day it seems and the installation center was also amazing. THANK YOU INTOXALOCK & NEXT LEVEL AUDIO!!!" –Jessica, PA, 12/3/2015

"All questions answered frankly, and with honest dignity and respect when you feel less than." –Maureen, PA, 12/3/2015

"Excellent customer service." –Michael, PA, 11/13/15

"Absolutely great customer service… everything was handled efficiently." –Matthew, PA, 11/10/15

"Jesse she is the best. She helped me a lot!" –Nancy, PA, 11/3/15

"All associates I spoke with were very friendly and helpful in answering all my questions, along with helping me through the process." - Kelly, PA, 10/14/15

"Friendly and helpful." - Alison, PA, 10/13/15

"Don't drink and drive... good service on install and hopefully unit [ignition interlock device, car breathalyzer, BAIID, IID, interlock system] works well." –Steven, PA, 9/26/15

"The customer service is very good. They handle pretty much everything." –Matthew, PA, 9/17/15

"I received my DUI in a road block after a wedding. I even went as far as getting a hotel room in the town so as not to be drinking & driving. However I had an upset stomach after the reception and went out to get some medicine and was stopped at a check point. I was behind the wheel after having had drinks. As a result I am now using Intoxalock [ignition interlock device]. The people I have dealt with so far have been terrific with helping me understand what I need to do to use this service. I think it will be a positive experience. Courtney was just great!" –Rebecca, PA, 9/16/15

"I called a competitor, named Draeger and didn't have a nice experience so I called Intoxalock and before I knew it I had begun the process and Frank was very informative." -Mike, PA, 7/19/15

"When speaking with Jeremy, the Intoxalock representative, he made me feel better about the whole situation. He answered all my questions and made sure they were the correct answers. The website was also helpful with the demonstration videos. I would recommend Intoxalock for anyone who is in this situation." -Jessica, PA, 5/19/2015/p>

"Service was good so far we'll see how it goes after I get this installed 1 year is a long time hope the service is good through the end." -Eric, PA, 5/4/2015

"Julie is wonderful. She is very helpful and very kind. She knows what to do and is helpful with everything." -Korin, PA, 4/29/2015

"I am grateful for the service and assistance. It is difficult to accurately review as I am in the process of completely using the services. The gentleman that assisted me was very helpful at times and somewhat short at others. I am sure he did not intend to be, but this is all new to me and perhaps I required much from him." -JS, PA, 4/23/2015

"Besides all the requirements regulated by the state of PA. The staff at Intoxalock were extremely helpful, understanding and courteous. Especially Luke and Courtney. Can't thank them enough." -William, PA, 4/22/2015

"I would recommend Intoxalock [ignition interlock device] to anyone in need of this service. I got all my stuff set up pretty easy with the help of Jeff. He made things go smooth with getting my installation done. Thanks Jeff job well done." -Harvey, PA, 4/29/2015

"Great customer service!" -Harrison, PA, 4/10/2015

"They make it very easy to get everything handled. All the paper work and where to send it was explained clearly. They also explained all of the fees and what is expected of me. There was no delay in setting anything up on their end to ensure fast service." -Leanne, PA, 4/8/2015

"Jeff was very helpful in walking me through the process, and did an excellent job advising me as to what to expect, what would be expected of me, and exactly how to go about completing the process. He did so in a very friendly, professional way, and I appreciated the time he took helping me set everything up." -Sean, PA, 4/8/2015

"Everyone was helpful and answered every question that I had all in all it was a very good experience." - Nicholas, PA, 4/8/2015

"Was very helpfully and forth coming and honest." -James, PA, 4/5/2015

"From start to finish the staff was extremely nice and helpful." -Jason, PA, 3/25/2015

"You really don't find service like that anymore. Jeff was really into his job and knew a lot about what he was doing. Definitely enjoyed working with him at Intoxalock." -Michael, PA, 3/25/2015

"I know it's my fault and I know that when you get caught it's an embarrassing and costly experience. Dealing with Mr. Jeff Lamb was one of the best customer service experiences I've had in my 55 year lifespan so far. Jeff made me feel like a valuable Client instead of a "criminal" fulfilling his "sentence". Being treated like a person instead of a statistic meant a lot to me and my family. Thank you Jeff! Thank you Intoxalock!"-Jeffrey, PA, 3/19/15

"Jeff did everything he could to help me and for it to be a smooth process."-Gary, 3/13/15

"It was a very fast and easy process."-John, PA, 3/10/15

"I had a very great experience so far. As much as I hated having to do this they made it easy and the people are very informative and nice."-Brittany, PA, 3/4/15

"I had Jeff (not sure last name) at extension 201. Very nice guy and provided great service. He has very responsive and helpful. Thanks Jeff!" -Eric, PA, 2/27/15

"I dealt with two people at Intoxalock. The first was Stevie who was great when I could reach her. The other was John. He answered all my questions and went above and beyond helping me. As I have a newborn child, it is very difficult not being able to drive. I'm so excited to say that after Monday, I will be on the road again thanks to John and everyone at your company. Thanks again."-Jamie, PA, 2/25/15

"I have to honestly say that calling Intoxalock, and speaking with Robert FAR exceeded my expectations. It is not a proud moment for anyone to have to go through this process, however Rob handled this in a professional and comfortable manner. I actually felt as if I had gained a friend through the whole process. He was not only helpful, but efficient and followed up promptly on any challenges I encountered. His support and customer service are second to none!" -Michael, PA, 2/25/15

"My representative Jeff was very responsive and accommodating to all my needs. I have absolutely no complaints nothing but praise for a tough time I am going through, thank you very much Jeff." -Mark, PA, 2/22/15

"Jeff was very helpful and knowledgeable." -Jeffrey, PA, 1/23/15

"My guy was great! Returned calls, very helpful, well informed, nice and polite... no complaints here."-Ryan, PA, 1/02/15

"Jonathan was awesome! Good guy, very knowledgeable, and helpful. Thanks for everything." -Gregory, PA, 12/27/14

"I have not had the interlock unit installed yet and do not have my license back yet... but... so far things are going smoothly with setting these things up with Intoxalock. The rep for my account has been very punctual in contacting me and setting everything up. I have a limited time frame where I can get someone to drive my vehicle to the installation shop and she got me the appointment time and date that fit into my driver's availability. Hope all goes as well from here on out as it has to date!" -Michael, PA, 12/10/14

"I liked that the agents where professional and experienced in the interlock devices. They answered most of my questions to the best of their ability. Best of all they found a location close by so everything is great." -Donald, PA, 11/17/14

"I originally called Lifesafer, big mistake. Long story short, their customer service was terrible and they put you on hold constantly. I made two appointments and both times the vendor wasn't notified we were coming. I was told I had to go through Lifesafer, thank god I called the DUI association. They directed me here. Chelsey answered my call and is so efficient. She got us all set up and even called me back a few times to make sure everything was all right 5 stars for her too!"-Joshua, PA, 11/8/14

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