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Oregon ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock has more ignition interlock installation locations than any other approved provider in the State of Oregon. No complaint goes unanswered and we offer 24/7 customer service, live chat and pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly. We asked our customers; 85% of them said they would recommend us to their friends or family.*

Read reviews from Oregon ignition interlock customers about their alcohol monitoring devices from Intoxalock:

"Brittany was awesome. Did not leave me wondering anything. Very easy process, as far as this process goes. Thanks a ton." –Matthew, OR, 12/24/2015

"Easy and simple, great company to work with." –John, OR, 12/16/2015

"My experience with Intoxalock was informing and handled very professionally by the representative I spoke with. I would invite anyone else out there that needs this service to inquire." –Bruce, OR, 12/11/2015

"Frank was very helpful and informative." –Christina, OR, 12/9/2015

"Richard Moore was kind, cortious, and professional. I rate 5 stars due to his awesomeness." –Timothy, OR, 11/29/15

"I dealt with Frank, he was super helpful and pretty much dropped what he was doing when I called and dealt with me. I felt like a priority and not a dollar sign. It made a situation that I didn't want to be in a lot more pleasant." –Nathan, OR, 11/18/15

"Herman was so nice. He had no problem working with my schedule. This guy gets a 5 star easy." –Gabriel, OR, 11/11/15

""The guy that helped me was great and made the experience painless."-Joe, OR, 11/7/15

"Dan was phenomenal to work with. He was quick, knowledgeable and thorough. I'd recommend this company to anyone." - Steve, OR, 10/21/15

"I was helped by Luke and he was very helpful and courteous. He also took care of me in a very timely manner." - Dennis, OR, 10/08/15

"Jerrica was a great help in getting me switched over to get my device. Great service and answered all my questions." -Donovan, OR, 7/31/15

"Darryl was awesome. Helpful and knowledgable. So far glad I selected Intoxalock." -Chris, OR, 7/23/15

"Frank is an A+ agent and I couldn't be more thankful for his guidance." -Q, OR, 7/22/15

"I thought everyone that I talked to did an excellent job. They explained everything well and tried to find the best value for me. I really appreciate your great service." -Ronnie, OR, 7/15/15

"One of the best experience of my life follow-up, informative, and everything was easy thanks to Glenn. There were so many other companies who offer same product [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] I tried to contract them but they there I will definitely recommend Intoxalock and Glenn." –Muhammad, OR, 4/28/2015

“I give my sales rep 5 stars.” –Vicki, OR, 1/7/15

“Made it fast and easy. I really enjoyed how fast they made everything and super helpful. Would recommend.” –Cesar, OR, 10/29/14


“THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Outstanding customer service!! Walked me through the process easily with full understanding of Oregon State laws and requirements and it was fun with good conversations. I’m extremely happy I chose this company for my situation! I will be recommending based on my great service. Thank you!”–Jeremy, OR, 2/20/15

“Fast, pleasant and helpful! I'm as shocked at the amount of time and expense this whole ordeal is amounting to so it was a pleasant surprise to work with Intoxalock. A Customer Service Representative was quick to get me going and made the time constraints and some of the extra requirements seem like no-big-deal to her. She was sincerely happy to help me even when I suspect she was coming within minutes of the end of her shift but never made me she was fully taking care of the entire process.” –Satisfied New Customer, OR, 2/12/15

“Extremely satisfied with process. I want to thank Lissa for processing my son's Intoxalock [ignition interlock device, BAIID, IID, car breathalyzer] installation. She was very polite and professional during my phone conversation with her. I would recommend this device to others.” –Scott, OR, 1/12/15

“GREAT EXPERIENCE. I got lots of help from the lady who took my call.” –Branko, OR, 1/3/15

“Gives new meaning to "customer service." I haven't experienced customer service like this in a long time. Getting a DUII is a treacherous ordeal enough, working with Julie was pleasant and refreshing to say the least. She knew the answers and processed my request in a pleasant, efficient manner. I was not placed on hold indefinitely or passed on to another rep; she returned my phone calls within minutes. This initial setup with Intoxalock has been a departure from the normal, deficient customer service I experience with most companies.” –Elizabeth, OR, 12/31/14

“Robert was AWESOME!!!! Robert was very kind and polite and he talked to where I was able to understand what he was speaking. I felt he was very understanding and our phone conversation was straight and to the point I would recommend your facility too anyone :) THANK YOU!!!!” –Kyla, OR, 12/23/14

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*Based on reviews and ratings from Trust Pilot

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