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New York ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock is the #1 ignition interlock provider in the State of New York and we have more ignition interlock installation locations than any other approved provider. We offer 24/7 customer service, live chat and pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly, No complaint goes unanswered and we asked our customers; 85% of them said they would recommend us to their friends or family*

Read reviews from New York ignition interlock customers about their alcohol monitoring devices from Intoxalock:

"From start to finish the representative Brittney was with me all the way. Keep up the good work. Thanks again." –Dwayne, NY, 12/31/15

"Karen was very informative, answered all my questions and made the process completely painless." –James, NY, 12/31/2015

"Received excellent customer service from Richard when setting up my account. Very friendly and helpful." -Shannon, NY, 12/29/2015


"Great service, very nice" –Patrick, NY, 12/17/2015

"Justin was superb in all aspects" –David, NY, 12/16/2015

"Leeann was extremely helpful" –Victor, NY, 12/15/2015

"Stevie Was AMAZING. She was informative, quick and very kind. I'm very happy I chose this company!!!" –Marissa, NY, 12/10/2015

"My case manager Richard Moore was very friendly and super helpful and receptive to everything. This experience went a lot smoother than I thought it would. Thank you Intoxalock for making a bad experience as positive as it can be." -Karissa, NY, 12/8/2015

"Provided everything I needed and answered all my questions in a timely fashion. For a service that isn't fun to be doing, they made it easy and comfortable to get through." –Christine, NY, 12/5/2015

"The telephone operators were terrific. They made a distasteful experience easier. They were pleasant, informative and helpful. Thanks." –Kurt, NY, 11/30/15

"Nick made my experience as quick and painless as possible. Thanks, my experience was a favorable one. Thumbs up. Have a great day." –Thomas, NY, 11/19/15

"I had a very positive first experience. Very friendly, helpful service made things easier to handle. I would definitely recommend them!" –Mary, NY, 11/5/15

"I have called Intoxalock several times with many questions. Whether I called regarding paperwork or the actual workings of the IID, every representative I have spoken to, have all been hugely helpful." –Taylor, NY, 11/2/15

"The representative I spoke with, Brandy, was patient, upbeat, and very informative. I'm sure that representatives from Intoxalock are met with many difficult clients given the circumstances, but Brandy treated me with kindness and respect and was conveniently available for follow-up questions and answers. This is one of the few postive experiences that I have had throughout this situation. I hope the installation and performance of the equipment match this initial experience." - Sue, NY, 10/20/15

"The staff made it easy to sign up and easy to understand." - Christopher, NY, 10/19/15

"I worked with Luke who made time for me when I was free and was very patient explaining everything to me so I understood. I would recommend him to anyone having to go through with this program!" –Heller, NY, 9/22/15

"Given the circumstances at hand, I found that the representatives helped me in any way possible. They answered my questions at every moment during the process, and they did so very professionally. I felt comfortable every step of the way!" –David, NY, 9/16/15

"Great job at helping me understand all the information." –James, NY, 9/14/15

"Having to call this company was overwhelming, and stressful. The kind, courteous help I received made this whole thing a lot easier. Everyone I spoke with was helpful, friendly, and guided me every step of the way." –Mollie, NY, 9/10/15

"The process was easy thanks to them being thorough and helpful. They made sure I understood everything being talked about, and were very kind." –Scott, NY, 9/02/15

"Jeff was very helpful in explaining the process and procedures."-Arthur, NY, 8/20/15

"Frank was the guy that got me hooked up with an [ignition interlock installation] appointment right away an answered all questions asked. Everything needed to be done was done an cant wait to get back on the road."-Jason, NY, 8/19/15


"Being convicted of a DUI is not easy. Embarrassment, shame, financial hardship. The court and DMV require a lot. As soon as I talked with an Intoxalock representative, she made part of this process a lot more tolerable. Very professional and easy to work with. She answered all my questions and did what she said she would do to schedule my installation and make sure the parts were there. It was also more affordable than I thought it was going to be. Thank you Intoxalock." -Robert, NY, 8/07/15

"I wasn't placed on hold for long periods and my returned call was in a quick and timely manner! The whole process was quick and easy to understand! I'm very glad I chose Intoxalock!" -Kollee, NY, 8/03/15

"From day one I received very friendly people that knew what they were doing. They took patience with me and made sure I understood ever thing. They even followed up on the computer after the phone conversations to help me along. I had only one problem and that was quickly solved. Thank you." -Alice, NY, 7/27/15

"The person who set up the account walked me through it with no problems, I would recommend this to anyone."-Chad, NY, 7/17/15

"Very friendly and quick service, definitely customer oriented."-Kyle, NY, 7/15/15

"Very good experience."-Troy, NY, 7/15/15

"They were so nice to me and gave me all the information I needed. And helped me keep a positive outlook for myself."-Nicole, NY, 7/14/15

"This is my second Intoxalock [Ignition interlock device] and I haven't had any problems as of yet." -Karen, NY, 7/8/15

"Being in a bad situation, Intoxalock made things go smoother than expected. Pricing was fair, knowledgeable, professional service."-Michael, NY, 6/30/15

"Brenda was extremely helpful, kind & patient as she walked me through the entire process." -Angela, NY, 6/25/15

"This whole process is very trying to start with. From the moment I called [Intoxalock], I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Lissa was wonderful and helped me every step of the way. Thank you!" -DH, NY, 6/19/15

"Nothing but wonderful words and the great customer service and informative information from Lissa made this experience easier than I thought it would be. Thank you Lissa." -Marie, NY, 6/15/15

"The gentlemen Jeff L. was very professional. All my questions were answered in his presentation the process was seamless. I would recommend this company for anyone going through DWI problems." -Kevin, NY, 6/15/15

"Very knowledgeable.”-Elise, NY, 6/4/15

"I dealt with a great representative who helped me very much and every time I called back my rep answered every question I had in a efficient manner. Was very patient with me and helped me get through every situation." -Kayla, NY, 4/17/15

"Friendly service which made my experience good. It is embarrassing to talk about and nice service makes it easy to deal with until the interlock [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] is no longer needed." -Rachel, NY, 4/14/15

"Kayla was knowledgeable and thorough. Transaction went smoothly." -Nicholas, NY, 4/13/15

"Courteous knowledge staff." -Jay, NY, 5/29/15

"Jeff made this uncomfortable situation a very pleasant one, he was very patient and made the entire process easy." -Christina, NY, 5/22/15

"Excellent customer service." -Jacqueline, NY, 5/20/15

"Extremely friendly. Made this process very easy and painless. I hate making phone calls but every time I talked to Jeff I felt like he really wanted to help me and not like I was just another customer." -Eric, NY, 5/19/15

"It's been a pleasure working with Robert in this process. Personable, professional, and efficient." -Brandon, NY, 5/7/15

"Very professional." -Antoinette, NY, 5/5/15

"Considering the unfamiliar, confusing and embarrassing situation I was in, my sales representative, Glen, couldn't have made it more easier or more comfortable to get my Intoxalock unit [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] installed. I was very kind and understanding. Explained things clearly. Moved things along quickly. And was very responsive to all my needs, questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend this company." -Dee, NY, 5/2/15

"I worked with Jerrica, she was very friendly and explained anything I had a problem with to the fullest, was a pleasure to deal with and responded very quickly found this to be very helpful." -Jewels, NY, 5/1/15

"Talked to Julie, she was very helpful and followed up with me, the whole process was easy." -Samuel, NY, 4/29/15

"I was apprehensive about speaking to anyone about this, but Brandy was very caring, non judgmental and was very professional." Deborah, NY, 4/20/15

"Jeremy was great. He went above and beyond for me. Jeremy took the time and understood all the trouble I had gone through and made this difficult situation easy… Please thank him once again for me." -Matthew, NY, 4/16/15

"Anna in sales was extremely professional, courteous and efficient in communication and all transactions. Very helpful! Thank you!" - Katie, NY, 4/16/15

"Very professional and very helpful company. Would recommend them as being the best company out there." -Joseph, NY, 4/2/15

"April was the best customer service person I have ever dealt with!" -James, NY, 4/2/15

"From the first second my sales representative was excellent. Well informed, polite and helpful!!!" -Michael, NY, 3/23/15

“Easy to use. It was an easy process to complete.“ –Christopher, NY, 3/7/15

“Wonderful customer service! Robert made this hassle free and easy.” –Erin, NY, 2/20/15

“Great service. Easy company to work with. A representative named Jeff, was very polite and helpful and contacted me when promised. Great customer service, thank you.” –Joel, NY, 3/20/15

“Great customer service! The customer service was very good. My service rep made me feel very comfortable and made the installation appointment process a breeze. Thanks!” –Robert, NY, 3/20/15

“Great Customer Service Lissa was a great sales associate. She was very kind and helpful. She made an uncomfortable situation as comfortable as it could be for me. A+ for customer service!” –Terri Lynn, NY, 3/19/15

“Making my driving experience happen. It was relatively easy to get everything set up and a appointment made. Now I can drive again.”–Michael, NY, 3/17/15

“Excellent Customer Service. Lissa's accesability and knowledge of the unit [ignition interlock device, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system, IID] were outstanding. I am hoping her insights live up to reality when I have this installed tomorrow.” –Joseph, NY, 3/11/15

“I am one happy customer. Dustin @ your call center helped me & he was a pleasure to deal with.” –Marie, NY, 3/3/15

“Customer service was great. I needed my interlock [ignition interlock device, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system, IID] installed as soon as possible and they were able to make that happen. Look forward to dealing with them for my time period.” –Taneka, NY, 2/25/15

“Great service. Very professional and courteous.” –Michael, NY, 2/21/15

“Pleasant experience. I found this company very helpful and it customer service was very very good there employees were very professional and knowledgable.”–Noel, NY, 2/19/15

“Customer Service and compassion rated 5 Stars! Brian made this difficult and embarrassing transition very easy and helped me with his unlimited patience and compassion.” –Valeri, NY, 2/18/15

“Helpful. I talked too Richard, who was very helpful in making this seem ok and walked me thru everything. And not judgmental as many have been when you ask for help. I thank him very much.” –Sally, NY, 2/17/15

“Karen my customer service representative was absolutely wonderful. She made this transition very easy. Her knowledge and compassion is outstanding. It certainly made this whole situation less confusing to me. Thanks so much, Karen!!” –Alicia, NY, 2/17/15

“Richard was friendly and very helpful. He deserves a raise. Very good at his job. 10 out of 10. I hope he is recognized.” –Kira, NY, 2/14/15

“Great service, friendly, clear and attentive. I had the pleasure (in a very unfortunate situation) to speak with Selena and Pat. Both were extremely friendly and informative; honestly some of the best over-the-phone service I have ever dealt with. Thank you for making it easier!” –Erin, NY, 2/11/15

“Brian was very nice. Went well. Informative and courteous.” –Nicole, NY 2/7/15

“So far it has been a great experience. Much better than Lifesaver. My representative, Brian, is a true professional with a great sense of humor and easy going people skills. It's nice dealing with a firm who allows their people to act human and develop a understanding and caring relationship with the client.” –Joseph, NY, 2/3/15

“I had a wonderful experience. Jeff Lamb is one of the employees that worked with me on setting up my Intoxalock [ignition interlock device, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system, IID]. He was very helpful and made me laugh throughout every phone call we had. He was a riot and I enjoyed talking with him. He did a wonderful job and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank You Jeff!” –Alicia, NY, 1/29/15

“Great service. Your customer representative was very helpful, friendly, and informative.” –Catherine, NY, 1/27/15

“Amazing job done! Jeff was fantastic, very accommodating. Would recommend him to anyone.” –Myra, NY, 1/27/15

“The system [ignition interlock device, BAIID, car breathalyzer, IID] works well and is easy to use. The installation was professional and appears to be clean in the car, no extra wires hanging or poor workmanship (I work in the automotive industry and I was impressed at the work done). The customer relations were also very kind and understanding of the situation and difficulties with the DMV and Insurance. Shipping was timely. Price is also reasonable.” –Zachary, NY, 1/24/15

“So far, my dealings with Intoxalock (Lissa) have been problem-free, making a horrible situation brighter.” –Melissa, NY, 1/8/15

“Karen helped us and was extremely courteous and helpful. She was very knowledgeable and able to explain everything to us is a simple direct manner.” –Cory, NY, 1/6/15

“Good service. Very nice people to talk to and are very helpful when it comes to questions.” –Brandon, NY 1/3/15

“As good as it gets. Julie was more than helpful in setting up my account and seeing to it that I understood all involved with my interlock device.” –William, NY, 1/3/15

“Easy, good experience. Robert made it all very easy and smooth. He was very kind and answered all questions I had.” –Marissa, NY, 12/31/14

“Customer service was very helpful and kind.” –Kenneth, NY, 12/29/14

“Professionalism at a time of peril. I am a new, first time (and will be only time!) customer to Intoxalock. I initially had the interlock provider of Smart Start installed in my vehicle. However, after many malfunctions, meltdowns, and frustrations, and based upon the advice of colleagues, I was referred to Intoxalock. The difference between the two products, and the professionalism of the staff, particular Karen who I dealt with, was night and day. My hat goes off to Karen as I first made contact with her on 12/22. She understood my frustrations (I have asthma and It was impossible to operate the "simultaneous blow and hum action as required by Smart Start" and was sympathetic and empathetic. She was able to provide me with the information and the tools needed to operate this product. Intoxalock, through Karen, also provided me with a manual, while smart start did not. I did not feel like I was being thrown to the wolves. Karen took her time in explaining every detail, every rule. She even helped coordinate my removal of Smart Start and installation of Intoxalock. I just want to say for anyone who does find themselves in this unfortunate situation, it's a horrible time but the folks at Intoxalock do not kick you while you're down. In fair, the answer you. "How can we help you get your license back?" It is a feeling of comfort, almost like a relative. Thank you for being professional and empathic during a time of peril!” –Kristen, NY, 12/23/14

“Excellent experience. I worked with Joel to initiate the process in installing my interlock system. Joel was kind, friendly and very informative. He was also very polite and i appreciated his empathy regrading this stressful process. Joel should be recognized for his excellence in customer service.” –Benjamin, NY, 12/19/14

Great Customer Service! Anna was the representative that took care of setting me up with Intoxalock. She was more then helpful and answered all of the questions that I had. Because of her outgoing attitude and her knowledge she made this experience less stressful that I imagined. Thank you Anna for all your help!” –Christian, NY, 12/12/14

“As embarrassing and shameful as I have been recently due to my actions, the Intoxalock representative that I had (Julie) made it a little easier to bear. She was honest and informative and compassionate to my situation and I would highly recommend people to this company. Thank you for all of your knowledge and courtesy during a time full of unknowns.” –Rebecca, NY, 12/10/14

“Excellent, other interlock companies were shady. Felt like they only cared about getting more money out of you. Sales associate was kind and knowledgeable. Set up appointment for me with ease. She was great. Give her a raise.” –James, NY, 12/5/14

“Richard was an amazing help!” This dude worked quick to get all my stuff in order and set up in no time. Quite happy with the company in general. It seemed like they cared.” –Mark, NY, 11/5/14

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