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Missouri ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock has more ignition interlock installation locations than any other approved provider in the State of Missouri. We offer 24/7 customer service, live chat and pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly, No complaint goes unanswered and we asked our customers; 85% of them said they would recommend us to their friends or family.*

Read Intoxalock reviews from Missouri ignition interlock customers about their alcohol monitoring devices:

"From the moment I walked in it took less than 15min..everything was clearly explained and installation scheduled. . Thank you" - Ronald, MO, 10/27/15

"She was very helpful with getting me an appointment for installation. I was able to coordinate my appointment and get a shuttle to and from work. Thanks." –Brittney, MO, 9/29/15

"There were six companies available to me for my ignition interlock device in Missouri. I called all six for information. Lucky for me, I spoke with Frank first. He answered all of my questions directly and honestly, and suggested additional questions I should ask other companies when making my decision that I wouldn't have thought of. He was extremely helpful and thorough, without feeling pushy. No other company offered such service, and a couple seemed inconvenienced by my questions. I called back Intoxalock based primarily on Frank's service. A second reason for my decision is the type of device they use. I heard that the hum/blow devices could be more difficult to use, however Intoxalock uses a blow/inhale method. Thanks for the great overall service!" –Jennifer, MO, 9/8/15

"Everyone I spoke with was friendly and helpful, and focused on my experience." -Sean, MO, 8/22/15

"The process was simple and fast. The representative was polite and non judgmental."-Jacob, MO, 8/19/15

"No problems, it was great! Considering why I was doing this." -Donald, MO, 8/05/15

"I called Intoxalock to set up service and was surprised how fast they set up my appointment to put device [ignition interlock] in my car. They were able to get it done the next day!! AWESOME! !!"-Randall, MO, 6/25/15

"My sales rep was Jeff and he was great at explaining everything and walking me through the process [Missouri state laws]. Very professional and easy to work with." -Derek, MO, 5/29/15

"I appreciated the service and speed of handling my order. Installation is close to my home making it convenient." -William, MO, 5/20/15

"I had the best experience using Intoxalock. Of course anyone required to install one of these devices [ignition interlock, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer] is somewhat embarrassed about their situation, but my representative Anna was so compassionate. She was super diligent about scheduling my [ignition interlock] appointment at the nearest qualified location, and even offered to pay the difference for an excess amount they were going to charge due to my cars foreign design. I hope that if you have to get an ignition interlock system, that it's only a one time ordeal. However Intoxalock made this one time ordeal the most pleasant it could be. The best customer service I've ever encountered!" -Erin, MO, 3/25/15

"Very helpful on getting started on Intoxalock. Jeff did a great job on helping me know all the charges and things that went along with it." -Marc, MO, 3/23/15

"The customer service I received was awesome!!" -Monique, MO, 3/24/15

“Good service and instructions.” –Brian, MO, 3/19/15

“It appears that the great state of Missouri makes it mandatory to retest after five minutes. As for Intoxalock, they have been very helpful and willing to work with me. Great custumer service.” –Stephen, MO, 2/24/15

“Very kind. I was very nervous at first. Leslie was pleasant and very patient.” –Donna, MO, 2/22/15

“Very professional and helpful! The sales representative that I spoke with was Chelsea and she was amazing. She not only answered my questions but agreed to call me back on Saturday (her day off) to complete my order. When I expressed concern about getting my vehicle to an installation location she suggested a mobile installer in my area. This meant I was able to get installation a week earlier than would have otherwise been possible. Thank you Chelsea!!!” –Shawn, MO, 1/20/15

“Wonderful customer service, easy to set up. It was straight forward service. They were able to answer all my questions.” –James, MO, 11/4/14

“Great, timely service. The rep, Karen, who took care of me was great! She is so nice and understanding that it makes the experience a lot better.” –Nicki, MO, 3/18/15

“Easy to work with. If you have to have an IID [Ignition interlock device] at least they [Intoxalock] make it as bearable as possible. Quick and reliable service and they make sure you are set up and understand it all before they leave.” –Aaron, MO, 3/11/15

“Wonderful service. They [Intoxalock] did an excellent job of answering my questions and providing me with great service.” –Amber, MO, 3/4/15

“This is a great and necessary service. Everyone was very helpful and did everything they could to get me through the process as quickly as possible. Jeff, the person that helped me was especially accommodating and pleasant to work with. I definitely recommend Intoxalock!” –Ray, MO, 3/4/15

“Excellent customer service. The representative (Courtney) was extremely helpful and professional. She had me setup and ready to have my device installed in a matter of minutes. Thank you so much.” –Jeremy, MO, 2/23/15

“So far so good! It was a pleasure talking to Leslie. She made the difference in helping me decide to go with your company.” –Eddie, MO, 2/20/15

“Professional and kind customer service. They make it easy on you, through a pain in the neck lol situation. Whenever I call with a question, they are kind and understanding. Best of all you can manage your account through the internet. I will be glad to get this over with but I can’t imagine any other company making any easier as they [Intoxalock] do I'm glad I chose them.” –Matthew, MO, 2/18/15

“It is very good. Don't drive drunk so you don't have to call these people. But if you do they are good people.” –Geoffrey, MO, 2/10/15

“Customer service is very helpful. The representatives of this company go above & beyond to make this experience as bearable as possible.” –David, MO, 2/2/15

“CUSTOMER SERVICE. The representative for your company was very helpful and knowledgeable in my ordering process of the device [ignition interlock, BAIID, IID, interlock system, car breathalyzer] I need. She was very efficient and answered all questions asked, she had made the process very easy for me. Thank you very much for your expertise and advice.” –Daniel, MO, 1/27/15

“Excellent experience with Jeff and Intoxalock. Jeff is very a very personable and informative man, explained and guided me through this process professionally and backed his word, good guy.” –Edward, MO, 1/26/15

“Very understanding. Johnathan was very professional, understanding of my needs and well informed. Was a lot less excruciating than I expected. He set my appointment the next week and was helpful on getting back on the road and driving.” –Jerrod, MO, 1/16/15

“Friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Jerrica helped me set up my appointment, gave me pricing rates, found a location near me, and made the process super smooth.” –Madison, MO, 12/26/14

“Customer service. The lady who helped me order and setup the installation appointment was helpful. Polite, and easy to talk to. I think it made the whole experience feel responsible instead of shameful or guilty! Thank you.” –William, MO, 12/18/14

“Thank you. Really nice honest, good knowledge.” –Kimberly, MO, 12/18/14

“Great. Very simple and easy.” –Brad, MO, 12/7/14

“Julie was very helpful and easy to talk to. Very knowledgable and very nice. She was energetic and polite. Julie had answers to all of my questions right away and made the terrible process of getting an interlock installed enjoyable for what it is.” –Nathan, MO, 11/19/14

“Great customer service.” –Dana, MO, 10/31/14

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