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Minnesota ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock is the #1 ignition interlock provider in the State of Minnesota and we have more installation locations in the state than any other provider. In addition, we pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly and no complaint goes unanswered. We offer 24/7 customer service and 85% of our customers said they would recommend us to their friends or family*. 

Read Intoxalock reviews from Minnesota customers about their ignition interlock and alcohol monitoring devices:

"Good company to work with. Quick, fast, straight to the point! A lot better to work with than any of the other interlock companies in Minnesota. Highly suggested." –Justin, MN, 2/1/16

"I was treated very nice and all my questions were answered . It was a friendly and helpful experience thank you." –Joseph, MN, 1/6/2016

"I was taken care of, and process was explained very well." –Mark, MN, 1/6/2016

"From the first to second call I was set up for my appointment and ready to go." –Jody, MN, 1/5/16

"It was very easy to get started." –Marie, MN, 12/29/2015

"I dealt with Lavender. She moved swiftly for me. Got everything in right away and made an appointment for my installation. She was very helpful and knowledgeable." –Angela, MN, 12/29/2015

"Very helpful and courteous. All things considered a pleasant experience." –Keith, MN, 12/23/15

"Matt was very nice and patient with me. I don't like having to have this installed in my car, but he's making it sound easier than I was expecting. I've heard nothing but good things about Intoxalock, so I'm hoping my experience goes well. Thank you." –Grace, MN, 12/21/2015

"Excellent service. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Understanding." –Cory, MN, 12/18/2015

"Brittany was awesome! Super nice, friendly, funny and very helpful!" –Julian, MN, 12/9/2015

"It all went very well." –Karen, MN, 12/8/2015

"He (Roumel) was very informative and very willing to listen to questions." –Allison, MN, 12/3/2015

"The service provider was very informative and helpful. They made a stressful situation much easier than expected." –Bryan, MO, 12/22/2015

"My Customer Service Representative Luke, was "Off The Chain, Awesome"! He followed up with me, he was over and above all standards in the "Patience" department. Very Professional! He made an unsavory circumstance a little more tolerable!!! Thank You Luke!!! You are an Absolute Blessing!" –Stacy, MO, 12/16/2015

"Frank was attentive and speedy whilst properly presenting all facts." –Richard, MO, 11/25/15

"Richard took my call and was very professional in all aspects of information he gave me. He was friendly and very knowledgeable of your equipment and customer service. He truly is an asset to your company!! Much respect to Richard and your services. Thank you."-Frederick, MO, 11/6/15

"Professional and friendly helping understand a situation, I had not ever been in." –Bradley, MO, 12/10/2015

"Brian was great and they helped me get set up and answered all my questions!" - Stacy, MN, 10/29/15

"This was the best, fastest and friendliest part of my first and only DWI experience. Would recommend whom ever I talked gets a 'way to go Tiger'" - Nathan, MN, 10/29/15

"They [Intoxalock] were very helpful with any questions." –Chad, MN, 9/30/15

"The service I received was excellent! The guy was very easy to work with and explained everything! Thank you!" –Chad, MN, 9/28/15

"Intoxalock receives 5 stars because of the remarkable job of an employee named Stevie. As a first time offender she made sure that there was no question to be unanswered and I knew everything I needed to know in order start driving again. Thanks a bunch Intoxalock team and a special thanks to Stevie." –James, MN, 9/21/15

"Elizabeth was awesome. Very friendly, quick to respond and overall a pleasure to work with." –Matthew, MN, 9/10/15

"I was resistant to installing the system [ignition interlock device, BAIID, interlock system, car breathalyzer] on my vehicle because I worried about hassle and affordability. However after using one in my personal van, I had one put in my work truck as well. I feel safe and secure knowing I am legally operating my vehicles, insured and free to earn a living and continue to support my family. Thank you!" –Bobby, MN, 9/04/15

""Friendly and helpful." –Keith, MN, 9/01/15

"He was really easy to work with and very helpful." -Christian, MN, 8/31/15

"I received good service from Brian. Sales Representative, fast and helpful!" -Edward, MN, 8/31/15

"The guy that got me set up over the phone was great to work with! It's a situation that's not fun to be in in the first place, but the guy I talked to made it fun and relaxed… Good job!!" -Alyssa, MN, 8/20/15

"I was nervous when I called. I'm 45 years old. I've never been in trouble before. Selina was super nice, very polite. And she actually cared about me. Thank you!" -Brian, MN, 8/12/15

"They really helped me out! Excellent!!!" -Junior, MN, 8/07/15

"Jeff at Intoxalock was pleasant and efficient. He was able to get me accurate quotes and set up an appointment for my [ignition interlock device] installation in one simple call." -Alex, MN, 7/29/15

"After working with customer service, my problems have all been taken care of and I am very satisfied. Product [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] works great and staff was very helpful! Thanks!" -NL, MN, 7/25/15

"I called for some information and was all set up with an account and appointment in about 10 minutes! The rep that answered my call was very friendly and knowledgeable! I'd recommend them to anyone in a similar situation."-Wendy, MN, 7/22/15

"The lady I talked to Kylie, was very very nice and helpful. The process was WAY less painful then I was expecting, it was actually super easy. Thank you for making this already horrible situation a little better." -Nicole, MN, 7/21/15

"I had a great experience setting up this account and Nick was more than helpful, patient and understanding."-Aaron, 7/21/15

"I had a great customer service experience with Glenn. He explained everything to me, answered all of my questions and was very kind. I appreciated all of his help. Thank you!" -Andrea, MN, 6/30/15

"Talked to Jeff, who was extremely helpful." -Paul, MN, 6/20/15

"The person who managed my interlock [ignition interlock device] request was pleasant and treated me with respect, the latter of which is so much appreciated for those of us going through legal ordeals. He exceeded my expectations by scheduling an installation date within two days, and contacting the installation facility to take care of everything." -Melissa, MN, 6/8/15

“[Intoxalock Ignition Interlock] They made me feel very secure with my decision. Thank you, Lavender."-Donna, MN, 6/3/15

"I had a great experience working withe Jeremy. He was consistent with info and offers and truly conveyed his eagerness to help. I also briefly spoke with his coworkers when I'd call in and everyone was very helpful. Thank you for helping me with difficult situation I put myself in." -Matt, MN, 6/2/15

"I just got my letter in the mail yesterday and tomorrow I'm suppose to be getting my car installed. So far things have worked very smooth. So far I am happy." -Larry, MN, 5/21/2015

"The man who helped me, Ray, was extremely helpful and patient with me. I felt like not only did you understand, but he went above and beyond my expectations. I had called other companies and not only was treated poorly, but they kept messing up. Intoxalock has been great so far. Thank you!" -Amanda, MN, 4/16/2015

"From the time Jeff picked up the phone, he was determined to explain all the bonuses that come with the Intoxalock unit [ignition interlock device, BAIID, IID, interlock system, car breathalyzer] and why they are rated #1. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable about the product they sell. After five years without a license, Jeff has made having one a reality." -Daniel, MN, 5/1/2015

"Quick and honest, these guys are the real deal. Helped me with all my questions and would recommend to anyone needing an ignition interlock device." -Tyler, MN, 5/13/2015

"Great experience with this company! I would recommend to anyone!" -Allison, MN, 5/11/2015

"The customer service was very helpful and courteous." -William, MN, 4/30/2015

"My representative, Stevie, was very nice and very helpful. She got me through the process quickly and with very little hassle." -Jess, MN, 4/28/2015

"My experience in setting up service was painless, as every step of the process [Minnesota State laws] was explained in detail. Very happy with customer support." -Shane, MN, 5/14/2015

"John was extremely helpful in setting up my device. He was very knowledgeable about all of the details and was able to schedule me at a time that worked best for me." -Nathan, MN, 4/9/2015

"If I were to have anyone else help I'm sure they could not have done a better job then Intoxalock." -Terry, MN, 4/7/2015

"I worked with Robert and he did a amazing job. Answered a lot of questions that no one else had informed me about. I would say he has great customer service skills. And was pleasant to talk to." -Stacey, MN, 3/23/2015

"Lissa was amazing! She explained how everything was going to work and was very friendly about it. You can't get better customer service than that!!" -Corey, MN, 3/23/2015

“Very easy to use. [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] Helps to get back on the road, you drink you don’t drive plain and simple. It has helped me I have not had a drink since I got the device.” –Mark, MN, 12/1/14

“Helpful and willing to work with me. I have no issues so far it’s the best breathalyzer company I have worked with!” –Janell, MN, 10/23/14

“Friendly! I dealt with two different ladies and both of them were very friendly and helpful.” Joshua, MN, 3/19/15

“Good service. I would recommend Intoxalock because of their fast service on helping a person getting their device [ignition interlock, BAIID, car breathalyzer] installed and for taking care of all the paperwork needed to be faxed to the dept of Public safety worry free.” –Jim, MN, 3/12/15

“Jeff was outstanding and professional. As your company states, nobody enjoys being on Intoxalock but your employee Jeff was able to walk me through the steps I needed to take to get set up and made the best of a bad situation. He was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.” Brandon, MN, 3/11/15

“Fantastic customer care, fast This type of review is hard to write, since it sucks to be forced to pay for interlock for issues over 20 years ago that were held against me on this current offense. However, that's the past and this review is about the services given by Intoxalock, which was 100% excellent! The agent I spoke with was very knowledgeable and ready to provide 100% approval for local installation appointment and delivery of installation equipment [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] within 24 hours, which was honestly fast amazing service.” –David, MN, 3/3/15

“Service nice helpful and courteous!” –Keith, MN, 2/23/15

“Thank you! I really appreciate that when I spoke with the representative that he was kind, knowledgeable, and free of judgement. This is an experience I would wish upon no one, but I would recommend without reservation. Thank you for treating me with respect and kindness, it's appreciated very much! (I apologize for forgetting his name, but his extension is XXX) Thanks again!” –Sarah, MN, 2/23/15

“Jeff was very helpful and explained every thing to me.” –Paul, MN, 2/21/15

“Staff was very polite and helpful! Karen in Iowa is a nice lady and helped me out and answered all my questions.” –Jacob, MN, 2/18/15

“The lady I dealt with was very nice helpful and it was very quick and easy to get an appointment.” –Christopher, MN, 2/13/15

“Best customer service out there… believe me, I've tried numerous other vendors and learned the hard way! Unfortunately, I've been through several different companies, and experienced terrible issues. But finally found a company [Intoxalock] I can trust, as I'm going through this difficult experience. I wouldn't go through anybody else, believe me, I know by experience.” –Aarie, MN, 2/1/15

“Quick and painless. Richard was great help. I'd recommend Intoxalock to people who need to have it [Ignition interlock device]. The service was fantastic quick and easy.” –Steven, MN, 1/26/15

“Excellent service and I was taken care of in a very timely fashion. I had a fabulous experience and was taken care of right away by Jeff! He was very patient and answered all of my questions to the best of his knowledge.” Sarah, MN, 1/23/15

“BAIID excellent support and answers.” –Lawrence, MN, 1/21/15

“Very friendly and informative. I am just starting Intoxalock but I already know it will be great!” –Ian, MN, 1/21/15

“Start of installation process… so far so good. Stevie helped very much with the input of information to go to the installation next step.” –James, MN, 1/8/15

“Good job! You made it easy and went beyond what I expected. Thanks.” –Trent, MN, 1/3/15

“Professional, nonjudgmental. Needless to say, I didn't expect kind, professional service after being treated like a leper by the rest of the system. But that's exactly what I got. For once, my mistake was not lorded over me. Instead, everything I needed was completed promptly and with courtesy. Thank you!” –Kevin C., MN, 12/31/14

“Karen made my experience so much easier than I expected! Karen made my experience enjoyable. She was so welcoming, kind, and helpful. It was something that I really appreciated after everything I have been doing to better my situation. Thank you, Karen!” –Amanda, MN, 12/29/14

“So helpful! It's unfortunate that I need to get Intoxalock in my car, but due to my past choices and behavior, I do. So far, they have been incredibly helpful and friendly, and I couldn't imagine a smoother experience. The Department of Vehicle Safety could learn a thing or two from them in how to get things done efficiently.” –Adam, MN, 12/18/14

“Great start. Got things rolling quickly.” –Bruce, MN, 12/16/14

“A very helpful experience. You know I really appreciate it when there is someone who is willing to work with me in these situations. It's very stressful working with so many different people and most of the time it feels like they are working against you. That is not so in this case. Courtney and Cody were amazing representatives today. Thank you very much for this blessing, it was so very refreshing. –Jeff Smude, MN, 12/15/14

“Great people! Very professional and knowledgeable people that make your problem seem like it was not that big of a deal but really is. My contact was Lissa and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Thanks Lissa.” –Daniel, MN, 12/3/14

“Look no further. Unfortunately I have had an interlock for a long time with three different companies and had nothing but problems until now if you're looking at this review trying to decide what company to go with go with Intoxalock for sure :-)” –William, MN, 12/2/14

“Best choice, good service.” –Bruce, MN, 11/23/14

“Everyone was very understanding and courteous. Thank you for helping me during this troubled time. It will be a pleasure working with you.” –Gary, MN, 11/23/14

“Intoxalock got my [ignition interlock device, BAIID] system set up to install in no time. I tried another company at first and felt like I was running all over and at the end of the day they couldn't deliver for up to two weeks. I called Intoxalock and they had me enrolled and set up for installation in less then a few hours, even though I had a situation with time constraints they managed to get me covered before my deadline.” –Shannon, MN, 11/11/14

“Telephone agent (Brian) was awesome! Very knowledgeable, pleasant, AND very helpful. Brian deserves a raise!!!” –Jeffrey, MN, 10/31/14

“Couldn't believe how fast and easy it was. I ended up calling 3 times, talking to a different person each time. Every one of them was very nice, and made my experience as good as it could be under the circumstances. Thank you!” –Ken, MN, 10/31/14

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