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Louisiana ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIn Louisiana, Intoxalock offers fewer state required service checks than any other ignition interlock provider in the state and 24/7 customer service. We pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly and no complaint goes unanswered. We asked our customers, and 85% of them said they would recommend us to their friends or family*. 

Read Intoxalock reviews from Louisiana ignition interlock customers about their alcohol monitoring devices:

"This is not an experience anyone is eager to have, but Lissa from Intoxalock made this experience effortless. She gave me such friendly service." –Tarran, LA, 12/29/2015

"Really good service" -Charles, LA, 12/15/2015

"My representative was very knowledgeable and super nice! I actually enjoyed setting up my breathalyzer appointment… something I would sure to be annoyed with." –Samantha, LA, 11/20/15

"Frank was very polite and efficient in helping me understand the terms and conditions of the contract and also in answering the questions I had." –Stacy, LA, 11/10/15

"Initial contact and account setup were simple and quick. Installation appointment scheduling was facilitated while I was on the call, for completion at a location local to me the following day." - Lynn, LA, 10/7/15

"The customer service from the representative was great. He was really helpful and made the unpleasant experience very easy." –Keli, LA, 9/9/15

"Everybody I talked to seems very professional, organized, willing to help, and explain things in full detail. I'm really glad that I picked this service for my interlock!" –Richard, LA, 9/2/15

"Fast and Friendly. Thanks!"-Elizabeth, LA, 8/27/15

“If you are in need of an [ignition] interlock device this is the company to go with! I could not be more satisfied. And they accommodated me very quickly too!” - Allen, LA, 8/12/15

"Intoxalock is easy to use and the customer support was always friendly and available to answer any questions I had. They made it as easy as possible to get the device installed and to understand how it works." -Danelle, LA, 8/5/15

"Very polite and answered all my questions." -Scott, LA, 8/3/15

"Fast to the point service. I wish everything was this easy at a great price." -Zaboor, LA, 7/8/15

"I got great service." - Henry, LA, 5/15/15

"While no one likes to have this type of product [ignition interlock device, car breathalyzer, BAIID, IID] in their car, Jared made the experience painless. He provided me with the names and costs of other interlock providers in the area. The other companies, on average, were slightly less but his effort was my deciding factor. He even made suggestions on things to avoid having in the car, like coffee with vanilla creamer because of the sugar alcohols. Fantastic customer service!" -Mike, LA, 4/27/15

"Extremely helpful and very pleasant customer service. I highly recommended anyone having this requirement placed on them to call Intoxalock. They treat you with respect and dignity." -Halley, LA, 4/14/15

"The rep that I spoke with was awesome, so informative, friendly and made this painful process a little less painful." -Julie, LA, 3/24/15

“Great customer service. Quick timely service and scheduling. Excellent customer service. Would highly recommend to anyone.” –Jodi, LA, 1/25/15

“The service I received was awesome. The gentleman that help me over the phone was friendly and courteous and took care of my needs in a timely manner.” –Zina, LA, 1/21/15

“Very courteous, friendly and helpful most of all, patient. Honestly just don't drink and drive.” –Nathan, LA, 1/7/15

“Best service!! I thought it would take all day to get this setup over the phone, but to my surprise it only too minutes. Richard was very very helpful setting up my account and getting my device [Intoxalock ignition interlock] sent to the place while I had to it hooked up. Thank you so very much for making this as painless as possible.” –Jennifer, LA, 1/2/15

“Very nice. The lady who called me was a really nice person and I enjoyed talking to her.” –Jonathan, LA, 12/31/14

“Excellent customer service. Embarrassingly this was my first and hopefully only time to need an ignition interlock device. Brian went above and beyond to help and explain everything to me. He was extremely professional yet friendly and compassionate to my situation. Because of him, I will be recommending Intoxalock to anyone I know who needs one.” –Michael, LA, 12/19/14

“Very clear and helpful from the first phone call. After calling several other interlock companies it was a no brainer. Intoxalock was more professional, more helpful, and more accommodating.” –David, LA, 12/11/14

“Kailee provided excellent customer service. Kailee provided excellent customer service throughout my installation experience. She followed up on every question I had.” –Colby, LA, 12/1/14

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*Based on reviews and ratings from Trustpilot.

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