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Iowa ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock is the #1 ignition interlock provider in the State of Iowa and we are committed to our 24/7 customer service availability. No complaint goes unanswered and we are proud to say that 85% of our customers said they would recommend us to their friends or family*. 

Read Intoxalock reviews from Iowa customers about their ignition interlock and alcohol monitoring devices:

"Frank's awesome and hilarious! It's great to feel like I'm talking to an actual human being! Thanks Frank!" –Kristen, IA, 1/7/2016

"I have had a interlock before and went thru a different company. Now with this company, from start to finish they let me know what was going on. The person I talked to was Frank and what a great guy. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything to a T. And there is no other company out there that will send you a interlock in the mail and allow you to have it for 6 months. Thank you to everyone." –Jacob, IA, 1/6/2016

"Frank was excellent in providing to my needs. I got helpful information and feel when I call again my needs will be handled well. Thanks!" -Jessica, IA, 12/10/2015

"They are very easy to get a hold of and are very responsive. Representatives seem to be very knowledgeable and engaged." –Bob, IA, 12/3/2015

"Very helpful service!" –Agapito, IA, 11/4/15

"The person answered quickly and got everything set up for me in less than ten minutes." - Sarah, IA, 10/29/15

"So far everything and everyone has been great. Helped me with questions and explained everything well. I was referred by a friend and it saved us both 20$!!!. It isn't much but saving anything is better than nothing." - Christopher B, IA, 10/23/15

"Richard was very helpful, has a very good sense of humor, and got me an appt right away. He explained everything to me very well." - Jill, IA, 10/19/15

"I spoke with a very nice representative who answered any and all questions I had. She thoroughly explained everything that was needed to know."-Samantha, IA, 9/28/15

"No hassle with minimal steps." –Chris, IA, 9/24/15

"Great experience and very easy going." –Heather, IA, 9/21/15

"I talked to Brian in Des Moines he was helpful and knowledgeable. Easy setup [ignition interlock device]." –Christopher, IA, 9/19/15

"Roumel was great answering all questions and explaining the device." –Casey, IA, 9/17/15

"Brittany was so awesome and helpful! She made sure that I understood everything and was so polite and nice." –Kelly, IA, 9/11/15

"I was recommended by my attorney and an acquaintance and was not disappointed." –Nick, IA, 9/01/15

"The reps I dealt with from answering my calls to helping line up the installation [ignition interlock device] were very professional and helpful. They could answer questions that my attorney/court had not answered or helped me with. Thank you for the understanding that I am not a hardened criminal." –RB, IA, 9/01/15

"Excellent, quick progress." –Walberto, IA, 8/21/15

"Love the customer service! The individuals on the phone AND the installers are wonderful!" –Sarah, IA, 7/21/15

"Everything and everyone has been helpful and patient. I felt comfortable asking questions. I have been given great direction from my first phone call to [ignition interlock device] installation of the device. My thanks to everyone." –Lisa, IA, 7/12/15

"Brandy was very nice easy to understand and extremely helpful. I would recommend Intoxalock to anyone! Made my life way easier then I thought it was gonna be." –Jason, IA, 7/11/15

"Very professional, fast service. Explained and helped with everything. Went over everything that a customer would need to know!" –Derek, IA, 7/7/15

"They know what they are doing and answered all of my questions." –Robert, IA, 6/26/15

"Every time I have called Intoxalock its been an extreme pleasure speaking to the person on the other line. Its a really challenging emotional time going through needing one of these in your car but they sure make it as pleasurable experience as possible. Their sales and customer service are top notch and extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you for making this experience a positive one."–Iowa Guy, 6/22/15

"Jeff was great and very helpful!" –Amanda, IA, 6/15/15

"Very friendly, calm and kind service. This was appreciated especially because I was surprised and very stressed regarding my situation." –Danyel, IA, 6/13/15

"Customer service representative was polite, informative and got the job done quickly."–Arnold, IA, 6/3/15

"The experience with the representative was very good. I had no problems and she was reasonable with everything I needed." –Aaron, IA, 6/1/15

"Very good customer service. I was very happy with it [ignition interlock device]. Not something I want to do but they made it pain free." April, IA, 5/19/2015

"Answered phone immediately, super helpful. That's the extent of my experience with them so far." –GF, IA, 5/19/2015

"Lisa worked with me to add the Intoxalock [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathlyzer, interlock system] to our car. She was so helpful and efficient. Thank you!" –Kristie, IA, 5/8/2015

"It was good and the representative I spoke with new the questions I had and she was pleasant. The process went quickly. Thanks April." –Valerie, IA, 5/5/2015

"The lady I spoke with was absolutely fantastic! Somewhat embarrassing to make this call as everyone knows why people are required to have an Intoxalock [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system]. But she was polite, friendly, and even funny; definitely not one negative thing I could say! As a person with years of customer service background, I absolutely give her an A+, thank you! :)" –Jackie, IA, 4/14/2015

"I called Intoxalock to set up my installation yesterday, and Tom was great to work with. He guided me through the process quickly and with ease and set up an installation time that worked for me. He really went above and beyond to help me out and get everything set up for me." –Travis, IA, 4/9/2015

"I spoke with Jerod and he made me feel so comfortable. And answered all my questions. He is an amazing person with an amazing personality. Keep up the great work."–Raymond, IA, 4/9/2015

"I had a great, great experience calling and the staff was so helpful and awesome, glad I went with y'all." –Sheri, IA, 4/7/2015

"The representative I spoke with when ordering Intoxalock [ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, interlock system] was very helpful and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. Technician at Auto Shoppe in New Vienna, IA was very efficient and instructed us thoroughly on the use of the device. Thanks for making a stressful situation easier for us!!!" –Michelle, IA, 4/4/2015

"The staff at Intoxalock are some of the best I have ever done business with! If you have a question, they can answer it!" –Nathan, IA, 3/31/2015

"Jeff was very helpful and has a great attitude. This isn't something that we enjoy to do but it's a must for some of us to earn our living. It's quite embarrassing actually. With that being said, Jeff never made me feel like less of a person for having to have a ignition interlock installed. I appreciate his helpfulness in this process." –Robert, IA, 3/27/2015

"The person I worked with understood my situation and explained the very well. Felt very comfortable with the process and would recommend the company [Intoxalock] to those in need." –Jennifer, IA, 3/24/2015

"I had a very pleasant experience. Fast and easy. Very polite and efficient and informative.” –Melanie, IA, 3/18/15

“They [Intoxalock] were very helpful with all my questions. And answered them great also.” –Julie, IA, 3/13/15

“Great customer care in dealing with Intoxalock.” –Ian, IA, 3/12/15

“THE BEST OF THE BEST. Wouldn't have gone anywhere else! Amazing customer service, cost is cheap compared to the competition, and easy to use once you learn how it works! You don't have to hum, and I don't have any complaints yet. My customer service rep (Stevie) was amazing! She was professional and polite, very helpful, and patient with all my questions! A+” –Ashley, IA, 3/12/15

“Jeff was really helpful. Jeff was really helpful and made it easy to get me back on the road.” –Jamie, IA, 3/2/15

“Satisfied. Very happy with the customer service Jeff was grate to work with!” –Seth, IA,2/20/15

“Really friendly and informative. Thought my rep did an outstanding job explaining and was knew very much about the product. A++++” –Dane, IA, 2/19/15

“Anna is an awesome customer service representative. Anna was great, friendly and had answers to all my questions about Iowa laws. Best experience I have had in this whole situation with my OWI. Thank you Anna!” –Ryan, IA, 2/17/15

“The Intoxalock representative, Richard, did an excellent job at assisting me in answering all of the questions I had and provided me with advice on what would be the best option for my short term situation. He did an excellent job!” –Katlyn, IA, 2/17/15

“Very pleasant and informative representative! My customer service representative was Jerica, she was very courteous and informative, helpful and efficient. She made a less than desirable situation fairly painless and you should probably give her a raise.” –Anna, IA, 1/23/15

“Great service. I would like to thank you all for making this difficult time less painful and stressful. Your customer service person was great, made the process easy and simple. Thanks again.” –Phillip, IA, 1/22/15

“My experience getting started. Excellent service and very helpful. Made it easy and painless. Thank you.” –Jeffrey, IA, 1/20/15

“Good call. Was very smooth transaction and professional.” Mayra, IA, 1/15/15

“Getting my Intoxalock ignition interlock device installed. Robert helped me get going set everything up and answered all my questions was very polite he was really good and helpful.” –Chad, IA, 1/5/15

“Awesome service. Richard was a great guy to talk to and very quick with his response to any question i had very pleased with service I will definately recommend Intoxalock to others.” –Jarod, IA, 1/2/15

“Great customer service! Even though no one wants to get an Intoxalock [ignition interlock device, BAIID, car breathalyzer] installed in their vehicle, Lissa, did a fantastic job on making this process less painful. Whether I had a question about the device, location of install or appointment scheduling she was always friendly. Not once did she seemed bothered by my questions or concerns! Great job!” –Jenna, IA, 12/10/14

“Rating: 5 STARS!” –William, IA, 12/6/14

“Excellent. I could have not been more pleased than I was today the young lady that helped me she could have been a more perfect person that she was she told me everything I needed to know very helpful and I appreciate her I give her a perfect 10.” –Monica, IA, 12/2/14

“Nice and simple. Was better then what I thought it was going to be.” –Nick, IA, 12/2/14

“Like it never happened. They were polite, respectful and concerned that things were done correctly. I would have no problem at all to recommend them [Intoxalock] to anyone. When I hung up the phone I felt relieved.” –Brad, IA, 11/26/14

“Good customer service. They had friendly and good customer service.” –Duane, IA, 11/25/14

“Very helpful and fast. Great people, friendly and fast.” –Roger, IA, 11/22/14

“I am now happy that I chose to go with them rather than other companies. The [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] product itself is very easy to use and helps further teach a lesson that I should have already known. Do not drink any alcohol and drive. :)” –Jamie, IA, 11/14/14

“Quality customer service, good follow through. The service I have received thus far from Intoxalock has been very quality. I had an issue with my installation which caused a delay in getting my car back. Intoxalock followed through on this inconvenience and they made the matter right. The device works great, and I feel that I am a valued customer. Most companies would not follow through like they have.” –Joseph, IA, 11/13/14

“Personnel very friendly and not judgey. The people on the phone were all very helpful and made it easy to get this done. I didn't feel like they were judging me for needing one. They help make going thru a stressful time a little easier.” IA, 11/10/14

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