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Illinois BAIID & ignition interlock customer reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerAt Intoxalock, we have more installation locations in the State of Illinois than any other BAIID provider and we pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly. No complaint goes unanswered with our 24/7 customer service and live chat program. We are proud to say that 85% of our customers said they would recommend us to their friends or family*

Read Intoxalock reviews from Illinois customers about their ignition interlock and alcohol monitoring devices:

"With a dozen choices at the Illinois Secretary of State website, it was difficult to figure out which vendor to use. After looking through product reviews, I called several of the vendors. Luke and Brian at Intoxalock were helpful, knowledgable, answered all my questions (sometimes twice), and made the process easier than I thought it would be. Thanks." -Mike, Illinois 2/29/16

"The customer service representative was very friendly, helpful and efficient. She handled my call and questions professionally." –J, IL, 1/4/2016

"I felt that my account was handled very smoothly and had no problems." –Kristen, IL, 12/30/2015

"Good and helpful." –Luam, IL, 12/30/15

"Matt was my contact. Articulate, polite, informative, detail oriented, excellent follow up and efficient." –John, IL, 12/29/215

"They were courteous and professional." –Susan, IL, 12/22/2015

"Jerica was professional, kind, understand and extremely helpful. She went out of her way to accommodate some of my 'silly' request and was very patient as I gathered everything I needed. As a first time user, I had no idea what to expect and she my the entire event sound comfortable and easy and never did I hear any judgement in her voice which helps when you are completely embarrassed by the situation." –Richard, IL, 12/22/2015

"Annie, the agent who assisted me, was pleasant and very thorough in explaining the cost and steps I would need to take in order to have successful outcome; from installation and usage, top the maintenance of the equipment. She treated me kindly, not judgmentally; making my experience with this company a positive one. I would gladly share with others who may find themselves, unfortunately, in a position of needing this device. It is not as much about the product, as it is the people and the experience you take away! Thank you!" –James, IL, 12/17/2015

"Customer service rep Brandy is professional very helpful and friendly too boot! good company to do business with." –Joseph, IL, 12/16/2015

"They were awesome in helping me set everything up and get on the road again!" –Kelly, IL, 12/14/16

"Great customer service" –BB, IL, 12/14/2015

"I found the representative very helpful in answering all the questions that I had in regards to getting the system installed!" –Nicole, IL, 12/1/2015

"Obviously the whole situation involved with a DUI is unpleasant and dealing with the Secretary of States office is confusing and unpleasant as well. The customer service at Intoxalock is great. I really appreciated the representative I spoke with being friendly and answering my questions in a understanding, helpful, and non-judgmental way." –Brandy, IL, 11/25/15

"Excellent service!! Very friendly and helpful!!" –Connie, IL, 11/10/15

"Setup was easy. Took 15 minutes. The lady was helpful, understanding and easy to follow." –Amish, IL, 11/10/15

"Frank answered any questions quickly and confidently. He maintained good rapport throughout the call. Overall Frank gets a A+ from me." –Ryan, IL, 11/5/15

"Excellent quick service. I was so surprised and happy when they were able to get me a next day appointment. Jeeny was very kind and understanding of my situation. Great Job."–Dean, IL, 11/4/15

"Very good in a bad experience" - Michael, IL, 10/10/15

"Even though I needed a lot of special requirements for my situation he never got frustrated took the time too answer my questions if he didn't know he found out all around very helpful" - Jimmie, IL, 10/05/15

"I first called to simply get prices. Frank was prompt and polite. I then called back at a later date and was immediately connected to Frank. He answered all my questions and promptly scheduled my apt. I wish I'd get service like this everywhere" - Derek, IL, 10/26/15

"My experience in my initial contact with Intoxalock [ignition interlock device] was as pleasant as possible. The representative was courteous and helpful."-Tom, IL, 9/8/15

"Jerricha was such a wonderful help in getting the [ignition interlock device] account set-up. She is very patient and so understanding. She has great customer service skills. I was afraid at first because I didn't know what to expect when I called, but as soon as she answers the phone, she puts you right at ease. I am very grateful to her for her help." –Luis, IL, 9/2/15

"Not how I'd like to drive. Intoxalock makes it as comfortable as possible." -Scott, IL, 8/13/15

"So far I had a great experience and no judgement. I hope no one has to go through this experience. It is a financial burden, hardship on my family and myself, most of all embarrassing, but it is my own fault, and i accept the consequences. I hope that everyone who chooses to drink and drive will think differently." -William, IL, 8/13/15

"Yes, it was. Easiest part of this entire process. They made it quick and easy." -Mike, IL, 8/10/15

"My experience went well. Karen was very nice and helpful." -Benjamen,IL 7/31/15

"I never felt like a criminal or a "bad" person from Intoxalock personal or the garage I had my device [ignition interlock, BAIID, car breathalyzer] installed. They were all professionals, which I really appreciated due to my intense guilt about my DUI conviction." -Sharon, IL, 7/21/15

"People were courteous and polite." -Preston, IL, 7/20/15

"It was great. Darryl and Jeff were both very helpful." -William, IL, 7/14/15

"Great customer service! Everything was explained to me very nicely." -Carolina, IL, 6/29/15

"Jeff made the setup [ignition interlock device] & scheduling a breeze. Thanks." -Blake, IL, 6/29/15

"Been helpful, patient and respectful so far." -Dustin, IL, 6/26/15

"Rob was great. He walked me through the entire process. He was informative and didn't 'pull my leg'." -Carlos, IL, 6/25/15

"I've used Intoxalock in the past (unfortunately) and the experience was easy and painless. Everyone at Intoxalock was helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly non-judgmental. I would recommend Intoxalock to anyone in this situation." -David, IL, 6/16/15

"Great experience. Very knowledgeable and patient." -Wayne, IL, 6/11/15

"The person I talked to was very helpful and explained everything." -Kathy, IL, 6/8/15

"LeAnne was great when I initially registered with Intoxalock. She was understanding of how difficult this time was for me. Nick was helpful in accommodating my [ignition interlock] installation."-Maria, IL, 6/1/15

"Jeff took the time to make sure I fully understood every aspect. Thanks for the great customer service!" -Jason, IL, 5/28/15

"Jeff was very helpful with setting this whole thing up, and my experience with this company was excellent." -Ashley, IL, 5/22/15

"Intoxalock has been great to me so far. My customer service rep Jeff Lamb has done an amazing job. He seriously answered all 45 of questions with such patience and understanding that I did not feel dumb or belittled in away for my current situation. If you are going to set up a device with these guys. Make sure you ask for Jeff." -Ryan, IL, 5/20/15

"Jeff my representative was kind and helpful when I really needed it. He went out of his way to make things as easy as it could be." -Paul, IL, 5/14/15

"Jeremy was so kind and patient, he took the time to explain everything to me and answered all of my questions. He was so nice. Excellent customer service... please give him some recognition!" -Jennifer, IL, 5/14/15

"The customer service walked me through the process of getting the breath device [Ignition interlock, IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer] installed and made me feel very at ease and comfortable." -Christopher, IL, 5/14/15

"Very complete, courteous, and polite this company rocks!!!" - Mario, IL, 5/28/15

"I spoke with Jeff from Intoxalock and he provided great customer service through the whole process [Illinois state ignition interlock laws]." - Jacob, IL, 4/29/15

"Their [Intoxalock] rep walked me though and made it very easy to enroll." -Robert, IL, 4/27/15

"The customer service rep I had was Kayla. She was extremely pleasant and very informative about costs and procedures of BAIID [Ignition interlock, IID, car breathalyzer] installation. I will be calling her again should there be an future need. :) I also was very pleased with the Intoxalock due to its 120 day calibration system that I can do from my own home. It is very helpful and less time consuming. I will recommend this company to anyone who may need it!" -Jamie, IL, 4/24/15

"Brian made it quick and easy." -Caleb, IL, 4/11/15

"My experience was very good. The rep that I spoke with was very informative and he help me getting the cheapest price on [ignition interlock device, BAIID, IID] installation in my area. I am very pleased. I recommend Intoxalock." -Stephen, IL, 4/1/15

"The woman I talked to was extremely nice and helpful. She took care of everything quickly." -Katharine, IL, 3/30/15

"I was nervous about figuring out the [ignition interlock, BAIID, IID, car breathalyzer] installation process, thinking I was going to have to pay a lot and not have an easy time. Entirely the opposite. Jeff made the entire process easy and simple, thereby making my life easier. Thanks Jeff!" -Jesse, IL, 3/23/15

“Satisfaction. The device [BAIID, ignition interlock, IID, interlock system] is great and was just what I thought it would be.” –Michael, IL, 1/26/15

“1st time user. All of my interaction over the phone has had 100% results. 4 calls total, explained every step and what to expect. Answered every question and even addressed my uncertainties.” –Michael, IL, 10/22/14

“My Intoxalock device wasn't at the installation center on the scheduled day. I had to return another day to get my Intoxalock. I expected to just have to deal with the inconvenience, but to my surprise I was contacted by a supervisor and given an apology and a free month of service. I was upset about the situation, but Intoxalock did what they could do to make it right. I'm very pleased.” IL, 3/20/14

“My call was handled perfectly. Positive experience. I would recommend Intoxalock.” –Wendell, IL, 2/26/15

“My experience was great and the worker was very helpful. She made sure that we were able to get everything taken care of that day. Even allowed me to call her back when I did not have all the information at the moment. I would recommend them to anyone. –Brandon, IL, 2/25/15

“Great very nice and very helpful. The lady was so nice and very helpful.” –Jamie, IL, 2/24/15

“Great service and very friendly. Getting my Intoxalock [BAIID device] sent to me and installed was a very easy process. It arrived on a timely manner and I had it installed within a few days. Device is fairly easy to use as well.” –Mark, IL, 2/16/15

“Richard was fast and knowledgeable and very friendly helping me with my BAIID machine.” –Nicholas, IL, 2/10/15

“So far, so good. I haven't had the install yet, but the people on the phone where the best, they where the most politest and accommodating, they new the product [BAIID device] and state laws, and yes I called several.” Timothy, IL, 2/10/15

“Excellent service. Dealt with Jeff very good at his job and made this very easy.” –Bradley, IL, 2/3/15

“A call well handled. Jeff was very good to talk to and handled my call well.” –John, IL, 1/30/15

“Intoxalock - Overall great company. I had Jeff as my advisor for getting my unit and he made things so easy and simple. Really did everything to make sure I had all the information needed!” –Brian, IL, 1/26/15

“Great representative Very thorough and friendly rep.” –Faye, IL, 1/17/15

“Excellent customer service. Their staff has really been helpful and descriptive. Made it an A, so far easy, process. Told me the right things to do at all times and made sure I knew what the next steps were.” –William, IL, 12/31/14

“Great. In my opinion Richard was excellent in customer service in setting up my lease and setting up installation.” –Jeffery, IL, 12/19/14

“The best customer service I have ever had! Thanks Stevie… Getting this device on my car was very stressful. The Secretaray of State was not helpful at all, to them your a number, but after talking to Stevie at Intoxalock, it was if a huge weight had been lifted. Stevie, was wonderful, she explained every step I needed to take and after giving her the information she needed she took care of my account within an hour, setup to install and called me back to explain everything. 1 day later I was back on the road. It has to be the best customer service I have had in years. They [Intoxalock] made me feel great. So call Stevie at Intoxalock, she will do it all! Thanks.“ –Dave, IL, 12/18/14

“Don't drink and drive. Total eye opener not worth losing job or family over.”–Robert, IL, 12/9/14


“Sign up for Intoxalock your service rep was great. She told me what was expected of me, the cost and set me up with an appointment for installation. Overall I would say that my experience with the service staff was great. Hopefully I'll only have one more call to make to the service area to disengage my device. I will be keeping a day-to-day chronicle through a blog in order for others in my situation to learn from my experiences. I'll have plenty of time since I don't drink anymore.” –Eric, IL, 12/4/14

“Great. Jericca was amazingly helpful and informative. I really appreciated her help!” –Shannon, IL, 12/1/14

“Service was great.” –Frank, IL, 11/28/14

“Friendly, personable, efficient! Representatives are surprisingly fast, efficient and effective in executing appointment scheduling; answering all questions/concerns while maintaining confidentiality.” –Dawn, IL, 11/21/14

“Great company and product. Intoxalock has been nothing but the best. I had the unit in my car for several months and it was working fine. Customer service is top notch. Unit [BAIID, ignition interlock device, car breathalyzer, IID, interlock system] is small, user friendly and again customer service is great.” –Happy Customer, IL, 11/21/14

“Friendly and answered all questions. They were helpful and found earliest appointment for me so I could get back to work. Friendly service and followed up with me on service appointment.” –Nicholas, IL, 11/20/14

“Very fast process! Great customer service that helped every step of the way!” –Janie, IL, 11/11/14

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