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California ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerIntoxalock has the largest ignition interlock installation network in the State of California and we pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly. Not only are we the highest rated ignition interlock device provider in California, you can also use our DUI California checklist to get started quickly and find installation locations near you today. We are committed to our 24/7 customer service availability and no complaint goes unanswered. We are proud to say that 85% of our customers said they would recommend us to their friends or family*. 

Read Intoxalock reviews from California customers about their ignition interlock and alcohol monitoring devices:

"Excellent service, friendly, faster, no complications, completely willing to actually help and make it easy for you, great price too. I would recommend it to anyone!" –Brenda, CA, 1/6/2016

"Everyone I spoke to was very helpful and had great personality's to match. They try to answer all questions and are speedy in getting everything set up for you. I really liked dealing with Brittany she was awesome and I'm glad I went with you guys." –Nagi, CA, 12/30/2015

"Needed it installed asap and their rep. Frank went above and beyond to make it happen. Would highly recommend this company." –John, CA, 12/23/2015

"My initial inquiry was received professionally and was confident this was the company I would work with. The unit arrived timely and installed without visual detection. It is easy to use and I would highly recommend it." –Kristina, CA, 12/16/2015

"They answered all my questions." –Scott, CA, 12/16/2015

"Brittany was supportive and beyond helpful. Everything went smooth and efficiently and left no questions unanswered, which was quite a pleasant switch from law enforcements seemingly purposeful lack of communication to increase any possible fees and charges. Sincerely, thank you." –Timothy, CA, 12/14/2015

"Frank who helped me out was great and made me feel very comfortable and the process very easy and smooth." –Kelly, CA, 12/14/2015

"The whole process was easy and painless. Dan had great customer service and even though the need for an interlock device is a bummer, this experience was simple." –Nicholas, CA, 12/12/2015

"Thanks. The process was easy." –Kaitlin, CA, 12/11/2015

"Lee Ann was very helpful and got me set up with an appointment within one week." –Mike, CA, 12/8/2015

"Intoxalock and in particular, my representative, Josh, provided absolutely exceptional customer service- professional, thorough information, quick response to phone messages and request(s) for changes in installment dates, exceptional follow up, and really delightful to work with in handling a basically awkward need on my part. I highly recommend them and Josh." –Victoria, CA, 12/8/2015

"Thank you Jerrica for all your help with my situation. You were very informative. I was made aware of all information regarding Intoxalock. Thank you for finding a lot action as well near me for installation. I can finally get back on the road safely and legally. Thank you!" –Shannon, CA, 12/4/2015

"Brenda is so awesome!!!" –Viviana, CA, 12/3/2015

"Frank was great he made it easy for me to get all of this out of the way" –Lucille, CA, 12/2/2015

"Thank you for taking such good care of me when I call. You guys all look so good and I just hope that you care for the great service that Karen S provide for your company. Thank you so much you guys are awesome. Special thanks to Karen." –David, CA, 11/22/15

"Jeannie was so helpful & had a great attitude. This is not the best process to be going through & she helped me w/ all my questions & made me feel comfortable." –Tamara, CA, 11/20/15

"Great customer service rep, Leanne, walked me through the entire process and was very helpful. No need to wait too long on the phone, they call you back, which is awesome. I don't have it installed yet, will update this once that is complete and I'm rolling again." - James, 10/29/15

"Brian was affable, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. For having to deal with a bad situation, it was a good experience." - Edgar, 10/27/15

"Very pleasant for and unpleasant time in my life! "So far from the first minute of talk I was made to feel like a person. Not a criminal or a number. I felt the person I dealt with had compassion for her job!" - David, 10/23/15

"I had a really good experience with this company. I had a guy named Frank, and from the first time calling getting all the info I needed, he answered all of my questions. Some questions not even technically about the IID. He was extremely helpful, and made everything I needed to do a piece of cake! Definitely great costumer service!" - Felicia, 10/16/15

"I had experienced complete ineptitude, incompetence, neglect and horrendous customer service with the former ignition lock system I had. It was so bad, that despite the consequences, I had to terminate a destructive appendage (those people!). When I called Intoxalock [ignition interlock], Meg was responsive, caring, straight-forward, understanding, professional, directive, thorough in her communication, followed up consistently (to build trust) and was honest. Although this entire ordeal has been so shaming, it lessened just from my interactions with her. Awesome!" –Jane, CA, 9/17/15

"My experience with Intoxalock was great!" –Reynaldo, CA, 9/15/15

"Cheap and easy [ignition interlock device] and they help pay for installation and first month... And is cheap around 75$ a month after that ... Highly recommend to anyone that is looking for an cheap and fast way." –Ernesto, CA, 9/14/15

"The representatives for Intoxalock were very personable and allowed me to ask as many questions I wanted too. Aside from the outstanding customer service, Intoxalock's price for the device [ignition interlock device] was the best for my budget. Thank you." -Marie, CA, 8/28/15

"April was very helpful. I told her I needed to have my device [ignition interlock, BAIID, IID] installed as soon as possible, and when she found out that there was a problem, she called me immediately and hung around after she could have gone home to help me and make sure that my appointment would be kept the same day I wouldn't have to wait. Thanks April!" -Richard, CA, 8/26/15

"She made the process easy and gave me confidence in using their product [ignition interlock, BAIID, IID]! Thank you!" -Ashley, CA, 8/21/15

"Frank went above and beyond so I felt sure about my decision to go with Intoxalock. I will be referring others to Frank and your company. Thanks Frank!" -Ed, CA, 8/13/15

"For a returning customer, its great and convenient to move through the process smoothly with the help of efficient Customer Service representative." -JM, CA, 7/31/15

"I would highly recommend this to many people that are in my same situation. Thanks for everything and keep doing what your doing!"-Shannon, CA, 7/13/15

"Jeffery thank you for being awesome!!!!!" -Svetlana, CA, 7/12/15

"I received very good help from Anna. She was great. It was quick and easy." -Roberto, CA, 7/9/15

"I was able to reach a customer service rep fast and easy and am very grateful it was Frank. I believe it wasn't just him doing his job but his character that pleased me and showed through. Thanks for everything and be sure to thank Frank!" -Danielle, CA, 7/9/15

"I had quick and very friendly service! She had a lot of great information and I felt like I really understood everything before I moved forward with the process. For something that I wasn't looking forward to, by the end of the call I felt a lot better about the whole thing. I appreciate her making at least one stop of this process pleasant!" -Samantha, CA, 7/8/15

"I would refer anyone to you [Intoxalock Ignition Interlock]. Best experience and understanding." -Sheraye, CA, 7/8/15

"Big help. Fast and easy!" -Felipe, CA, 6/11/15

"Jerrica provided me great service getting my account setup. I am installing through Sactown Pros and she was awesome!" -Scott, CA, 6/9/15

"I am a first time offender so, needless to say, this whole situation had been stressful and a roller coaster of emotions which is no ones fault but my own but it's still hard, so any amount of kindness and understanding is appreciated. When I was first deciding which company to choose it was from a list of 8 random companies and I basically just closed my eyes and chose. The first person I spoke with was Luke and from the moment he got on the phone he was an extremely nice guy. He made me feel understood throughout the entire conversation and explained everything to me so explicitly so that there was no way I was getting off that call with out being completely comfortable about your device. The next day he called and got everything set up for me with the company to install my device and made the entire process seem so easy and I appreciated how he was never once rude or judgmental, no matter how many questions I had, or how emotional I may have felt he made sure I knew I wasn't alone. After my call I looked into the company a little more on the website and they expressed that customer care is priority and I knew that was true solely based on my interaction with Luke. As I said before, the 1st impression was everything. Luke left a wonderful impression and also taught me a little background on your company while we were waiting. I would absolutely recommend your company to anyone who finds themselves in my situation because overall I hope everyone experiences the helpfulness you guys provide." -Breanna, CA, 6/7/15

"My rep was great! Good personality. Answered questions to the point. Made a bad situation for me good." -Kimberly, CA, 6/5/15

"Wonderful, patient, representative in Jeff L. Always there to help and answer my questions and knowledgeable answers. Perfect all the way around. Glad I had him to help through all of it." -Daniel, CA, 6/5/15

"I called to get information and was linked to customer service agent (not sure if that's the correct position title) named "Nick". I'm new to all this and had new clue how it worked and where to start even. Nick was very informative, polite, professional and just went above and beyond to help me get through this stressful situation I have put myself into by answering my questions, and I had a lot and letting me know which way to head with my particular situation. I had issues with my credit card do to the fact of recently switching banks and he let me know other ways in which I could make my initial payment in which I hadn't thought of. Even after telling me earlier in the day that the customer service department closes at 2:30 pm Pacific time zone (at least the department that is for setting up the initial instal, payment etc because I believe they have agents working 24-7 if there is a problem or if you have questions) he remained on the phone with me after 2:30pm because I wasn't able to call back until around 2:25 pm to make sure that I was able to get my unit installed the next day because I told him it was the difference between me getting an excellent job I've been trying to get or not. All in all I was extremely pleased with the company, with "Nick", and the process in general which like I said can be extremely stressful for anyone in my position. I would recommend this business to anyone needed to install interlock in their vehicle to move on with their life like I'm trying to do. Not sure if this review is posted online for everyone to see or just for the company but I wrote it out obviously as if it was a posted review for possible future costumers" -Christopher, CA, 6/4/15

"My first call to Intoxalock and Frank is my agent. I can honestly say that that was the best customer service that I have had in a long time on the phone and going into public places. Customer service is a dying service. Its good to know there is still some out there! Thank you" -Tamara, CA, 6/2/15

"Thanks to supervisor Vernon who worked with me using care & understanding instead of being treated like a moron. Thanks Vern!!!" -Thomas, CA, 5/10/2015

"Denise was awesome! Customer service was excellent." -Vanessa, CA, 6/2/15

"Very amazing outcome. A+ company. Great company as they offer the best of the best." -Oliver,CA, 4/30/2015

"I had a pretty good experience, my associate was very kind and very on top of everything. Jerrica made the experience as painless as possible and was very empathetic. She was very good at working around my schedule and great at following up. Had a good experience with her... cheers!" -Edwardo, CA, 4/25/2015

"Good service, thank you for everything!" -Aram, CA, 5/22/2015

"I was so lucky to have Jerod as a representative during the Intoxalock process [California ignition interlock laws]. He was very kind and patient in talking me through the many technicalities. Plus, he made me laugh several times, which I have rarely done since starting the process of getting my license back." -Brynn, CA, 5/11/2015

"Brandy was my liaison and she was so nice. This is not a pleasant experience for anyone and very humbling to say the least but she was friendly and very respectful. I had some issues with DMV paperwork not being properly submitted by insurance and state mandatory classes. Brandy stuck with me every step of the way, offered overnight shipping of my device [Ignition interlock, car breathalyzer, IID, BAIID] and even found a less expensive installer - saved me more than what I spent on the rush shipping! Overall experience was far superior customer service than ever expected! Thanks Intoxalock for excellent service and not making me feel like a loser :)" -Rosann, CA, 5/7/2015

"Helpful and understanding!" - Angelica, CA, 5/6/2015

"Stevie took amazing care of me and set me up with everything I needed to know." Gabrielle, CA, 5/5/2015

"Talked to rep on phone, met installer, they were very professional and full of info in such a stressful time!!!!" -Joseph, CA, 5/4/2015

"Getting a DUI has been a very rough experience. Jared really helped me feel okay about what I'm going through and not like a complete criminal. He was able to joke along with me and keep the mood light despite the negativity of my circumstances. Thank you for that!" -Ashley, CA, 4/21/2015

"Tom was very helpful in setting me up for my account. He was knowledgeable with all aspects of the device [Ignition interlock, car breathalyzer, IID, BAIID] and was able to get an [ignition interlock installation] appointment for me on a day that was accommodating to my current schedule." -David, CA, 4/15/2015

"Wray was an EXCELLENT sales provider! One of the best individuals I have ever worked with. I am so appreciative of my interaction with Wray. Terrific all the way around." -Kyan, CA, 4/8/2015

"A shining example of what customer service should be! Knowledgeable in all areas, a pleasure to work with." - Latoya, CA, 4/7/2015

"The help I received was pleasant. Made me want to get another DUI. Jokes aside, if every help center was like this we would have a better world." -Angel, CA, 3/24/2015

“Good fast easy!” –Efrain, CA, 3/3/15

“Great customer service! The customer service rep was friendly and very helpful.” –Melanie, CA, 3/19/15

“Great service! The customer service is excellent. They always called back when they said they would.” –Michael, CA, 3/19/15

“It was fast and easy! Kayla did a great job helping me she made everything easy for me and got it everything done right away.” –Marvin, CA, 3/13/15

“Awesome! Talked to Julie if I remember right, but anyways she was awesome. Everything was explained very well and she gave me all the information I needed and asked for.” –Shawn, CA, 3/12/15

“Customer Service (Lissa) was knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. Not much more to be said.” –Peter, CA, 3/11/15

“A+ customer service! Called two other companies and went with Intoxalock because well, I just felt comfortable. Anna was my rep and she handled everything with ease. We even shared a few laughs which helped in this not so "fun" situation. If you are in need to get back on the road LEGALLY and need a device [ignition interlock], I highly recommend Intoxalock.” -Nick, CA, 3/11/15

“Helpful, hey these people [Intoxalock] are here to help you. They bid me a great service. They helped me to getting me back on the road. Worth it. Thanks!” –Earl, CA, 3/10/15

“Great service! Made the process easy and quick. Explained everything in great details.” –Juliana, CA, 3/2/15

“Great! She was very helpful and nice!” –Anthony, CA, 2/26/15

“Karen provided an excellent and personalized service. Karen was simply amazing. Provided all the information I needed to make an educated decision in an unfortunate situation. Followed through with everything she said she would, as well as called back to confirm her the appointment. Helped with getting my auto-payment setup, and remained calm despite having to call me back three times because I accidentally hung up while trying to setup a conference call. Overall the best telesales experience I've ever had. It rare to find a sales associate who follows through with everything they say they will, but Karen did exactly that. She is a gem to your company and deserves a lot of recognition.” –Brent, CA, 2/19/15

"Making the best of a bad situation. The service tech named Jeff was very professional. I was already a unhappy customer going into this process. However, it's time to pay the piper. Jeff got me through with ease. Making sure that things were processed as quick as possible. His friendly yet all business attitude was a nice surprise. After speaking with some of the not so educated service techs at the other companies. I was beginning to wonder. I really can't say enough good things about Jeff. In all honesty, he should be a model for your other employees on how to make the best of a bad situation.” –Shane, CA, 2/13/15

“Jeff was quite helpful and earnest! Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He found me the best options and prices. Overall, a great experience!” –Chetan, CA, 2/10/15

“Well what can I say, I was a nervous wreck because I got a DUI and I heard that getting the interlock was super expensive and that you had to pay it all in full at once… But that wasn't the case… I actually got help from the person on the phone and was made feel important not judged.” –Nelson, CA, 1/24/15

“Friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable customer service. My entire DUI has been a complete mess. Court not having my case ready several times. Forcing me to have court in a different county with an over hour long drive (ride from someone). Getting sentenced maximum punishment: 30 days house arrest, $3,000 fine, 18 month program, 1 yr. Suspension, 3 yr. Ignition Interlock device, and I blew a .09 and was literally not pulled over and had only stopped to save a man's life in an unrelated accident he had on his motorcycle. DMV a complete nightmare. MAU not able to give me information I needed. However, the only silver lining in this entire experience has been the customer service from Liz from Intoxalock. She was super friendly and understanding and very helpful and knowledgeable with all of my questions. I tried to be punctual with this whole thing and called to set up an appointment for installation. MAU said I wasn't signed up for classes when I had already paid the whole amount and been going for 3 weeks. I called back about a month later (took that long to straighten everything out) and Liz answered the phone like I was her favorite relative calling her back the next day. She knew exactly who I was, remembered where we left off (maybe computer software) and was beyond any definition of friendly I'm used to from customer service (definitely not computer software). She helped me with all of my questions and got me set up with a service station literally less than a 5 minute walk from my work. She called me back later to see how everything was going with my situation as well. Wow! Thank you Liz! I hope you get to see this message and truly believe the world would be a better place with more people like you in it. Take care.” –Steven, CA, 1/9/15

“All good reviews. Bill was great explaining and expediting.” –Ara, CA, 1/8/15

“A better choice. I went through Inter Safe and it was such a hassle, their device is a nuisance. The technician they have is unprofessional as well, I decided to look for someone else and I found Intoxalock. I'm glad I did, the representative I spoke to (Brian) was very polite, professional and informative. Their machine [Intoxalock ignition interlock device, BAIID] is so much easier and hassle free, thank you guys for making my situation a lot more stress free.” –Rachel, CA, 12/22/14

“Excellent Service! Working with Robert Last and Intoxalock has been an absolute pleasure. Great Customer Service!” -Marcus, CA, 12/16/14

“Easy as pie! I called the toll free number and they set me right up. If I knew it was that easy I wouldn't have waited to sign up!” –Mike, CA, 12/11/14

“Customer service was very helpful and friendly. Lisa helped me thru the process with what seemed like a smile, she was most friendly. She returned my call promptly and answered all my questions.” –Jesse, CA, 12/11/14

“Happy so far I am content with the services of Intoxalock. Chelsea was very nice and was able to answer all my questions.” –Robin, CA, 12/1/14

“Good, reliable company and device! Great customer service.” –William, CA, 11/24/14

“Pleasant and helpful. I had a good experience. Chelsea was really informative and explained things in a way I could understand and has promptly returned both calls I made to her. Thanks!” –Jennifer, CA, 11/19/14

"Professional & Quick! Not only is Intoxalock affordable, they are very professional. I called a couple of other places before choosing Intoxalock and they weren't very helpful, their menus didn't work, there was a lot of background noise, was on hold forever, and their reps didn't seem to be paying attention. At Intoxalock they were on it. I'm never on hold for more than a few minutes whenever I call and no matter what my question or issue is, their reps work with me and get me answers and results. I also needed my [ignition interlock, BAIID] device super quick and they were able to work with me. I was able to get my device installed the next day. I'm really happy I went with Intoxalock and not some other company.” –Danielle, CA, 11/15/14

“Great customer service! The woman was so kind and helpful.” –Oliver, CA, 11/11/14

“Don't drink and drive! Glad I'm in position to gain my driver’s license back legally.” –Vaccaro, CA, 10/30/14

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