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Arizona ignition interlock customer ratings & reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerAt Intoxalock, we pride ourselves on helping customers to live and drive responsibly and no complaint goes unanswered. In Arizona, we offer fewer state required service checks than any other ignition interlock provider, 24/7 customer service and many convenient installation locations. We asked our customers, and 85% of them said they would recommend us to their friends or family*. 

Read Intoxalock reviews from Arizona ignition interlock customers about their alcohol monitoring devices:

"The agent was very patient and extremely polite in helping me set up an online account and installation appointment at my convenience." –Richard, AZ, 12/30/2015

"Very good system. The guy that helped me was great." –Steve, AZ, 12/21/2015

"GREAT THANK YOU." –Dennis, AZ, 12/10/2015

"Karen went above and beyond with helping me today" –Steven, AZ, 12/10/2015

"Great customer service by Jericca, she was very nice, patient, took the time to answer all my questions and to find me an appointment that best worked for me thank you so much Jerrica I really appreciate it." –Ginna, AZ, 12/4/2015

"I have been through three different companies and Intoxalock was wonderful and actually is the only one who not only cared about my situation but went above and beyond to help get me where I needed to be. Laura followed through with my requests without an attitude like most companies." –Adam, AZ, 12/4/2015

"I spoke to a very helpful representative!" –Eric, AZ, 11/30/15

"I was being taken advantage of by another company, switched to Intoxalock and the differences are night and day. These guys are awesome and it feels like they care. I recommend Intoxalock." –Jeremy, AZ, 11/26/15

"Friendly prompt service, explained everything to me and sorted in one phone call." –Jerome, AZ, 11/23/15

"I had awesome customer service with the guy who set me up and the installation was quick and easy. I'm just having issues setting up a account, but I’m sure someone will help me out!" –Alexis, AZ, 11/19/15

"Jerrica was so kind and never made me feel like I was a criminal! She was patient and kind and listened when I talked. I would recommend, based on Jerrica's customer service, this company to anyone. Thank you again." - Virginia, 10/29/15

"Richard Moore was very helpful and informative with everything that was needed to set things up. Great service! Also a very pleasant person to do business with! I would definitely recommend your service to those in need. Thanks Richard." - Ricardo, 10/28/15

"Frank took care of my entire [ignition interlock device] setup and scheduling. It was really nice to have been treated like a customer and not just another person needing help. Thanks!" –Clayton, AZ, 9/15/15

"Jeff did a great job explaining the process and setting me up with the right equipment [ignition interlock device] and services." -Anthony, AZ, 8/21/15

"OMG! Really thought this was going to be the hardest thing that I've ever done, Thought the people were going to be mean and judgmental - Not the case. I got the greatest rep ever "BRIAN" I recommend everyone asks for Brian, Such a great guy - helped me through the whole process and returned his calls - just like he promised. Got me set up with everything and made this whole experience so painless. Thanks again Brian." -Mik, AZ, 8/11/15

"Amazing experience super helpful!!!! So far so good!!" -Austin, AZ, 8/06/15

"Great service, I mean very great. They are here to help you." -Timothy, AZ, 8/03/15

"Jeff was very informative and knowledgeable. He guided my through the process quickly and answered all my questions." -Chance, AZ, 7/23/15

"My Representative from Iowa, Thomas, was very informative and patient with me through the process. I appreciate his professional customer service, and the company for making it easy for me." -Abel, AZ, 7/9/15

"The experience can be very confusing. Intoxalock is the most friendly and cost effective option on the market! Hands-down world class customer service. You are treated as if you are purchasing a desired piece of merchandise [Ignition interlock device].” -Charles, AZ, 7/3/15

"I had a wonderful experience with Jeff he communicated with me answered my questions and it was fast and simple thank you." -Jennifer, AZ, 7/1/15

"The experience was very easy to set up." -David, AZ, 7/1/15

"Frank answered all of my questions with enthusiasm and in a thorough manner." -Megan, AZ, 7/1/15

"I spoke with many companies, Luke is by far the primary reason I chose Intoxalock!! He was beyond friendly, non-judge mental and so informative. He made a frustrating and complicated process feel seamless. He is truly an asset to your company"-Heather, AZ, 6/30/15

"Jerrica fully explained everything about the process."-Carl, AZ, 6/22/15

"Lavender was great, straight forward, and well organized." -SM, AZ, 5/26/2015

"Great experience with Jeff at Intoxalock! He was professional and helpful when it came to my case. He was able to work with me on set up, and I'll be back on the road next week! Thank you Jeff, I would recommend this company to anyone who is needing world class customer service." -John, AZ, 5/16/2015

"Pleasingly, quick, & simple. I didn't feel obligated to go with Intoxalock. I believe it was the best choice for me, because the customer service was very helpful & courteous, plus the monthly payments are low. Thank you guys very much for your customer service." -Daniel, AZ, 5/8/2015

"Jeff, the man that works for Intoxalock, is a very nice young man whose helpful all the way. So far all is well. Mine [Ignition interlock device, car breathalyzer, IID, BAIID] will be installed in a timely manner." -JW, AZ, 4/28/2015

"Jerod and Brian both gave great and excellent service… They made the process very easy! Thanks!" - Kurt, AZ, 4/13/2015

"Jeff was great. He was polite, prompt and knowledgeable. Great experience overall. Straight to the point, helpful with my questions and easy to set up." -Ian, AZ, 4/13/2015

"I just ordered my device [Ignition interlock, car breathalyzer, IID, BAIID] and have not started using it. My experience so far has been one that showed me respect and compassion. I'll let you know more as my experience continues." -Susan, AZ, 3/27/2015

“Very helpful. I had a few issues with Arizona’s DMV but Rob was very helpful and patient in letting me know what was going on what needed to happen to get everything in order.” –Freddie, AZ, 11/18/14

“Customer service… Jeff gave me accurate information and was pleasant.” –Varonique, AZ, 3/20/15

“Nice and helpful people. I was pleased with their service, just wished I could have gotten the interlock [BAIID, ignition interlock device, car breathalyzer] installed sooner.” –Cherie, AZ, 3/5/15

“Great communication and awesome service. Would like to thank Bill at Intoxalock! He has been a great help through this process! Thank you Bill.” –Cara, AZ, 3/5/15

“Very friendly customer service. Thank you very much Ryan for all of your help in figuring out the lockout situation for my car. I would never of expected the call I got to make sure I was satisfied and didn't need any service. Only good things to say about this company after almost a year with them. Thanks again!” –Michael, AZ, 11/26/14

“Courteous, friendly, efficient and professional. I think this has to be the one most caring, considerate, professional companies in this field, at least I say can that about Julie, my account manager and a fine representative of Intoxalock. She guided me through the state process. I believe would have been impossible without for her.” –Darald, AZ, 11/4/14

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*Based on reviews and ratings from Trustpilot.

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