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Ignition interlock customer service reviews & ratings

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerAt Intoxalock we pride ourselves on premier customer service, including online live chat and 24/7 customer service by phone. We treat our customers with respect and help them in every way possible regain their license legally in the fastest way possible. Intoxalock seeks to handle all problems and complaints immediately and offer the best customer service in the ignition interlock device industry.

Read what Intoxalock customers have to say about the customer service they received:

"I had to call to set up a installation of the device and had no information about the process....they helped me and relieved me of my stress, in the process." -Sean, 1-17-17

"Customer service was incredible. I had issue after issue in trying to get my license back, but salesman Bill went above and beyond to get me the right information and stayed 100% patient with me through the entire process. They returned my calls quickly and gave me all good info where other places gave me the wrong info. Very professional and respectful. I am so glad I chose their company." –Ruston, 9-16-16

“Very informative and clear to understand. I expected my call from Intoxalock to be dreadful but I was very wrong. My representative, Karen, was nothing but nice and very helpful. She gave me very clear directions on exactly what to do. She took away all my anxiety with the whole process. I left the phone call with having my installation set up and all questions answered. Very easy process.” Adrian, 7-25-16

"Outstanding service! I spoke with Kim. I was so impressed with how well he handled my situation. For the first time in this whole nightmare I was treated as a human being again. I also am 100% satisfied with your pricing and availability to handle this matter quickly and with ease. Your installer who recommended you, which was Ziebart in Pewaukee WI did an outstanding job." –John, 4-13-16

"He was very thorough and built trust in the company as an innovator. He brought up the heat feature of the unit to prevent freezing and unit error. He disclosed the fee for the re-calibrating and the fact with this company I would only have to do it every 60 days not 30 days. ( Some of the companies never brought it up.) The disclosures where more professionally done as I called every provider listed on the Minnesota site. The were last on my list and I am glad I waited to hear of your service which is a big part of my decision too." –Audrey, 1/29/16

"My Customer Service Representative Luke, was "Off The Chain, Awesome"! He followed up with me, he was over and above all standards in the "Patience" department. Very Professional! He made an unsavory circumstance a little more tolerable!!! Thank You Luke!!! You are an Absolute Blessing!" –Stacy, MO, 12/16/2015

"Obviously the whole situation involved with a DUI is unpleasant and dealing with the Secretary of States office is confusing and unpleasant as well. The customer service at Intoxalock is great. I really appreciated the representative I spoke with being friendly and answering my questions in a understanding, helpful, and non-judgmental way." –Brandy, IL, 11/25/15

"The fact that I'm even taking the time to fill one of these out is proof how serious this claim is Frank was awesome." –Lyle, KS, 11/13/15

"Setup was easy. Took 15 minutes. The lady was helpful, understanding and easy to follow." –Amish, IL, 11/10/15

"Intoxalock has great customer service with knowledgeable representatives. All my questions are always answered thoroughly and fast." - Kevin, WI, 10/28/15

"Customer service manager Vernon was very helpful." - Christopher M, PA, 10/28/15

"Very Satisfied! I am an Intoxalock customer for 11 months now and had a service issue resolved immediately and professionally by representative Chacey. He was polite and provided superior service. Thank You!" –Marc, 10/3/15

"Excellent customer service - the person that I spoke to was very knowledgeable and kind." - Andrea, NY, 10/01/15

"They did a great job getting me quickly to install my device. It was a smooth process and they did all work for me. Thank you for good customer service" - Curt, NE, 10/29/15

"My customer service rep, Brandy, was understanding, knowledgeable, and professional. This was a great relief dealing with this unpleasant situation and topic." - Ron, IL, 10/14/15

"My customer service agent is Richard, who spent 45 minutes with me setting up my Intoxalock account, going over everything in fine detail, and lightening up the unpleasant experience of getting an Intoxalock with jokes and anecdotes. It was actually a "fun" call, as bizarre as that may sound. I was extremely impressed and glad to know that if anything ever happens with my Intoxalock, all I have to do is call Richard and he will take care of it." - Kenyon, IA, 10/15/15

"Having an IID installed in my car means a lot of unpleasant and difficult things are occurring simultaneously. This is a stressful time in my life. So the little things mean a lot in making it even just a little less stressful. Brian (extension 246) was very helpful throughout the process of scheduling my installation and getting me all set up. He answered all my questions, and was very prompt in returning my calls. I hope no one has to go through an IID installation and all the associated aspects. If someone does, I would suggest they contact Intoxalock." - Sam, CA, 10/12/15

"Kind, and diligent customer service reps. A+" - Dino, CO, 10/12/15

"Operator me feel comfortable and respected" - Jason, CT, 10/07/15

"Agent Elizabeth Schleisman is an asset to your company. The day I got a DUI I had taken prescribed medication for nausea due to cancer surgery and even though I had used it many times I had a bad reaction and fell asleep while driving to work. I was upset that I had to have an Interlock put in my car as I was not drinking and the test proved that nor did I overdose. I explained this to Elizabeth and she was so kind, understanding and sympathetic. She explained the whole procedure clearly and in a positive way. She never talked down to me or made me feel like a bad person. I was so impressed with her. She is a super person and I'm so glad she was the person who got my call the first day I called. Thank you." - Nancy, CA, 10/05/15

"Luke was very helpful and knowledgeable in everything I needed." - John, CO, 10/02/15

“Luke was awesome! Dealing with the stigma from getting a DUI is harsh from all different aspects and trying to deal with the consequences. When people find out, its like they get a different attitude toward me and treat me more negatively. But when I called around to get information about getting an IID installed in my car, Luke was my representative and he was downright amazing! He made me feel welcomed, answered all of my questions in a relatable tone (and trust me when I said I had a LOT of questions) and he was such a pleasure to work with. He made the process so much easier and made me more relaxed. If I had to recommend a company to someone who has to get an IID as well, I would for sure send them to Intoxalock and have them ask for Luke.” –Eric, 8/31/15

"Being convicted of a DUI is not easy. Embarrassment, shame, financial hardship. The court and DMV require a lot. As soon as I talked with an Intoxalock representative, she made part of this process a lot more tolerable. Very professional and easy to work with. She answered all my questions and did what she said she would do to schedule my [ignition interlock device] installation and make sure the parts were there. It was also more affordable than I thought it was going to be. Thank you Intoxalock." -Robert, NY, 8/07/15

“The experience can be very confusing. Intoxalock is the most friendly and cost effective option on the market! Hands-down world class customer service. You are treated as if you are purchasing a desired piece of merchandise.”–Charles, 7/3/15

“Her name was Brandy. She was such a sweet person. Very friendly and so easy to talk to. I thank her so much for all her help. Have talked to other people who work there also each are very kind.” – Stonie, TX, 12/30/14

“My Intoxalock representative made the ignition interlock experience as pain free as possible.” –Kansas customer, 12/21/14

"Having an [Intoxalock ignition] interlock device installed an your vehicle is not a great feeling or a very gratifying experience but Intoxalock has done a great job making sure that the equipment works well and their customer service has been far above what I expected.” –California customer, 12/15/14

“It was really easy to get it all set up with you guys thanks to Brian. He was amazing help and did a really good job. I was very impressed with how fast he got me set up. Thank you.” –Branden, 12/9/14

“The customer service reps are the best I have ever experienced. This is an awful situation made easier working with the people on the phone from this company [Intoxalock].” – 12/6/14

“Customer service is top notch!” -Pennsylvania customer, 11/28/14

“Easy plus she made me feel non judgmental. I am still ashamed about my actions.” 11/26/14

“You [Intoxalock] were all very helpful.” 11/25/14

“Due to the circumstances my experience with Intoxalock has been good.” 11/25/14

“It made a bad experience better.” 11/24/14

“Everyone has been so nice and understanding.” 11/20/14

“The people at Intoxalock are always very friendly on the phone, probably among the most helpful customer service I've ever had to deal with.” 11/20/14

“Reps always courteous and helpful.” 11/13/14

“I have always been treated nicely on all my calls.” 11/12/14

“You run a top of the line company, I have already referred a client to you [Intoxalock], and never drink and drive! Keep up the great work!” 11/11/14

“Agents are always polite and professional.” 11/11/14

“Jerrica was very personable and completed follow-up as promised.” Mike, WA, 11/9/14

“Very knowledgeable staff.” 11/8/14

“Every time I have had to call, everyone who answers is so friendly. They [Intoxalock] really make the experience easier.” 11/6/14

“I liked how the customer service representative could log in to my account and see exactly what was going on with my device [Intoxalock ignition interlock, IID, car breathalyzer, BAIID]. Even though my car had completely died, it turns out the device still had a little charge the whole time and I didn't get locked out.” 11/5/14

“She was exceptional at the service she helped me with and very kind.” 11/4/14

“There are times in life when we make mistakes and need help getting back on track. I had to have an Intoxalock [ignition interlock device, car breathalyzer, BAIID, IID] for breaking the law and I was concerned about the entire process. The Customer Service I received was excellent. They took time to explain the process and helped me "quickly" when I had questions or concerns. I would recommend this company if you have to have this unit in your car. They are there to help you and I never felt any judgement from any of their staff.” 11/3/14

“My customer service representative was very nice and made the experience as seamless as possible.” 11/3/14

“I felt more reassured about my services the representative was very helpful in fact each time I have called they have been very good.” –Diane, MN, 11/2/14

“Overall good job by the rep I spoke with, as a first time perspective client I had no idea what to expect let alone what to ask. As a "first time real client" I was even more lost. I truly hope this survey helps. I am driving today with your device installed properly by a qualified shop and due to the instruction provided by the rep I spoke with so I suppose I have no real issues. THANK YOU!!!” –Mike, IL, 10/25/14

The Intoxalock customer service team has gone above and beyond my expectations. They are always kind, polite and helpful and they don't judge:)

“Robert was the reason I went with your company. Very knowledgeable, personable, and professional.” –Missouri customer, 10/24/14

“I have found the customer service with the company [Intoxalock] really good. They explain everything in great detail. Very pleased.” –Texas customer, 10/22/14

“The Intoxalock customer service team has gone above and beyond my expectations. They are always kind, polite and helpful and they don't judge:) It is a pleasure dealing with everyone at Intoxalock. What top notch group!” –10/17/14

“Even though the unit was installed under legal court order, Intoxalock's customer service didn't make it feel that way.” – 10/17/14

“Had excellent customer service from Marsha today. Very helpful and I could hear the smile on the other end of the line. Thanks Marsha, you are awesome.” –Scott, MO, 10/14/14

“Lissa was awesome. She made me feel like this wasn't a bad thing that I had done and very very nice woman to deal with. She deserves a raise :) Thank you so much.” –Keith, PA, 9/26/14

“My rep was "Nick" and he was very helpful and conscientious about ensuring I was getting the best fit for my situation.” –Larry, MO, 9/26/14

“Customer service was great.” Sherrie, WI, 9/26/14

“Skylar and Jerrica very very friendly, answered all of my question in a very timely manner and never made me feel embarrassed that this was to be installed! Jerrica worked very hard to find an installer near me making many calls. She's great!” –Julie, MN, 9/1/14

“Dave was very polite and helpful. Hoorah to Dave!” –Christopher, PA, 8/8/14

“You folks are always very helpful when I call. Hopefully I'll be done with this kazoo [Intoxalock ignition interlock device] pretty soon.” –Chris MT, 8/7/14

“Everyone we spoke with was courteous and helpful.” Robert, TN, 8/1/14

“Given the all the hoops and and obstacles I faced after my DUI, I was so grateful to Intoxalock for a smooth, friendly and judgement free experience.” –Krysta, CA, 7/28/14

“The all the reps who helped me was very professional and helpful.” -Nicholas, NY, 7/28/14

“I spoke with a Jerod initially, he was very helpful and patient with my questions. This influenced my decision to choose Intoxalock. Installers were also helpful.” –Mark, MN, 7/22/14

“I learned a lot by having Intoxalock [ignition interlock device] … don’t drink and drive! Never again. Thank you for your help.” Barbra, NY, 7/11/14

“Forget the rest, Intoxalock is the BEST! Service and performance far better than their competitor's. Reliable product [ignition interlock device] and people behind the product!” –Joe, MN, 5/27/14

“Representatives are extremely helpful!” –Michael, ID, 5/19/14

“Intoxalock has made a very unpleasant experience very manageable and less stressful than I had feared.” –Frank, NY, 5/16/14

“Your representative, Brian, was very helpful & knowledgeable of the program & product usage.” –William, MO, 5/4/14

“I want to thank the representatives that helped me get this system straightened out with Missouri. Now I can get my license! Thank you! –Charlotte, IA, 5/2/14

“It's a win-win. You can still drive and they know you aren't intoxicated.” –Joel, MN, 4/25/14

“Intoxalock kept me driving, keeping me from losing my job.” –Dan, TN, 4/21/14

“The only way to safely drive is with an interlock [Ignition interlock]” –Juang, NY, 4/18/14

“Customer service was very very respectful and never felt like I was being looked down on in anyway, always there for me 24/7! Thank you Intoxalock” –Bridgette, PA, 4/18/14

“The customer service line is very informative and professional while ensuring your needs and overall understanding are met in a timely manner.” –Austin, IL, 4/11/14

“Just had the most amazing experience with Laura! Top notch customer service!!!!” –Danielle, NY, 4/9/14

“Nobody wants to get car breathalyzer installed in their car. But once it's required Intoxalock [ignition interlock device] is the choice hands down. No judgment and plenty of service.” –Doug, WA, 4/07/14

“Best service for during a bad situation.” –Ed, IL, 4/07/14

“Intoxalock has opened my eyes, and placed me on the right road to success!!!” –Lauren, WA, 4/07/14

“Talked to Courtney on the phone this afternoon and everything was great. Explained everything to me and I didn't have to do anything. Good stuff that Courtney.” –Matt, 3/28/14

“It has been very easy and the customer service department is 5. Only a week left for me with the unit but it has been a lot better then what I read on the reviews, Thanks for making this mistake a little easier to cope with.” Steve, PA, 3/21/14

“Missy was very helpful and patient. Best rep I've spoke to since this whole miserable ordeal started.” –Angela, 3/19/14

“Spoke to Courtney today. Such a great help walking me through the process!” –Emily, 3/19/14

“I had a situation with a lockout on a device and would like to say thank you to the representative Kelly. She handles several of my phone calls and treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Thank you again Kelly! –Ben, 3/18/14

“I would like to give Jeremy a big shout out!!!! He has excellent customer service and a delight to talk to. Very helpful and knowledgeable too! He actually had me laughing!!! –Jean, 3/18/14

“Very satisfied, customer service has always been very helpful and polite.” –Daniel, IL, 3/17/14

“You got yourself into this situation. Intoxalock gets you out.” –Ryan, WI, 3/17/14

“Nobody wants to have a breathalyzer [ignition interlock device] in their vehicle, but the customer service that I have received from the Intoxalock team has made my experience excellent.” –Beth, IA, 3/17/14

“It was an unfortunate mistake on my part that brought me to do business with your company. However, I have had a wonderful experience each time I've dealt with one of your representatives. Just today, Missy was able to help me with a shipping address change and answer several questions. She was friendly and helpful, and that is so important when dealing with a situation that is both unfamiliar and crucial to stay on top of in order to be able to get to and from work. Thank you for your assistance.” –Deb, 3/12/14

“Wow what great service if must of talked to "Myela" from Intoxalock for over an Hour not only she answered all my questions she walked me though my account set up she made me feel like if was talking to friend not a stranger now that is customer service if hope if get to speak to her again thank you Intoxalock for hiring the best customer service reps! –Jason, 3/11/14

“I spoke to a representative named Courtney on the phone today and she was a great help. I had called regarding the status of my recalibration and she answered all of my questions very thoroughly. She did a great job!” –Alec, 3/10/14

“Dana was very helpful and pleasant. She was able to help me out immensely and it was much appreciated.” –Mike, 3/6/14

“Dana was an amazing help today. You couldn't have a more positive and friendly person.” –Crista, 3/5/14

“Called and talked with Courtney today, she and the whole team over at Intoxalock are very professional and have always handled anything I need quickly and accurately! Keep up the good work!” –Derek, 3/3/14

“I think Intoxalock strives to improve its relationship with its clientele. Customer service has been a plus.” –Wade, NH, 3/1/14

“Jennifer was Excellent!” –Mark, NY 2/28/14

“I had Brian serving me and was extremely pleased with his service knowledge and promptness.” –Robert, PA, 2/28/14

“Getting this device would be a really stressful thing to go through and Brian made it so much easier. He knew I had to do a lot to get it done and was very patient with me having to run around finding papers. I don’t think I could of went through all of this without Brian. He made things a lot easier than I thought it would be.” –Shelley, 2/28/14

“Today, Tuesday, 2/25/14 I spoke with Courtney and she was incredible. Her attention and patience was beyond the call of duty. She was able to help me navigate the web site and answered all of my questions. Also she was able to brighten my day with conversation. The company has employed some incredible people.” –Stacey, 2/25/14

“Melissa was extremely friendly and competent, a pleasure to do business with.”–Richard, IL, 2/21/14

“The service has been fantastic and everyone I have spoken to at Intoxalock and the service center have been very nice and totally helpful and pleasant. To me that's important especially going through this situation. Thanks.” –Richard, PA, 2/9/14

“The representative that I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. He was also very patient while I gathered some of the information that was needed. I was very comfortable talking to him.” –Pam, KS, 2/7/14

“Pat was excellent is explaining the product and the process involved. He represented the company very professionally and with great knowledge.” –Justin, IL, 1/28/14

“THANKS STEPHANIE!!! I so appreciate you awesome help and attitude. You made this so much easier and were so very kind with all my  questions.” –Debra, NH, 1/24/14

“In my 55 years on this planet, I have never experienced customer service of this caliber to date, all presenting awesome customer! With a hearing loss affecting voice tones, it has been refreshing to actually understand each rep… the first time! And the thoroughness was also refreshing. Thank you all!” –Terrance, 1/23/14

“The representative was very friendly! Great customer support!” –Dalila, IA, 1/11/14

“Everyone was very helpful, from the woman I talked to on the phone to the installer.” –Susan, IL, 1/11/14

“I have to be honest. I was really impressed overall with the conversation that I had with Jared the sales person I spoke with when I had my account set up.” David, MO, 1/10/14

“Intoxalock safeguards against drunk drivers and makes you think before you drive. Company is easy to deal with and I would highly recommend this company.” –Erik, WY, 10/12/13

“I had previously spoke with Angel, I called other places and called back and spoke with Stephanie, and speaking with her, HER knowledge, HER PATIENCE with ME, answering ALL my questions!! I signed up with her RIGHT AWAY!! I have been active with A.A. since becoming sober and see ALOT of Court Ordered DUI people and I am recommending your company!! Stephanie is the BEST!!” –Sophia, IL, 10/8/13

“My research on line and by talking to a representative initially was sufficient to answer most of my questions and needs.” –Gus, IL, 9/20/13

“Whenever I call Intoxalock with any question they were all very polite and patient and very helpful it helps very much and I thank you.” –John, IL, 9/15/13

“The representative was extremely helpful and demonstrated a sense of urgency. She deserves a promotion or pay increase.” –Daniel, NY, 9/14/13

“Arlene was extremely helpful! –Jeff, IA, 9/13/13

“The representatives that I have talked to have all been outstanding.” –Carol Ann, ME, 9/9/13

“Intoxalock has made my experience easier and all the more better than I ever thought to expect.” –Shannon, IA, 9/6/13

“CST [Intoxalock] was good, well mannered & helpful.” –Lewis, OR, 9/6/13

“Customer service representative was good, well mannered & helpful.” –JW, OR, 9/6/13

“Service for calls in to the Intoxalock before I had the service and after install have been helpful and courteous. Due to a Court order I was required for device. It has been an inconvenience, however with the compliance of the law, using Intoxalock I will never put myself in the position of driving under the influence of an intoxicant.” –Travis, OR, 9/6/13

“I always felt comfortable talking with customer service. They were very helpful and I never felt judged.” –Tom, OR, 9/1/13

“The customer service is fantastic. I travel a lot and they have worked with me to make sure I have had my unit [Intoxalock ignition interlock device, BAIID] when I needed it.” –Doug, CT, 8/28/13

“Very helpful customer service. A big reason we chose Intoxalock.” –Michelle, IL, 8/27/13

“The top thing that swayed me to go with Intoxalock was #1-David and #2-Brian. I talked to David first, who was awesome, offering information I needed to know but didn't know enough to ask. Brian completed the process awhile later and was just as helpful and pleasant. Since installation, I have since learned that one needs to really look at ingredients of foods and beverages, especially personal hygiene items for alcohol content. Even my breath spray contains alcohol. I am much surprised by the amount of alcohol in items I use every day. I am also happy with other customer service reps with their attitude, knowledge and info.” –Julia, MN, 8/31/13

“The customer service is fantastic. I travel a lot and they have worked with me to make sure I have had my unit [ignition interlock device] when I needed it.” –Doug, CT, 8/28/13

“Very helpful customer service. A big reason we chose Intoxalock.” –Michelle, IL, 8/27/13

“Super easy to use, way better experience then expected! Honestly, did help me to quit drinking all together!!!! –Randy, KS, 8/26/13


“Couldn't be any happier :)” –William, AR, 8/26/13

“A+ customer service! Called two other companies and went with Intoxalock because well, I just felt comfortable. Anna was my rep and she handled everything with ease. We even shared a few laughs which helped in this not so "fun" situation. If you are in need to get back on the road LEGALLY and need a device, I highly recommend Intoxalock.” –Nick, MN 3/11/15>

“The customer service department was very helpful and friendly.” –Tim, NY, 8/17/13

“My representative was very, very nice and helpful. It's reassuring to be with a reputable company [Intoxalock]. Thank you for all your help.” –Michael, WA, 8/16/13

“The representative that took my call was excellent! –David, MN, 7/30/13

“I have been extremely pleased with the level of customer service provided by Intoxalock. The customer service representatives I have dealt with have added an unexpected level of comfort and ease to this experience.” -Mike, TX, 7/22/13

“Overall I'm very pleased with the service I’ve received. So far I have confidence that any problem I may have will be taken care of by the representatives to the best of their ability.” Jeffrey, MN, 7/22/13

“Your representative accurately and completely explained costs and that was very important to me. Customer service was excellent.” –Austin, KS, 6/30/13

“You guys/gals were great! Every time I called, I got right through and was greeted the utmost courtesy and professionalism. Keep up the good work!” –Tim, PA, 6/28/13

“I thought the representative over the phone was very patient and professional with me, that made me feel comfortable. Everything went just as the rep had said it would go and made me feel important. I think Intoxalock sets a high standard!” –Derrek, TN, 6/26/13

“David was very friendly and professional in the phone. His empathy was appreciated as well.” –Michelle, WI, 6/25/13

“The customer service I have experienced is by far the best and easiest to deal with of any company I can remember. I almost forget about the costs and aggravations from getting a DUI I have endured because everyone I speak to seems to be understanding and patient. Quality customer service is normally rare in my opinion to the point where people are thankful just to find someone that can help them without escalation. Intoxalock reps seem to thoroughly understand that customers are people that have specific needs and a low tolerance for additional problems such as bad days, attitudes, etc. I have found everyone to be extremely pleasant and resourceful.” –Chris, CA, 6/24/13

“Good experience!” –Azura, MT, 6/9/13

“They were very helpful and friendly!” –Brian, WI, 6/08/13

“My representative was very friendly and helpful.” –Jason, TX, 5/23/13

“The customer service rep. gave me all the information I needed and was very friendly and easy to talk with about this decision.” –Chris, MO, 5/23/13

“Joanne really made me feel at ease. It felt like she actually cared. That means a lot. Thank you Joanne. :-)” –Michael, WA, 5/22/13

“Many thanks to Martine and Nathan for their help this Monday. Always a pleasure to deal with professionals. Thanks again!” –Edward, NY, 1/22/13

“I would like to compliment your customer service reps. All of the reps I have spoken to have been very friendly and informative.” –Bryan, IL, 10/13/12

“Thanks for your professionalism and flexibilty. Both were appreciated. Considering the circumstances, you've made it as painless as possible... thanks!” –Dave, IA, 10/9/12

"I am an Intoxalock customer for 11 months now and had a service issue resolved immediately and professionally by representative Chacey. He was polite and provided superior service. Thank You!" - Marc, TN, 10/03/15

“The Intoxalock rep was very helpful, professional, and customer focused. Very nice to work with a company who understands their role and the customer. I wish all customer service was as good as yours.” –Chris, WI, 9/25/12

“When I first ordered Intoxalock I really did not know what to ask. On a later call the rep went above and beyond explaining the entire process and what to expect. –Jim, CA, 7/10/12

“Overall I'm a return customer, sorry, but thats life and I would highly recommend your company because the experience I had with your company was quality. –Don, PA, 7/9/12

“I would like to thank everyone who helped me at Intoxalock. They have gone above and beyond with their service. They have made me comfortable with a process that I thought was going to be very difficult. I am feeling very secure dealing with your company and Jennings Auto Repair. Thank You!” –Deborah, PA, 5/30/12

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