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Ignition interlock reviews by Intoxalock customers

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerWe are committed to customer service and no complaint goes unanswered. Our customers speak highly in their ratings and reviews about our second to none customer service with 24/7 assistance, affordable pricing, reliable technology and the most installation locations, with over 1,800 in the US. 85% of Intoxalock customers would recommend us to their friends or family.*

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Intoxalock reviews for our ignition interlocks and alcohol monitoring devices:

"I really liked how easy it was to sign up over the phone, they seemed to be really upfront and honest about the pricing and fees you might have to pay." -Laura, 1-10-17

“I just wanted to bring your attention to my recent interaction with sales representative Kaylee. Admittedly, I wasn't thrilled about having to purchase an ignition breath device, but Kaylee was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the product. She went above and beyond by providing shipping and tracking info, as well as excellent follow up on a rebate. In an age where so many workers do their job so poorly, Kaylee stands out as an excellent example of an employee who takes her job seriously. Your company is fortunate to have a person such as Kaylee.” –David, FL, 9-16-16

“Jody was awesome. The process took a bit longer than I thought it would, but that was because of communication issues with the AZ MVD. Jody, who handled my case, did great helping me through.” –Brian, 9-23-16

“Very informative and clear to understand. I expected my call from Intoxalock to be dreadful but I was very wrong. My representative, Karen, was nothing but nice and very helpful. She gave me very clear directions on exactly what to do. She took away all my anxiety with the whole process. I left the phone call with having my installation set up and all questions answered. Very easy process.” Adrian, 7-25-16

"The people at Intoxalock take care of you. Everything is straightforward and not as expensive as I was expecting. The people at Intoxalock are very helpful making everything as painless as possible." –Brandon, 7-18-16

"The experience of having an ignition interlock device ordered by the Court in the State of Washington can be very ugly and overwhelming. I was having a terrible day based on a number of factors having to do with a poor decision on my part. The last thing I wanted to do was to sit on hold or be passed through yet another phone tree trying to get one of my many requirements for having been charged with a DUI taken care of. I am so glad that Robert was the Intoxalock Representative who assisted me. He was polite, clear spoken and easily understood. He anticipated many of my questions and answered all of the additional ones. Robert treated me with respect and courtesy as well as patience. That young man deserves a promotion and a wage increase. Please be sure that his direct Supervisor receives a copy of my review. Thank you very much." –Rebecca, 5-26-16

"Was refreshing to know that everything I thought in my mind wasn't true about interlock. Like cost and fees. It's really not bad and I'm just happy that I can drive again. Thanks." –John, 2/9/16

"Excellent and friendly service. The representative I spoke with was very friendly and helped walked me through finding a location near me and with the lowest installation cost - I was able to get everything processed and scheduled in one quick call." –Christopher, 2/1/16

"I have to say, as much as I didn't want this device installed, Gared made this process painless and easy to understand, he also took his time to explain everything and was very knowledgeable. This company also has the lowest rates going and they care a lot about the experience the customer has. I would absolutely recommend this company." –Steven, NJ, 1/4/2016

"Annie, the agent who assisted me, was pleasant and very thorough in explaining the cost and steps I would need to take in order to have successful outcome; from installation and usage, top the maintenance of the equipment. She treated me kindly, not judgmentally; making my experience with this company a positive one. I would gladly share with others who may find themselves, unfortunately, in a position of needing this device. It is not as much about the product, as it is the people and the experience you take away! Thank you!" –James, IL, 12/17/2015

"The morning of my court date I called Richard at 8:55 a.m. No later than 3 p.m. that afternoon he had insured I had an appointment for the interlock install. Richard was outstanding. His professionalism, dedication, recognition of me as a person, and desire to do his job well spoke very highly of him as well as your company. Thank you very much." –Kasey, TN, 12/4/2015

"The service was great, and while this is not a product I wanted to have, getting it was easy and the provider was understanding, respectful, and courteous. For anyone who has to go through this process to get their license, I strongly recommend Intolxalock as they will do everything they can to help you out." –Christina, TN, 11/30/15

"Getting a DUI was horribly embarrassing but Intoxalock made the ordeal bearable and didn't make me feel like a complete loser." –Kelly, TX, 11/24/15

"Intoxalock has great customer service with knowledgeable representatives. All my questions are always answered thoroughly and fast." - Kevin, WI, 10/28/15

"Elizabeth was so helpful and stayed on top of everything I needed to get me back driving as soon as possible. I would recommend Intoxalock to anyone going through this." - Donna, PA, 10/07/15

"I had no idea how all of this was going to work but when I called Intoxalock I was connected to a lady named Jeannie. So glad I was! She was very, very kind. She walked me through the process and answered all questions I had. Jeannie expedited the process so I would get my device ASAP. I spoke with her Thursday, I'm getting my device installed Monday! So quick!! I can't express how impressed I was with her. Thank you Jeannie!!!" - Mandi, MT, 10/09/15

"Made an unfortunate experience much easier." - Richard, MN, 10/22/15

"I have needed to utilize Intoxalock for the past few months. Today I spoke to a woman named Melissa, who was an absolute ambassador for customer service. She was kind, helpful, and ready to help. I thank her a million times. Intoxalock, all your representatives should be like Melissa. She made my experience with you the best. Kudos to her. Thank you!" - Katie, IA, 10/07/15

“I’ve been with you for 16 months, there were some bumps along the way but I think you guys are a good honest bunch of folks, God Bless you and yours.” –Mark, 9/23/15

“Cheap and easy and they [Intoxalock] help pay for [ignition interlock device] installation and first month. And it is cheap. Around $75 a month. Highly recommend to anyone that is looking for an cheap and fast way.” –Ernesto, 9/14/15

“This was phenomenal! The worker who assisted me was all out friendly. I didn't care to compare prices anymore after talking with him. Thanks.” –Benjamin, 8/21/15

“Taking the bite out of the experience!! Without a doubt would recommend this service for anyone going thru the nightmare after receiving a DUI. They are thorough, clear, explain everything in great detail to you. You are never left "hanging". It's a frightening not to mention, extremely costly. Their prices are fair and they take some of the sting out of the whole experience.” –Kathleen, 5/1/15

“Very professional, courteous and helpful. The reps I dealt with from answering my calls to helping line up the [ignition interlock device ] installation were very professional and helpful. They could answer questions that my attorney/court had not answered or helped me with. Thank you for the understanding that I am not a hardened criminal.” –RB, 5/1/15

“Great customer service! I called pretty frustrated due to all the hoops I felt I had to jump through just to get an interlock ignition device put in. My Intoxalock rep set my mind at ease by calling the shop for me and getting me sufficiently set up in the state system. It made me feel more reassured and secure that I'm getting quality equipment installed and that I'll have a safety net if anything goes wrong I'm using their product.” -Angela, 5/9/15

“Friendly and courteous! From the time Jeff picked up the phone, he was determined to explain all the bonuses that come with the Intoxalock unit and why they are rated #1. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable about the product [Ignition interlock device, BAIID, IID] they sell. After five years without a license, Jeff has made having one a reality.” -Daniel, 5/20/15

"The Intoxalock representative that I spoke with was very friendly and helpful! Their prices are very competitive and I'm glad I chose this company over some other options." -Kristine, 5/13/15

"Pleasingly quick & simple.” I didn't feel obligated to go with Intoxalock. I believe it was the best choice for me, because the customer service was very helpful & courtious, plus the monthly payments are low. Thank you guys very much for your customer service." – Daniel, 5/7/15

"Superb! One of the best experience of my life. Follow-up, informative and everything was easy thanks to Glenn. There were so many other companies who offer same product I tried to contract them but they there I will definitely recommend Intoxalock interlock and Glenn.” –Muhammad, 4/27/15

“Excellent customer service! “Very professional and very helpful company. Would recommend them as being the best company out there.” –Joseph, 4/2/15

“The person helping me was very friendly and knowledgeable. When I asked her a question she answered it and explained why. Giving me a sense of relief. Because I was asking a lot of questions especially about horror stories I have heard about interlock systems. In all it was easy and pain free.” –Carlos, 3/27/15

“Jeff has made this process quick and easy. He was a joy to talk to and made me feel confident in my choice of interlock servicer. I am incredibly thankful for his insight and experience and so glad I got to speak with him! I have worked in numerous customer service positions and I truly envy his level of perfection in providing excellent customer service! Jeff is the man.” –Alexa 3/23/15

“Professional and friendly! I know it's my fault and I know that when you get caught it's an embarrassing and costly experience. Dealing with Mr. Jeff Lamb was one of the best customer service experiences I've had in my 55 year lifespan so far. Jeff made me feel like a valuable Client instead of a "criminal" fulfilling his "sentence". Being treated like a person instead of a statistic meant a lot to me and my family. Thank you Jeff! Thank you Intoxalock!” –Jeffrey 3/19/15

“A+ customer service! Called two other companies and went with Intoxalock because well, I just felt comfortable. Anna was my rep and she handled everything with ease. We even shared a few laughs which helped in this not so "fun" situation. If you are in need to get back on the road LEGALLY and need a device, I highly recommend Intoxalock.” –Nick, MN 3/11/15

“So far I have been VERY satisfied.  I am discontinuing my contract with Smart Start in Minneapolis and having an Intoxalock device installed in its place.  The support from Smart Start was poor and not user friendly.” –Dwight, MN 3/2/15

“Great service! Made the process easy and quick. Explained everything in great details.” –Juliana, 3/1/15

“Set up and installation of Intoxalock has been seamless! Called Intoxalock and spoke with John who set up account easily, shipped device to closest Car Toys and once installation was complete the DOL received the notification with 24 hours.” –Daniel, 2/26/15

“Thank you! I really appreciate that when I spoke with the representative that he was kind, knowledgeable, and free of judgement. This is an experience I would wish upon no one, but I would recommend without reservation. Thank you for treating me with respect and kindness, it's appreciated very much!” –Sarah 2/23/15

“Outstanding customer service!! Walked me through the process easily with full understanding of requirements and it was fun with good conversations. It was not what I expected but im extremely happy I chose this company for my situation! I will be recommending based on my great service. Thank you!” –Jeremy, 2/19/15

“Karen provided an excellent and personalized service. Karen was simply amazing. Provided all the information I needed to make an educated decision in an unfortunate situation. Followed through with everything she said she would, as well as called back to confirm her the appoinment. Helped with getting my autopayment setup, and remained calm despite having to call me back three times because I accidentally hung up while trying to setup a conference call. Overall the best telesales experience I've ever had. It rare to find a sales associate who follows through with everything they say they will, but Karen did exactly that. She is a gem to your company and deserves a lot of recognition.” –Brent 2/19/15

“Just getting started - I have just changed vendors from Smart Start to Intoxalock. To date I have yet to get the device installed on my truck. I must say my experience with Smart Start was nothing less than a living nightmare. one thing I can say referring to Intoxalock is “Kayla" the representative I spoke with that set up my account was extremely respectful and helped me in every way she could. Because of my financial situation she even went out her way to get my first month free so I could afford to get started with Intoxalock. So far a very positive experience. After a couple of months I will be sure to update this. Thanks.” –Jim 2/13/15

“Customer Service by far the best! Today had the pleasure of speaking with John. John was such a professional and made my experience an easy one. It's embarrassing that I had to make this call due to my poor judgements drinking and driving, but after speaking with John and listening to how this program works. He help make a difficult situation a little less of a difficult one. From the beginning to the end of our call. John treated me with respect and didn't prejudge me because of a bad decision. John, I want to thank you for your professionalism.” –Scott 2/13/15

“I had the pleasure (in a very unfortunate situation) to speak with Selena and Pat. Both were extremely friendly and informative; honestly some of the best over-the-phone service I have ever dealt with. Thank you for making it easier!” –Erin 2/11/15

“It really is easy to get set up with Intoxalock. I had a lot of stress regarding the whole situation I'm in, but Jeff's great help and simple explanations helped alleviate a lot of my stress. It really only took one call to get everything set up and now I'm on my way again! Thanks, Jeff!” –Timothy 2/7/15

“I was so worried about making this call and dealing with the unknown of what was going to happen. But my rep. John was very helpful and a pleasure to work with. He answered all my questions and even broke down the cost for me- line by line. People with OWI go through enough pain, worries and grief, but John made it a comfortable experience.” –Pat 2/6/15

“It didn't take long at all. Good service!” –Payden 2/5/15

“Very easy and pleasant experience. I made a few calls before contacting Intoxalock and I wish I had called you first, but I then wouldn't know how good the service really is. Julie was great, very knowledgeable and presented information that I did not even consider. I appreciate her looking out for my best interest, and also saving me a couple bucks to boot! So far the Customer Service has been outstanding! My install is in a few days, and I expect that to go smooth as well.” –David 1/29/15

“Well what can I say, I was a nervous wreck because I got a DUI and I heard that getting the interlock was super expensive and that you had to pay it all in full at once, but that wasn't the case. I actually got help from the person on the phone and was made feel important not judged.“ –Nelson, 1/26/15

“In my 55 years on this planet, I have never experienced customer service of this caliber… talked with four reps to date, all presenting awesome customer service! With a hearing loss affecting voice tones, it has been refreshing to actually understand each rep… the first time! And the thoroughness was also refreshing. Thank you all!” –Terrance 1/23/15

“Extremely helpful! My experience with Intoxalock, and particularly with Jeff, was outstanding. He made the process very easy for me and took care of everything I needed. He was polite and eager to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of installing an IID.” – Kristen 1/21/15

“The service I received was awesome! The gentleman that help me over the phone was friendly and courteous and took care of my needs in a timely manner.” –Zina 1/21/15

“Excellent Customer Service! My sales associate was very prompt and professional and followed up with me. He knowledgeably answered all of my questions and was very accommodating. Overall this was a very pleasant experience.” –Stephan, 1/14/15

“Outstanding service and a compassionate person! From the start, he was helpful, kind and informative. This was a difficult time for my son, and the compassion shown was outstanding. I will recommend this company to our attorney for others facing the difficulty of a DUI.” –Cameron 1/9/15

“Far simpler than I had anticipated!! I was darn near stunned to discover that one call to your knowledgeable, affable sales rep was all that I needed in order to get the Intoxalock installation process under way. She was cordial, extremely helpful and took the initiative in explaining what I needed to know. I'd raise a glass to toast her, if it wouldn't get me in trouble!” –David, 1/5/15

“From the moment I called Kaley was efficient, and thorough and very informative. Under the circumstances she made it an easy transition.” –Chris, 1/3/15

“Best service!! I thought it would take all day to get this setup over the phone, but to my surprise it only two minutes. Mr. Richard was very very helpful setting up my account and getting my device sent to the place while I had to it hooked up. Thank you so very much for making this as painless as possible.” –Jennifer, 1/2/15

“Needless to say, I didn't expect kind, professional service after being treated like a leper by the rest of the system. But that's exactly what I got. For once, my mistake was not lorded over me. Instead, everything I needed was completed promptly and with courtesy. Thank you!” –Kevin 12/31/14

“I haven't experienced customer service like this in a long time. Getting a DUII is a treacherous ordeal enough, working with Julie was pleasant and refreshing to say the least. She knew the answers and processed my request in a pleasant, efficient manner. I was not placed on hold indefinitely or passed on to another rep; she returned my phone calls within minutes. This initial setup with Intoxalock has been a departure from the normal, deficient customer service I experience with most companies.” –Elizabeth 12/31/14

“Excellent customer service - Their staff has really been helpful and descriptive. Made it a, so far easy, process. Told me the right things to do at all times and made sure I knew what the next steps were.” –William 12/31/14

"If I could use 10 stars I would. I have been terrified dealing with my entire situation. Courtney, my representative from Intoxalock made me feel so at ease and so much better about the IID. She treated me as a person… not as "an offender." She was MORE than helpful because I had several questions. I truly felt like I was talking to someone I knew, not a stranger. I can't thank you enough Courtney. If you are looking to install an IID, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going through Intoxalock.” –Lisa, 12/11/14

"Very clear and helpful from the first phone call. After calling several other interlock companies it was a no brainer. They were more professional, more helpful, and more accommodating.” ––David, 12/11/14

"As embarrassing and shameful as I have been recently due to my actions, the Intoxalock representative that I had (Julie) made it a little easier to bear. She was honest and informative and compassionate to my situation and I would highly recommend people to this company. Thank you for all of your knowledge and courtesy during a time full of unknowns.” –Rebecca, 12/10/14

“Don't drink and drive. Total eye opener not worth losing job or family over” –Robert, 12/9/14

“Great customer service! I worked with Chelsea and she did a great job - from setting up the rental to making my install appointment.” –Joseph, 12/8/14

"Excellent! Other interlock companies were shady. Felt like they only cared about getting more money out of you. Sales associate was kind and knowledgeable. Set up appointment for me with ease. She was great. Give her a raise." –James 12/5/14

"Look no further! Unfortunately I have had an interlock for a long time with three different companies and had nothing but problems until now if you're looking at this review trying to decide what company to go with go with Intoxalock for sure :-)" –William, 12/2/14

“Happy! So far I am content with the services of Intoxalock. Chelsea was very nice and was able to answer all my questions.” –Robin, 12/1/14

“Chelsea was friendly, knowledgable, and aimed to please. Chelsea, sales rep, was unbelievably pleasant and helpful. She really had a positive, yes I can, attitude.” –Kate, 11/28/14

“Intoxalock has made an uncomfortable experience as low stress as possible. After selecting Intoxalock I happened to come across a slew of negative reviews on-line and was nervous and worried before the equipment ever arrived. I've now been through my first re-calibration and I'm happy to say that I have been thoroughly satisfied and impressed with the company. From day one the customer service I received has been top notch. In reading reviews I feared that the unit itself would be difficult and finicky to operate. In reality, though it does have some quirks, it has not caused any delays or red flags. Payments and re-calibration have both been smooth and nearly automatic. No one wants to be in the situation to be required to have an interlock device but I would unequivocally recommend Intoxalock to anybody who is researching their options." –Cheryl, 11/24/14

“Very helpful! I had a few issues with Arizona's DMV but Rob was very helpful and patient in letting me know what was going on what needed to happen to get everything in order.” –Freddie 11/18/14

“My agent was straight to the point and really down to earth. I liked that the agents where professional and experienced in the interlock devices, they answered most of my questions to the best of their ability best of all they found a location close by so everything is great.” –Donald, 11/16/14

“Professional & Quick - Not only is Intoxalock affordable, they are very professional. I called a couple of other places before choosing Intoxalock and they weren't very helpful, their menus didn't work, there was a lot of background noise, was on hold forever, and their reps didn't seem to be paying attention. At Intoxalock they were on it. I'm never on hold for more than a few minutes whenever I call and no matter what my question or issue is, their reps work with me and get me answers and results. I also needed my device super quick and they were able to work with me. I was able to get my device installed the next day. I'm really happy I went with Intoxalock and not some other company.” –Danielle, 11/15/14

“Intoxalock got my system set up to install in no time. I tried another company at first and felt like I was running all over and at the end of the day they couldn't deliver for up to two weeks. I called Intoxalock and they had me enrolled and set up for installation in less then a few hours, even though I had a situation with time constraints they managed to get me covered before my deadline.” –Shannon, 11/10/14

“They have excellent, trained people to help you every step of the way. I originally called Life Safer. Big mistake! Long story short, their customer service was terrible. They put you on hold constantly. I was made two appointments and both times the vendor wasn't notified we were coming. I was told I had to go through Life Safer. Thank god I called the DUI Association, they directed me here. Chelsey answered my call and is so efficient, got us all set up and even called me back a few times to make sure everything was all right 5 stars for her too!” –Joshua, 11/8/14

"Customer service was very efficient, polite and helpful. Thank you for your efficient and kind service. No one wants to have to deal with something like this and the woman I talked to on the phone made the process very easy!" –Madelyn 10/27/14

“When speaking Lissa in Des Moines, she was very helpful, knowledgeable and polite! (Not all customer service reps are!) Device arrived on time to installation center, although the device was mis-wired 180 degrees and had to be rewired by the service tech. Still to no avail. Great thing that they had an additional device in-house so I could have a device same day. Will take some getting used to the device, but all in all, a good experience for having to have one :)” –Michelle 10/25/14

“The service reps were friendly and very undersanding - I highly recommend Intoxalock.” –Sam 10/24/14

“Had excellent customer service from Marsha today. Very helpful and I could hear the smile on the other end of the line. Thanks Marsha, you are awesome.” –Scott, MO 10/14

“My rep was "Nick" and he was very helpful and conscientious about insuring I was getting the best fit for my situation.” –Larry, MO 9/14

“Lisa was awesome. She made me feel like this wasn't a bad thing that I had done and very, very nice woman to deal with. She deserves a raise :) Thank you so much”  –Keith, PA 9/14

“Skylar and Jerrica very very friendly, answered all of my question in a very timely manner and never made me feel embarrased that this was to be installed! Jerrica worked very hard to find an installer near me making many calls. She's great!” –Julie, MN 9/14

“I had trouble with my account. I called and spoke with a customer rep by the name of Bobbi, she was very very helpful. Want to give kudos to the person that hired her. She was very pleasant and oh so helpful. Thanks again Bobbi! Keep up the good work.” –Tim, TX 8/14

“My previous ignition interlock company's device was the cause, in my opinion, of my car not starting on many, many occasions since its installation in Oct. 2012. This was driving me insane as nobody seemed to know how to fix the problem. I haven't had any problems with the Intoxalock device. My only regret is not switching to this company sooner.” –Erik, CA 8/14

“Dave Lynch was very polite and helpful. Hoorah to Dave!" –Christopher, PA 8/14

“You folks are always very helpful when I call. Hopefully I'll be done with this Kazoo pretty soon.” –Chris, MT 8/14

“Having a breathalyzer system sure isn't convenient or fun, but Intoxalock definitely made it easier.” –Taylor, PA 8/14

“Everyone we spoke with was courteous and helpful.” –Robert, TN 8/14

“Spoke with Bobbie today and she was extremely helpful, professional and kind. Makes this "miserable" experience a little bit more tolerable! Thanks Bobbi!” –Brittany, NV 7/14

“All the reps who helped me were very professional and helpful.” –Nicholas, KY 7/14

“The Intoxalock representatives are always very helpful and respectful. I have never felt inferior or judged by Intoxalock or at my local service center because I made a stupid decision to drink and drive. The equipment is top notch and I have never had any mechanical failures or lock outs.” –Abby, NE 7/14

“Given the all the hoops and and obstacles I faced after my DUI, I was so grateful to Intoxalock for a smooth, friendly and judgement free experience.” –Krysta, CA 7/14

“I spoke with a Jerod initially, he was very helpful and patient with my questions. This influenced my decision to choose Intoxalock. Installers were also helpful.” –Mark, MN 7/14

“I learned a lot by having Intoxalock: don’t drink and drive! Never again. Thank you for your help.” –Barbara, NY 7/14

“When I was first installed, I had trouble using the machine and couldn't do it. I called customer service. The lady I talked to, Diane, on June 24,2014, stayed with me while I tried it and gave me suggestions which were extremely helpful. Thank you!” –Mary Lu, MA 6/14

“Most reliable unit available in New York State.” Sean, NY 6/14

“I think the customer service is extremely helpful, all the service personnel I have spoken to (that's a lot) all seem to be very knowledgeable about the product and company they work for. They are also very non judgmental, which is very important to me.” –Tricia, WI 6/14

*Based on reviews and ratings from Trustpilot.

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