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“Dealing with a DUI can be frustrating for not only our customers but our staff as well. Intoxalock has been a huge help in teaching us the ignition interlock requirements in the state which help us better support our customers through this process.”

- Peter Ceja, Alcohol Recovery, Long Beach, CA

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Thank you for your continued partnership with Intoxalock. Since the early 1980s, alcohol-related traffic deaths per population have been cut in half. Much of this decline can be attributed to the treatment and recovery process. Read more ignition interlock statistics. Together, we can make a difference!

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  • We have over 1,800 installation locations across the country, the most in the ignition interlock industry
  • As a partner, you receive an optional online listing in our preferred directory of treatment centers. Contact us to begin.
  • If you need additional brochures, coupon cards (when available in your state) or brochure stands, order materials. You can also download brochures in PDF format. Email us directly if you have any questions.
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