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Ignition Interlock installation in Nevada

How Do I Regain Driving Privileges in Nevada?

Nevada’s IID policy requires the judge to review prior offenses and take them into account when sentencing. Offenders who meet the criteria may qualify for a restricted license, which includes:

  • Serving any required jail time and completing required community service
  • Finish paying for all fines or penalties
  • Must install an IID from an approved provider and complete a driving skills test
  • Show proof of SR-22 insurance
  • Get an IID license from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (if the offender is mandated to an IID by the court)
  • A clinical supervision or treatment program may be required during the IID term
  • If an IID is required, DUI offenders will receive credit for early installation of their IID at a day-to-day rate

It is up to the judge to determine if an IID is required. Some offenders may not qualify for an IID license, depending on their previous offenses and the judge’s discretion.

Intoxalock NV Interlock Devices

The court will determine what type of ignition interlock device is required. Intoxalock is approved in Nevada, and our devices meet all state criteria.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An interlock device is also called a car breathalyzer. The device:

  • Will not allow a driver to start their vehicle without passing a breath test for alcohol presence
  • May request random retests during any trip to ensure sobriety

How long is a NV Interlock device required?

This is all determined by the judge, as it is at the judge’s discretion that an IID is required. They will also determine how long it must be installed.

Intoxalock NV Ignition Interlock Devices

With more locations than any other provider, it will be easy to find a convenient installation center near you. Intoxalock has more than 5,000 locations nationwide.

Ignition Interlock Cost in Nevada

In Nevada, offenders must pay for the cost of their ignition interlock device. The devices are leased, not purchased outright. The typical cost is around $2.50 to $3.50 per day. Intoxalock has flexible payment options.

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Why choose Intoxalock Nevada?

Intoxalock ignition interlock pricing

*Intoxalock will cover up to $80 of your installation after mail-in rebate. A 6-month minimum lease is required to apply for this offer, and it only applies to Nevada customers. This cannot be combined with any other offer. This deal is not applicable to voluntary leases.

ignition interlock pricing

DUI Attorneys in NV

An attorney can help guide you through the DUI court process. They will represent your interests in court. If you are having trouble finding an attorney, we partner with several in the state who may be able to help.

More DUI attorneys in Nevada

star FREE installation after rebate offer is valid up to $100. Customer must pay their installation location at the time of install and will receive a credit to their account after installation is complete. Not valid on voluntary leases. Nevada customers only. Cannot be combined with other offers.
This information is provided as a guideline only. Each case will vary.