DES MOINES, IOWA - Intoxalock selected Riley Dewsnup, an incoming freshman at Utah State University, as this year’s Drunk Driving Prevention scholarship winner. As part of Intoxalock’s ongoing efforts in drunk driving prevention and education, the Company launched a scholarship program in 2018. All applicants must create a 30 to 60 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) video about the dangers of drunk driving and how to prevent it, including the role of ignition interlock devices.

Riley’s video highlighted how in just seconds a simple decision can lead to tragedy, and how easily this tragedy can be prevented. Her creativity, sincerity, and effort helped make her video this year’s winner. She was awarded a $3,000 scholarship to put towards school expenses. Riley has an interest in videography and hopes to one day work for an outdoor brand creating video content.

“This amazing scholarship opportunity will help me cover the costs of books or other student fees,” she said. “Not having to constantly stress about finances will help me to focus on doing the best I can academically, and allow me to put school first.”

Intoxalock received many outstanding entries and selected an additional four finalists for this year’s scholarship competition. They are:

This year’s finalists and all past winners can be viewed on Intoxalock’s YouTube page. We hope these PSAs will continue inspiring better choices.

“Education is critical to preventing drunk driving, and this scholarship reflects the important role the next generation of drivers has in making roads safer,” said Kathy Boden Holland, CEO of CST Holding Company, Intoxalock’s parent company. “Our scholarship program raises awareness broadly and highlights the kind of creativity that will also cause college students to make better decisions and encourage their friends to do so as well.”

Visit Intoxalock Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship for more information regarding this year’s winners, and upcoming scholarship opportunities. Entries for 2022 will be open in March.

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