New ignition interlock law requires second and subsequent drunken driving offenders to install IID

October 29, 2015

DES MOINES, IA – Intoxalock, a company that provides innovative technology with its alcohol monitoring devices, has expanded its focus to include Kentucky. The State of Kentucky provided approval to the Des Moines, IA based manufacturer, Intoxalock, in early August which marks the 40th state in which Intoxalock is now providing approved ignition interlock devices (IID). The company has already strategically placed 22 authorized installation centers across the state with continued growth to come, bringing their locations to over 1,300 nationally.

“We are especially excited to see how courts and monitoring authorities will embrace the optional advanced technology features we’re offering at the same price.”

Carol VokesNational Director of Compliance, Intoxalock

A first-time DUI offender in Kentucky is required to fulfill a minimum 30-day to two year license suspension. In order for a second or subsequent offender to regain their license, one must obtain an ignition interlock (IID) for a length of time set by their court order. This new Kentucky law replaced the traditional "hardship license" that allowed people with DUI convictions to drive, and replaces it with an "ignition interlock license" for people convicted of an aggravated DUI offense or subsequent DUI offenses.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet requirement that IIDs installed in the state be required to have a camera as part of the technology. Intoxalock enters the market with an advanced technology device that includes the camera, but also includes GPS and real-time reporting. Both their advanced technology camera inclusive device, Intoxalock eLERT™ and a new technology that combines the functionality of an IID with the flexibility of 24-hour alcohol monitoring, Intoxalock eLERT 24™ will be offered to clients at the same price, and in some cases lower, than other approved interlock vendors in the market.

“We are especially excited to see how courts and monitoring authorities will embrace the optional advanced technology features we’re offering at the same price,” stated Carol Vokes, National Director of Compliance for Intoxalock. “Features such as GPS and real-time reporting are additional items that aid in the monitoring of the client, reducing the monitoring workload and in addition, clients feel confident with the accuracy it provides in their records. Kentucky is a great addition to our business and we will begin installing both eLERT and eLERT 24 devices immediately.”

To use the Intoxalock ignition interlock device, a driver simply pushes a button, submits their breath sample and waits for the LED screen to display passed or failed. If the driver passes, they can start the car and head to their destination. If a driver doesn’t pass, they will be unable to start the car until a passing breath sample is provided. Intoxalock devices are primarily used by people legally required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) because of a drunk-driving violation. However, individuals and businesses are voluntarily installing car breathalyzer devices as a prevention method.

About Intoxalock: Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Intoxalock ( provides state-of-the-art ignition interlock technology and recently celebrated its 23rd year in the alcohol monitoring business. The company services clients that are legally required to install an IID or home alcohol monitoring unit in 40 states across the nation, in addition to voluntary clients in all states. In the last ten years, the ignition interlock industry has grown three-fold and is expected to continue as drunk driving legislation strengthens.